The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Fourteen

Wren ran down the stairs, running a brush through her hair whist fixing her shorts, Lyra held out her hand and Wren placed the brush in her hand with a satisfied smile, she still smelt like sex even after having sprayed on large amounts of floral perfume.

Lyra ran the bristles through her hair pulling onto her shoulder and brushing through as the entire team walked out onto the training ground where the large group of warriors stood, among them was Cameron who's jaw dropped as she watched Lyra run the brush through her hair and walk forward.

Infront of the crowd was Axel who also had a case of wet hair and clothing, Ace who was shirtless,Veronica who avoided looking at Cedric and Cameron who stepped forward at last minute while still scanning over Lyra's form.

Lyra handed the brush back to Wren before putting her hair in a high ponytail and crossing her arms over her chest, Wren had her hands behind her back awild grin spread across her doll like features standing up straight while as Keston mirrored Lyra's position trying to seem like he were her male copy and Cedric just wore a hard face.

Who goes first? Keston asked through the mind link.

Lyra Cedric growled back and Wren agreed, Keston grumbled in response hating that Lyra would seem like the leader of thier team.

Lyra scanned the crowd of muscular well built men and women and cleared her throat.

"I'm Lyra, this is Cedric, Wren and Keston, we're here to have you all ready for the rogue attacks." She started and Cedric stepped forward.

"Our team will flush out every weakness,insecurity and of course crack in your defence system."

Keston spoke next,

"We aren't here to make you look incompetent we're here to make you stronger, we aren't the enemy."

Wren smiled lightly,

"Now, if there are any questions would you please address them now before we get started?" She asked and a hand flew up.

"Will all four of you be training us at once?" The voice asked and Wren shook her head.

"No,today we'll train with you together and find out who needs special attention in which areas,for example, if you're fast but not physically strong you'll go to Keston and if you're strong but hotheaded you'll go to Cedric." Wren chirped.

Another hand flew up,

"Why are you specifically assigned to us?"

Cedric spoke this time.

"The highest ranked Felix has already talked to the Alpha's about the pack and what you guys need to improve, so he sent us specifically for your pack."

This time Cameron spoke,

"Is this the first time you've worked together or are you new to the team initiative?" She asked her eyes still glued on Lyra,her hands on her hips.

Lyra ran a hand through her pony tail before she spoke, her gaze meeting Cameron's hardened dark eyes.

"Wren,Cedric and I work together quite often Keston rarely works with us but we have worked with him before, anything else?"

There was a round a silence so Keston clasped his hands together.

"Good, now shoes off, we're running the perimeter at full speed, you can use your own techniques just don't stop or start walking."

Everyone shuffled about, Keston took off his shirt as did Cedric.

Wren took off her sandals, pinning her shoulder length ginger locks back.

Lyra took off her shirt and sneakers, standing in her sports bra and shorts, stretching to her toes and then coming back up.

"Should we give them a head start?" Cedric asked Lyra, the two of them knowing them knowing they were the fastest, Cedric a little more than Lyra because of his longer legs.

"Nahh,let's have a fair trial."

Everyone got into position, Cedric,Veronica, Ace, Axel,Wren, Lyra and Cameron behind everyone, Keston at the very front.

Once he gave a loud whistle they were off, in a matter of seconds Lyra was halfway through the crowd swerving past each wolf running to the front, she locked gazes with Veronica who gave her a wicked grin before a little competition broke out and the girls ran faster pacing past very obstacle that came ahead.

Cedric already at the front by the time they madt there, pushing harder, Lyra's job wasn't to pay attention to this exercise, it was Cedric's job to do that.

Lyra hit her runners high her body pumping on adrenalin and completely ignoring anything that might have distracted her, her legs pushing forward she was so caught up in her little moment of bliss that she failed to see Axel and Ace sweep past her at lightening speed, the both of them challenging one another.

Once Lyra saw the two figures a few metres ahead of her she ran a little faster tailing directly behind them but failing to properly move past them, settling for a cold hard third place when they reached the end of the run.

The Alphas' looked unscaved the both of them taking one gulp of air before standing proud.

Lyra on the other hand heaved for air before relaxing with her hands on her knees, the other wolves after them all panted and when everyone was there it was Wren's turn to take charge.

The training session ended with one final run around the perimeter and then everyone was ordered to get plenty of sleep as the next day was the moon goddess festival and they'd have to train at the break of dawn.

"Cameron has anger management problems, she's a good fighter but can't control her temper." Wren said and everyone nodded in unison.

"Yeah, it's her and Timothy, the two of them have a lot of pent up frustration."Keston and Wren gave him a swift nod as she wrote the two names under Cedric's label for anger management during a fight.

"Is that everyone?" Lyra asked glancing at Keston who shook his head,

"Nope, the biggest problem here are the Alphas, Ace and Axel lack trust in one another and they seem to argue with thier wolves a lot, I think Lyra should take care of thier brotherly bond." He said and Wren nodded knawing on the pen lid,

"Yeah, Axel seems to have lots of hatred towards Ace and Ace loves taunting Axel." Wren said and Cedric nodded.

"It's worse off with thier wolves though, Ace may be able to communicate my with his wolf but Axel can't even take his wolf's advice, they both seem to clash a lot." He said and Lyra nodded chewing on her bottom lip,she had noticed that Axel argued with his wolf a whole lot during combat, especially when it was against a woman.

"Yeah, put them under Cedri__" Cedric cut her off, he had noticed throughout the day that Lyra was always avoiding them, though she had to work with them at some point she wasn't as comfortable as she had been around everyone else.

Cedric also knew that Lyra would never compromise her job as a Lycan for anything so seeing her be so reluctant to work with them,which was itself a part of her job, if Felix caught word of that Lyra would be suspended and Cedric wouldn't let that happen.

She was one of his only friends.

"Ly, I know you aren't comfortable around the twins but you should really work with them, you know how to make people work with thier wolves." Cedric said and she sighed nodding as she tugged at her ponytail letting her hair fall loose.

"I'll work with them." She said with a forced smile and Wren wrote it down.

"Well that's everyone so I guess we're clear for the night." Wren said closing her note book and standing, Lyra followed suit glancing at Cedric in the corner of her eye, drifting back to earlier in the day when they had been at Veronica's house.

The entire situation between him and Veronica still wasn't clear in Lyra's eyes,but she hoped that one of them would come out and tell her though she did have a few hunches, she refused to jump to conclusions.

He smiled at her lightly tilting his head to hint at something behind Lyra.

Lyra looked over her shoulder at Veronica who gave her a shy smile, Lyra walked towards her friend going in for a hug.

Veronica hugged back before pulling Lyra along with her back into the woods.

Lyra didn't question Veronica trusting her bestfriend completely getting a fair distance away from the pack before sitting on a boulder.

"What's up?" She asked sitting crosslegged on the grass and Veronica wiggled her eyebrows, a wild grin spreading across her features, she clasped her hands together.

" smell like Axel and sex, explain yourself."

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