The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Eleven

Lyra's breath hitched, her lips parting once she realised how close they were,shuffling back a bit to calm herself down and think properly.

"You missed me?" She asked her voice crossing to the sexy sultry territory once again.

"Yes, I don't know why but after you left I just couldn't stop thinking about you, sometimes I'd imagine you'd come back but you didn't." He whispered his voice strained once more.

Lyra closed her eyes biting her lip, calming Ayla as she jumped around in the back of her mind ready to take over at any given moment.

Axel's hand came up to her chin his thumb brushing over her bottom lip,Lyra got onto her toes, her hands gripping the top table she was now pressed up against.

"Can I kiss you?" Axel asked, his voice raspy and Lyra didn't hesitate nodding.

It was wrong, kissing the man that had made you spend half your life running but she couldn't help the attraction she had to him and Ayla's nagging was clouding her judgement as well.

He tilted her chin up and her eyes fluttered closed, his lips met her cheek first, her skin caught on fire the second that they did, her breathing hitching at the subtle contact, Axel drank up this reaction smiling softly to himself before his warm lips met hers, moving gently against hers, his hand falling from her chin to her waist, pulling her into his chest, Lyra's arms wrapping around his neck.

Their lips moved in sync, everything else disappeared as he kissed her his tongue sliding into her mouth, he tasted of nicotine and grapes, the taste intrigued her further making her hungrier a moan leaving her.

This was technically her first kiss, the first time she had willingly agreed to kiss Axel, if she hadidn't known that it would feel like this she might have kissed other people just to recieve the butterflies that stormed her stomach and the warm tingle that ran across her entire form.

Maybe it was that he'd never been this gentle or that she was following her most primal needs but in that moment she was sure that he was it for her, in all his grace, his body and his soft plump lips.

The kiss got more heated, his nails digging into her waist as his tongue searched every corner and crevice of her mouth,his lips devouring hers,he lifted her up like she weighed nothing and set her on the top table his hands running up the night dress resting where her knickers were.She was already soaking wet, her underwear creamed by her juices and her nipples hard under the lace.

Axel pulled away his lips trailing down her jaw tp her neck, her head tipped back giving him more access, her hands sliding into his hair tugging at the soft curly locks, he sucked at her neck leaving a dark purple mark on her soft spot, her legs curled around his waist pulling him closer, his hands playing with the waistband of her knickers.

His eyes met hers both of them filled with nothing but pure lust, he slipped her knickers down her thighs to her angels and then off completely pulling her to the edge of the table, capturing her lips in another heated kiss, his fingers running over her dripping slit, rubbing her throbbing clit in slow circles with his thumb as he slipped two fingers into her tight pussy, she gripped his hair as hard as she could moaning into his mouth as she began a slow pace his fingers curling inside of her, his cock hardening at the feeling of her walls tightly grasping his fingers.

He pulled them out pulling away from her,

"Open." He commanded and she complied, he slipped his fingers into her mouth, getting her to suck at the slightly tangy yer sweet fluid that gushed out of her.

"It's my turn to taste you now."

With that he got onto his knees pushing her legs wide open for him, her tantalising scent catching him off guard, his cock hardening further.

His breath making her shudder, he pulled her even closer his tongue meeting her velvety folds, sliding between them and rubbing up against her clit, she threw her head back holding in her moans trying not to wake anyone.

He plunged his tongue into her hot core, savouring her taste and the way her walls clenched around his tongue, she couldn't comprehend anything as she rode his face her hips grinding against his mouth.

He slipped two fingers into her, pumping in and out as fast as he could while sucking on her clit,her orgasm hit her hard,wave after wave of pleasure attacking her body, making her toes curl. She held him in place as he lapped her cum once she came down from her high he stood back up his lips meeting hers.he slid her knickers back up her legs, pressing his fingers against her clit as he kissed her.

They pulled away from one another gulping down the rest of thier drinks once finished Axel placed a kiss on Lyra's forehead.

"Goodnight Ly." He whispered before disappearing up the stairs.

Lyra stood in shock her mind wondering back to what had just happened, she'd just let Axel kiss her but beyond that he'd eaten her pussy like it were the only thing he had ever been hungry for.

The fact that she'd let him do that was what kept her mind in the odds of confusion, conflicted between her own lust for him and her hatred for him.

The entire debate might have taken the rest of the night especially with Ayla siding with the part of her mind that wanted him to come back.

A few minutes went by before she decided to scrap the entire debate and pin it in the folder of things to deal with later at the very back of her mind.

After all she was back home to deal with Lycan business and the golden rule had always been that business was to come before one's pleasure therefore she would have to hold off her plan while she was busy helping the pack prepare for the threat.

She went back to her room her fingers tracing over the walls, once she'd closed the door the hairs on the back of her neck stood up proud, her eyes narrowed immediately her attention falling onto the dark figure that sat on her bed.

Ace was shirtless as well only sporting a pair of boxers though it was a sight for sore eyes to see his rugged features magnified by the pale moonlight Lyra didn't appreciate the invasion of her privacy.

"Why are you here?" She asked not moving from her spot at the door,

"Well I wanted to chat, like you had with Axel." He said his eyes filled with an unknown emotion that made Lyra hold her guard ready for absolutely anything.

Ace had a darker aura around him, with Axel you could sense how sincere he was and that he wasn't planing on hurting her but Ace seemed to have this sort of dark, unpredictable aura that made Lyra keep her guard up.

"Okay then what do you want to talk about, you have about ten minutes before I get to bed."

Ace stood up with a smirk, Lyra didn't step back even as he towered over her, eyes never breaking contact when he stood centimetres away from her.

"You didn't talk much with my brother Ly." He whispered his pointer finger tracing her cheek, coming down to her jaw Lyra pulled away from his touch not liking how dirty it made her feel.

"I did actually, we talked about his hair and my development as a humans being as well as a wolf now if you'll excuse me if have to get to bed." She breathed and he leaned hin closer his alcohol tinged breath fanning against her face.

He was drunk.

"I'd like to go to bed with you." He slurred his hand coming down to grasp her waist, she stepped back out of his grip turning to open the door.


Her voice was stern and in any normal situation it would have gotten the person she was talking about to listen to her, Ace shook his head clutching her waist, his iron grip digging into her skin.

"I want you now Lyra, not much as changed, your still our little toy, Axel was just trying to see if you were still as gullible as you had been back then."

His words did hit her hard, forcing her to grit her teeth of course Axel was just playing at her feelings. He was always the one that loved to pleasure her because she would be humiliated afterwards.

Ace forced his lips onto hers, she gripped his shoulders hating that she was actually hurt by Axel but still not willing to simply fall are Ace's feet because he'd exposed his brother.

She was smarter and she had to remember that, she wasn't a little girl anymore, she wasn't dumb and carelessly idiotic anymore non of what they had done was her fault and she wasn't owned by either of them.

They were like a drug and she had been close to relapsing the second she let Axel kiss her.

Lyra pulled away from Ace shoving him backwards, her eyes still as steel when she glared at him.


Her tone was close to an alpha command when she spat the words out, without waiting for him to protest she pushed him out of the room and closed the door locking it for good measure before climbing into the bed shoving on her head phones then staring at her roof for five more minutes wondering why she'd let Axel use her like he did.

He loved to pleasure her without pleasuring himself and that's what really ticked her off, she knew it and yet she'd easily opened her legs and allowed him to take what was now thought to be his.

It would not be happening again though, she wouldn't fall into his perfectly carved arms that easily ever again.

Ayla protested against Lyra telling her that she was being greedy, that Axel had genuinely meant everything he had said and that Ace was just drunk, but Lyra wouldn't budge thanking Ayla for her input but refusing to accept that Ace had lied, after all he had always been the nicer twin.

Ayla understood where Lyra was coming from so she kept quiet and let the both of them sleep.

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