The Alphas' Obsession

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I'd love to start off by saying the usual 'hallo beautiful people' but because of how heavy this author's note I'd about to be in don't think I can.

This is about the dreaded chapters Five and Six.

As mentioned in my previous authors notes and the Q&A.

The Alphas' Obsession is a book I wrote based off a pair of boys that tormented me in my childhood up until this very day and Lyra is based off a stronger version of myself, so when I started the book and published the first chapter I hadn't written the whole thing.

When I started the book I only had chapters one and two and had no idea what I'd do with the characters after that, but I still published it.

I never thought I'd ever fall into the state of mind that would lead me to write that the twins assaulted her but I did, I wanted to make it as close to real life as I could so I basically threw all my emotions onto a keyboard and posted it.

Later on I came to the realisation that I hadn't put a disclaim up and tried to edit it into the description but the inkitt writing app is a bitch and hates it when I try to edit my shit so I decided to rather post a chapter apologising for the lack of a disclaimer and assured that once it was all over I'd take it down and edit myself.


Yes there is a HUGE but.

I still recieve comments on Chapter Five from people who have already commented on later chapters urging me to put a disclaimer up as if it's the easiest action ever.

I'm not a machine, I'm a socially awkward human being who makes mistakes a whole lot.

Constantly telling me to change something isn't going to magically make the inkitt app work accurately.

It actually hurts my feelings when you comment about the disclaimer when I've already tried my very best, I still am trying and it won't work. I can't make it work.

That's the problem with writing apps,some people think that because the comment section exists, you can wear the authors out as though we aren't living breathing people with lives, feelings, hearts and beliefs.

I personally have a lot going on and would not like to dread posting chapters, I'm tired of staying up late at night trying to figure the disclaimer issue out only to frustrate myself and yell at myself, punch and kick at a wall before curling up and crying like the pathetically emotional person I am.

I'm genuinely pissed because I have always emphasised that this is my way of expressing how I feel when no one is willing to listen.

So as always rather than putting EVERYONE who reads the book at a disability by taking it down I'm leaving the power in your hands.

I ask that you kindly voice your thoughts in the comments or on my wall.

Just tell me of you want me to take it down or leave it up.

As always.

Stay safe.

Avoid the haters.


Stay violent.


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