The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirteen

Lyra turned to Axel who took a seat right next to her, pouring himself a glass of juice before taking a sip of it and turning his attention to Lyra.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked, running a hand through his hair, the soft bouncy curls falling in his face,Lyra willed herself to look away from the perfect specimen that sat only inches away from her.

"Yeah, I slept well, how about you?" She asked clearing her throat, as she placed four slices of freshly baked bread on her plate and picked up a glass jar of strawberry jam.

"I slept well, you ready for the first day?" He asked mirroring her actions but piling on about ten slices of bread.

"I'm ready for almost anything." She said smearing jam over her bread.

The conversation ended there, Axel lost focus on what he was doing his attention on Lyra, his heart running a marathon as he noticed how she furrowed her eyebrows and her tongue probed the corner of her mouth while she layered the slices on top of one another, she was make up less, her lips slightly chapped and her cheeks brushed with a light pink but she looked like a goddess in his eyes.

Even when she inhaled her entire meal in record time, the sight would be seen as unladylike or boyish by other people but to him she had inhaled her food gracefully.

Lyra noticed his wondering eyes her heart kicked off pounding as fast as it would if she were running at her top speed, she picked up her mug of hot coffee giving her mouth an internal apology before gulping down her coffee, glancing at the non existent watch on her wrist before standing up.

"Look at that, I'm late for my morning run." She said quickly swerving past the chairs and rushing out of the dining room only to bump into a hard chest, stepping back to see Ace, who rose an eyebrow at her, his lips curling into a smirk when he glanced back at his brother.

Placing his hands on Lyra's hips, earning a glare from Axel who gripped his glass harder,

"Where are you rushing to Ly?" He asked and Lyra rolled her eyes stepping back out of his grip.

"I've made it clear that I don't like it when you touch me." She scowled folding her arms unconsciously making her boobs look bigger.

Ace placed a hand under her chin gripping it in place, Lyra's automatic reaction was to grip his wrist shifting to Ayla's strength before twisting his hand turning him around pinning his entire arm behind his back, her eyes glowing wild.

"Don't touch me." She spat before letting him go and walking out of the pack house.

Ace glanced at Axel who now sipped on his juice with a smirk, shaking his head lightly.

"What the fuck are you smirking at?" Ace asked sitting across from him and placing some pancakes on his plate, drizzling syrup over the pile.

"She doesn't want you Ace, just leave her alone." Axel sighed picking up a jam sandwich and taking a bite out of it.

"Really? How the fuck do you know? For all you know she might be my mate." Ace said with a wicked grin and Axel froze his eyes hardening and slowly shifting to a bright gold.

"We both know she isn't your mate." He growled and Ace sat back gazing at his brothers raged face.

"Oh right, your her mate, sorry if that slipped my mind, though I do believe it's slipped hers as well."

Axel stood up his fists meeting the wooden table.

"She's still seventeen and if you dare lay a finger on her while she doesn't know I will fucking kill you, I don't care if we're brothers."

Ace clicked his tongue rising to his brothers size,

"So a fucking cunt can drive you against your brother? Wow Axel the things you'll go through to get pussy."

Axel gritted his teeth, his fists curling harder nails piercing into his skin.

"We haven't been brothers for a long time Ace and you know it, ever since you decided that we should leave her that night, I'll never forgive you for that Ace, never."

Ace rolled his eyes standing prouder.

"So what? You think I care? That night changed us both I moved on and you held on to a stupid childhood crush and the Moon Goddess dealt you a bad hand and made a girl that hates you to the core your mate." Ace spat and Axel's chest tightened twisting into itself.

"She doesn't hate me Ace, I may have hurt her but I'm a different person now and I'm pretty sure she can see that, you're a hopeless drunk who goes around fucking random women, you can't even rule over the pack that's why dad made me Alpha and I just chose to work with you." Ace gritted his teeth his wolf emerging.

"That may be so little brother but in the end I was always nicer to Lyra and I promise you I'm going to fuck her before she finds out you're her mate just so your sorry ass can feel it when I slip into her and take her before you can."

Ace stepped back with a devilish grin taking a seat once more,Axel slammed his fists against the table a jagged crack forming before he rushed off out of the door.

Axel couldn't control his wolf, Lyra's scent swirled around his mind and an emotion he hadn't felt in years fueled his next move, he ran to to woods, her scent bursting wild with lavender and Roses making him want to fall onto his knees, behind a tree laid her clothes neatly folded and four hair ties.

He took in the scent before dumping his own clothes next to hers and shifting into his gigantic black wolf, eyes set on finding thier mate.

He roamed wild following her perfect scent driving him mad as it always had.

It gathered at the lake, in the centre of the woods where a gentle waterfall streamed.

He shifted back standing in his nude glory whilst searching for her not expecting to see two dead rogues and a blood covered Lyra scrubbing the red off her skin in the lake, her long hair sticking to her skin, as she stood under the waterfall letting the stream of water caress and cleanse her skin.

She looked like a goddess under the stream of icy liquid, steam rolling off her in waves each time the water touched her scorching skin.

Axel couldn't help it when his cock began to rise, the sight of her tattooed back holding him hostage.

"You can come out now." She said glancing in his direction,but Axel didn't make any move to walk forward,deciding to relish in her perfection longer.

"I know it's you Axel, you still smell the same." She sighed stepping out from under the water fall and swimming through the water before climbing out and walking towards him, pushing her long hair to her front and covering her breasts.

She stood infront of him with an amused smirk,

"Is it time for training already?" She asked brushing her bangs back.

Axel gulped nodding,


She nodded before glancing at his hardened manhood,

"You need to control that." She said turning on her heel only for him to curl his arms around her waist bringing her ass right onto his cock.

"I can't when I'm around you." He rasped into her neck taking in her scent.

Loving the way her heart pounded faster when he pulled her closer, thier bare bodies touching.

"You have to I'm not doing anything with you Axel, I'm not that stupid." She rasped back her voice sending him on edge, making his hand dip lower past her belly button to her heated core.

"You want me just as much as I want you, you proved that last night." He said as her nails dug into his hand not moving it as he slowly rubbed her sensitive bud,her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, not understanding why she couldn't bring herself to pull his hand away.

Deciding to rely on her mind rather than her throbbing core and body to convince him otherwise.

"I don't want you and last night was a mistake." She moaned out his fingers gliding over her clit faster.

He growled into her ear bringing his other hand up to her nipples moving her hair aside pleasantly surprised when he found them hard and pierced.

"You mouth may say no but your body keeps screaming yes." He rasped and Lyra let out another moan, when he gripped her breast kneading the warm skin.

"It was a mistake." She moaned her hips grinding against his hand as he slipped two fingers into her tight pussy curling the digits before stopping everything.

"Okay then Lyra Arresen, walk away." He slurred and she didn't move.

Her mind clouded by desire his warm hands being too much for her to handle.

Axel smirked pumping his fingers in and out of her dripping core harder and faster just the way she liked it, she gripped his hand harder feeling her core tighten, on the verge of falling apart.

"You've always been a bad girl Lyra around everyone else but never with my, cum for me beautiful." Axel croaked and Lyra clenched her hardest around his fingers his thumb swiping against her clit faster.

"LYRA! IT'S MEETING TIME!" Keston yelled moving closer to the both of them, just as Lyra fell a part her legs shaking violently and her core pulsating with pleasure, Axel placed his free hand over her mouth allowing her to cry out in muffled screams.

She came down from her high breathing wildly.

Axel slowly pulled his fingers out if her before picking her up and gently climbing into the water with her so she would have an excuse for not hearing Keston and the both of them wouldn't smell of sex.

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