The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Fifteen

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Lyra's cheeks burnt red, her gaze travelling to the grass under her, trying to find something interesting in the grass.

All Lyra felt was shame, shame and butterflies in her stomach, there was also the ache between her legs that she tried her very best to ignore.

Veronica jumped down from the rock sitting in front of her, an amused expression crossing her features as she watched her bestfriend blush red.

" can tell me I'm your bestie." She drew out poking Lyra in her side, Lyra smiled lightly at the tingling sensation that came with the poke, looking up at Veronica though her lashes.

"If I tell you,you'll be disappointed."

Veronica huffed,

"Lyra Thalia Arresen, when have I ever been disappointed in you?" She asked and Lyra pouted unconsciously.

"You will be, Vonnie, I know you will be." She said softly and Veronica tilted her chin up so they were both drilling into one another's eyes.

"Ly, how do you know I'd be disappointed?" She asked and Lyra gulped, her throat going dry.

"Because." She met Veronica's soft brown gaze.

"I'm disappointed in myself for letting it happen."

Veronica chuckled,

"Ly, I won't be promise."

Lyra took a deep breath mustering up all her courage and pushing back all her shame and pride before she spoke.

"Okay then, last night and today I guess...I may have...kind of..maybe even more than kind of let stuff happen between Axel and___" Veronica cut her off.

"You fucked him?" She asked genuinely interested in the answer and Lyra shook her head,

"No,no,no,I let stuff happen but it wasn't anything too serious." She said and Veronica pouted, lacing her fingers with Lyra's.

"Lyra, honey, sweety, pumpkin pie oh mine, tell me what fucking happened in big girl words, did you suck his dick? Did he finger you to heaven? Did he eat your pussy out so well that you scram for the moon goddess? Or was it just a vanilla kiss on the lips? What the hell happened?" She asked and Lyra gulped once again, the shamed that she'd shoved away creeping up from the back of her mind, her cheeks flaring red.

"He tongue fucked me last night in the kitchen after we had a normal conversation and then he fingered me in the woods today." She said softly and Veronica smiled wide,

"Oh shit, tel me how it felt? Did you cum?" She asked and Lyra glanced at the ground, Veronica furrowed her eyebrows at her reaction.

"He didn't force you did he?" She scowled and Lyra shot up immediately.

"Oh no, he asked for my permission to first both times."

Veronica let out a breath,

"Good,but why are you so ashamed?" She asked and Lyra sighed.

"It was amazing, his tongue,his fingers and his lips goddess what I'd do to have him kiss me again, but he's a bully, he tortured me for years...Wasn't the entire thing wrong?" Lyra asked and Veronica nibbled at the inside of her cheek.

"I don't know Ly, but he has changed that I know for sure."

Lyra sighed brushing her hair, her nerves rising once Ace's words replayed in her mind, she hated that she actually believed him but Ace had a good point.

Veronica could see the distress and confusion written across her face.

"Tell me what's wrong Ly."

Lyra sighed resting her chin on her open palm,

"I wasn't ashamed at first Vonnie,in fact I was quite pleased with my little excursion into my own feminine needs,but after I'd brushed off the whole wobbly legs part of my orgasm, I went back to my room and guess who was there standing in the darkness like a fucking serial killer?"

Veronica's leaned forward intrigued by the situation that painted her mind.


Lyra sat up straighter frustrating written all over her face as she spoke.


Veronica's jaw dropped,

"No fucking way."

Lyra simply shrugged,blowing raspberry.

"Yes fucking way, he was in my room, I asked him why he had come into my room without my permission and he said he wanted to chat like Axel and I had, and I'm not an idiot I'm well aware that he wanted to do the devils tango,but I played dumb and then he told me that Axel was playing me and only wanted to see if they could start sharing me again, I guess that's been on my mind for a while now."

Veronica pouted her eyes darting into random places as she anylised the situation,something didn't make sense in the situation.

"How did Ace know you'd just let Axel have you for desert?" She asked and Lyra's face contorted into confusion.

"I mean, how did Ace know, according to you it was just you and Axel in that kitchen and no one else seemed to have noticed a thing so clearly Ace was watching you guys and if he was he must have gotten really jealous, after all they have never been with you individually."

Lyra nodded, Ayla celebrating in back of her mind, she was hiding something from Lyra and Lyra would find out soon but the main focus at the moment was Ace, he had actually lied but maybe he'd told the truth and Lyra was being fooled.

"I know you're sceptical and don't believe me but try talking to Axel first and then see his reaction after all it's hard for people to lie to you." Veronica said and Lyra nodded.


Veronica laid back staring up at the sky, the moon wasn't out and the sky was just black, Lyra followed suit staring at the sky with her.

"What's changed?" Lyra asked her eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion, not understanding why Veronica was suddenly up for Axel's defence.

Veronica sighed, knowing exactly what Lyra was talking about.

"When the Twins couldn't find you they went berserk, they searched the whole school until I told them you left."

Lyra ran a hand through her hair,

"Well...that's interesting."

"Yeah, but Ace got over it really quickly, he started fucking around with different women mostly Cameron, but Axel didn't, he actually changed, he got nicer and more reclusive, I have actually had conversations with him."

Lyra nodded,


There was a round of silence the two of them staring at the blank sky before Veronica let out a breath, closing her eyes lightly.

"Cedric's my mate." She said softly, her eyes never leaving the dark navy sky.

"I know." Lyra said back, also staring at the sky.

"I guess it's easy to figure out, but did you know that after we met he left,he snuck out of my bedroom window and went back to Lycan territory." She said on the verge of tears, the miniature droplets of salty liquid gathering in her eyes.

Lyra shuffled closer, gently tipping Veronica's head onto her shoulder.

"You don't have to talk about it,we could just lay here and act like Axels, Aces and Cedrics don't exist." Lyra said softly and Veronica smiled lightly at her friends odd choice of words.

"No, Ly I want to talk about it."

Lyra nodded resting her head on Veronica's.

"Okay then, I'm all ears."

Veronica sighed snuggling closer to Lyra.

"I met him about a week after my birthday, Zoe woke me up in the middle of the night urging to head outside and so I did walking around in the woods until I came across his delicious scent."

She smiled wider, her eyes fixating on the memory, how his dark eyes had drilled into hers, his lips parting as he drank up her form for the very first time. His masculine and husky yet sweet scent hazing over her mind.

"He looked like someone straight out of a magazine and he smelt so good that I think I got drunk off his scent, it was like he was my own special brew and I were having a taste for the very first time, I was smitten and didn't even think it through when I took him back to my room."

Veronica gulped a lump forming in her throat, tears welling up so far that her vision was blurry.

"We didn't have sex, he didn't mark me, he just held me in his arms throughout the night, talking about random things until I fell asleep, feeling safer than i ever have in my entire life."

She choked on the last word, the tears rolling down her cheeks, Lyra just stroked her hair not saying anything.

"I woke up and he was gone, I felt dead, I was paranoid and searched my entire room before finding a letter he'd written after reading it I broke down Ly, he said that he had business to take care of and once he was done he'd come back, but we couldn't be together until then,I just cried harder I couldn't control anything. It took two months for me to start being myself again." Veronica sobbed and Lyra held her closer.

"Vonnie, I can't say I know your exact pain but Cedric left for his own reasons and he must've been in as much pain as you he isn't heartless I know him and I know you and honestly you're both stubborn so maybe you need to sit down and talk, without storming off or yelling, just sit down alone and talk it out." Lyra wasn't lying, she had known that Cedric had gone through major depression a while back, he had trouble putting down a beer bottle and couldn't even smile.

The guy smelt like something dead and though Lyra barely understood his pain then, she had still tried her very best to pull Cedric out of the ditch he'd thrown himself into.

Veronica nodded shoving her massive ego aside and accepting that Lyra was correct, they needed to have a real conversation, risking the mate bond wasn't worth thier petty childish behaviour.

"Is he home?" She asked and Lyra nodded,

"Yeah, but I think you should go for a walk or something, that house isn't a safe place for private conversations."

Lyra said and Veronica shot up, sitting with her knees to her chest, smiling back at Lyra before standing and helping her up.

"Thanks Ly." She said hugging her and Lyra smiled into her hair.

"No, thank you Vonnie."

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