The Alphas' Obsession

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Hey beautiful people.

I've gathered some questions that you guys wanted answers to and will be answering them now.

How often do you update?

I predraft my chapterskin actually, in fives, right now I have the next five chapters pre written and I'm editing. Before the book got a following I posted one chapter every Tuesday but now that there's people reading it I'm updating every two days so that's Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Why isn't there a disclaimer?

The inkitt writing app won't let me edit and I'm sure non of you would like me to take the entire book down and edit so I will putility a disclaimer once I've finished the whole book. Thanks for putting the disclaimer in the comments.

Where did you get inspiration to write Lyra's story?

Ironically enough when I was seven I had a pair of bullies though they are six years older than I am and they put me though something simular to Lyra went through. Unlike Lyra I never told a soul so when I started drafting a story of only hand the characters' names so I decided to write about those boys but with a stronger female against them both.

How old are you?

Probably not as old as you might assume and also not as young as your assuming right now.

Where do you live?

Somewhere in Africa.

Description? A real one?

I'm a loner, in fact I'm scared of the day that I will be forced to leave my home and interact with people again. I'm the kind of person that seems harmless but has been in more fights than she can count. I love maths and English is my third language. If we met you'd probably be staring at my eyes, like Lyra I have a pair of gray eyes but I'm not cocaisian, I'm actually Pakistan and Ugandan so that gives me darker skin and really kinky curly hair.

Why is your user name ReactingViolently?

I react to things very violently.


Proudly Pansexual.

What made you write?

I wanted to escape life. So I made a world where I had complete control over everything.

Who will Lyra end up with?

I'm mute on that answer.

What songs do you listen to while you write?

Mostly, Sløtface, Ruella and Molly Kate Kestner.

That's it for today.

See you guys soon.

Avoid fake news.
Stay inside.
Check on family.
Leave reviews and most importantly.

Stay Violent.


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