The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twelve

She got up at five am following her morning routine and putting on a black vest and a pair of shorts, she put her hair in a pony tail using four hair ties then braided it so it wouldn't fly loose when the wind blew.

She put on a pair of sneakers knowing that Veronica would critique her choice in clothing but not caring because she would be training after thier meet up.

When she stepped out if her room, Wren and Cedric were already outside her door the three always woke up at the same time though Cedric had a tendency to flick his alarm clock to snooze this was thier first day in a new pack so being any wasn't an option.

The three of them headed down stairs together not bothering with Keston who was lazier and would be up around seven or eight that didn't really interfere with anything because Lyra, Cedric and Wren were already used to being together and they only needed Keston to be up before the meeting.

"What are we doing for breakfast?" Cedric asked yawning lightly and Lyra shrugged,

"I'm going out with my friend Veronica, you are welcome to tag along."

Wren smiled wide,

"Oh that sounds like fun, getting to know the people you grew up with." She said giddy with excitement, Wren knew about Veronica because Lyra talked about her a lot and finally attaching a face to the fearless, quirky and overly dramatic Veronica she'd heard about was truly a special moment.

"You mean the same Veronica that could score a goal from the centre line?" Cedric asked his eyes twinkling with intrigue.

"Yup, the girl who scares people just by glancing their way." Wren smiled and Lyra couldn't help but chuckle as they made thier way outside of the pack house, attracting a few odd glances.

Some teens that were walking to school paid special attention to them, eyes resting on Lyra recognising her.

"Look who the cat dragged in." Demi's voice rang from behind them, she walked forward flipping her blonde locks over her shoulder once she stood infront of Lyra, Lyra braced herself for the stream of insults that would flow off of Demi's tongue.

Her eyes scanning Lyra's form, her high heels making her close to Lyra's 5'8, she had changed quite a bit since the last time Lyra saw her, her previously bundled up blonde hair now flowed in gentle waves and she had less make up on making the light freckles on her cheeks stand out and her eyes look much bigger.

"Hi, Demi." Lyra said and Demi rolled her eyes,before her nose perked up her eyes glossing over asher eyes drifted to Wren, her attention falling off Lyra.

Wren walked forward towards her, thier hearts racing as thier hands came up to one another, fingers interlacing.


Wren growled before cupping Demi's face and pulling her in thier lips meeting,Demi was the same height in her heels so her arms went around Wren's waist pulling her closer.

"That's hot." Cedric whispered watching the girls taste one another, Lyra elbowed him in the gut though she had tp admit that it was hard trying to tear her gaze away from them both.

They pulled away,Wren placing a final peck on her lips.

"What's your name?" Wren asked her finger tracing Demi's bottom lip,but her eyes never straying away from hers.

"Demetra." She breathed her hand running through Wren's hair, Lyra's eyes widened, never in any of the years that she had known Demi for had she ever told someone that her name was Demetra, it was known because the teachers would call it out on the first days of school but besides that she never called herself that.

"I'm Wren and your mine now, so I suggest you go end any relationships you have with anyone else because I'm not accepting rejection."

Demi gave her a large grin interlacing thier fingers together, biting her lip as she glanced up at Wren through her eyelashes.

"Oh don't worry I don't plan on rejecting you." She said softly before they both locked gazes once more thier hearts still excelerating,

"We have some business to take care of." Wren smirked before gripping Demi's arm and walking off back to the pack house.

Cedric and Lyra watched in awe, they were mates and had just found one another just like that, hearing about mates finding one another was one thing, but actually seeing it was a whole other experience.

"Did you know she wasn't straight?" Cedric asked facing Lyra his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Really Cedric? After all that your asking me if I knew Wren was gay?"Lyra asked and Cedric shrugged,

"Well yeah, I mean I've done the deed with her so I need to know, did you know?"

Lyra nodded recalling a conversation about Wren liking both men and women.

"Yeah she's bi."

"Damn, do you think she'll let me watch or better yet join?" He asked and Lyra shook her head patting his shoulder.

"No my dude I'm afraid not."

Cedric let out an exaggerate sigh before they continued on thier way to Veronica's house which wasn't that far from the pack house.

Lyra knocked on the door and Veronica's father walked out smiling once he saw Lyra, his arms opening automatically and engulfing her in a tight bear hug.

Lyra couldn't help but smile and relax in his arms, he'd always been like a father to her and had taught her everything she knew in the kitchen, the added bonus to having him as a father was the bond he shared with her mother, the two of them being long time friends and as of last year they had gotten together.

She pulled away from the hug.

"You've grown so much." He said examining her form,

"Thanks Uncle Walter you don't look too bad yourself." She beamed before remembering that Cedric probably felt awkward just standing there so Lyra tugged him forward.

"This is Cedric, my friend and partner over at the Lycans, we came over to see if Vonnie would be coming to grab a bite to eat with us."

Walter nodded holding out his hand for Cedric to shake, pleasantly surprised when Cedric held a firm grip.

"Nice to meet you Cedric." Walter said and Cedric smiled at him,

"The pleasure is all mine."

Walter pulled away ushering the two in,

"Veronica, Audrey, Lyra's here!" He yelled and an even larger smile her eyes darting up the stairs when she heard a pair of feet fire down the stairs.

Audrey rushed down, her silky light brown hair tucked away in a low ponytail that revelled down to the small of her back, her dark brown orbs glowing with nothing but joy and a bright smile spread across her impeccably perfect features.

"My Ly Ly finally came back." She chirped pulling Lyra into the warmest hug she had felt in years, both of them wrapping thier arms around one another, Lyra took in her mother's cinnamon scent sighing in content,

"I've missed you momma." She sighed into her hair, resting her head on her shoulder fully, closing her eyes lightly.

"I've missed you too baby." Audrey whispered back a hand rubbing Lyra's back like she had always done when they hugged.

When they pulled away, Cedric had disappeared whilst Lyra was distracted and Walter was just a spectator watching the mother and daughter unite once again.

Audrey kissed Lyra's cheek,

"You've gotten so big and beautiful too, I can't wait to see your mate's reaction when he meets you for the first time."

Ayla whined and Lyra gave her mother and soft smile not wanting to give away to the fact that she wasn't even considering finding her mate.

"Me either mom." She said before a door slammed footsteps rushing down the stair case a teary eyed Veronica rushed down not even sparing Lyra a glance before she disappeared once more out the door, Cedric follow after her.

"Vero,we need to talk about this!" He yelled after her and Lyra drew her attention away from her mother to the two of them, stepping outside to witness the scene unfold.

"You left, you left me in the mother fucking woods alone, you left me Cedric you fucking left me and now I'm supposed to forget that and just forgive you?" Veronica asked turning on her heel to come face to face with Cedric, tears running down her cheeks rapidly,she roughly wiped them back still standing her ground.

"I didn't leave, I was already a Lycan Veronica, you were still in high school, I could be just swoop in and take you with me." He fires back and she rolled her eyes crossing her arms,

"Why didn't you stay with me then? Why did I have to be the one who gives up her entire life?" She asked looking up at him as they stood so close to eachother that nothing could get through them both.

"Because...because...I don't know Vero, I don't know, I just wasn't thinking straight, I didn't expect to find my mate that soon, I'm so sorry." He said softly his hands coming up to cup her face, wiping away a few tears with his thumbs.

"Please forgive me." He whispered and Veronica trembled shaking her head,

"No, you hurt me." She choked out trying to pull away but Cedric held her in place before his lips came down on hers.

She fought against him, kicking vigorously and shoving away but Cedric merely kissed her, his lips pressed firmly against hers afraid she might disappear if he pulled away.

Slowly Veronica calmed down, and her lips started to move against his, tears still staining her face.

Lyra simply stood back, wanting to intervene but holding her ground knowing that Veronica would explain the situation later on when she wanted to.

Lyra simply bid Walter and her mother goodbye as Cedric pulled away deciding to head to the pack house and make herself breakfast, as much as she wanted to skip on the meal, she needed food after all she hadn't eaten the day before.

Leaving Veronica and Cedric alone to sort themselves out Lyra walked back to the pack house, walking in and greeting the first maid she saw heading into the dining room to find a full breakfast laid out.

The mouth watering meal made her stomach growl out for a chance to stuff the delicious looking food into her mouth.

"Morning Miss, will you be eating here today?" A maid asked and Lyra nodded taking a seat at a random spot at the table.

She poured herself a mug of hot coffee not finding any tea.

"You look comfortable."

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