The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Sixteen

They made thier way back to the pack house, Lyra lead Veronica all the way to Cedric's bedroom door. Giving Veronica a final hug before heading into her own room not wanting to stand in an awkward position once they started yelling at eachother.

Veronica knocked on his door and it opened almost immediately,Cedric looked like a mess, his hair spread out in all different angles,his eyes tinged and red and his entire body quivering before Veronica could evwn think of saying anything Cedric engulfed her tiny body in a hug and they both cried together.

The two lovers calming eachother and finally completing the puzzle that the moon goddess had created once she'd paired them both.

Shortly after that they pulled away wiping thier eyes and without saying anything they left the pack house hand in hand.

Lyra didn't peak out of her door, though fighting the temptation to do so was almost impossible.

Instead she distracted herself the only way she knew how by stripping down to nothing and stepping into the shower, she sighed letting the water run down her back dripping down her entire body.

She stepped out after thirty minutes of water against her tense muscles, following her nightly routine, using all her oils and creams, putting on her night dress and finally towel drying her hair before braiding it down her back.

Ayla was up once again, begging Lyra to go to Axel and talk to him, swearing not to get involved.

Lyra wanted to ignore her but that was never a good idea after all your wolf only ever had your best interests at heart so if Ayla was really telling Lyra that talking to Axel would do some good then it would.

Lyra found herself padding out of her room for the second night in only a night dress and a pair of cotton panties, it definitely wasn't her idea of professional but if she didn't have this conversation with Axel then her mind would be set into a fog.

Yes she was there for business but business hours were over as far as she knew and as of that moment she was just Lyra a normal teenage girl who just so happened to have an overly horny wolf in her head that controlled the mechanics of her lady parts.

The thought made her chuckle to herself while she walked around the house following Axel's intoxicating scent, her mind falling into a haze as soon as she caught onto the delectable scent, it was almost unrealistically attractive.

She made her way to the terrace of the home, sliding the door open and slipping outside, the cold tile making her hiss once her feet made contact with it.

Axel stood shirtless in a pair of black sweat pants, his eyes still fixed on the sky even after he'd heard her come outside, he took a puff of the cigarette between his lips, releasing the smoke out into the night.

Lyra felt the butterflies in her stomach morph into stampeding elephants as she stood there trying to come up with a witty remark that could spark up a conversation.

Axel took another puff of the cigarette and that lit up the little light bulb in her head.

"Smoking is bad for you." She said softly walking forward a few spaces but still keeping an even distance away from him, well aware that he had the power to control her if she was close enough.

"I know." He said still not looking at her,

"Then why do you do it?" She asked staring at his back, watching his muscles tense then ease up.

"Because, I needed a hook and a runners high wasn't enough." He said before dropping the cigarette into the moist grass, then facing Lyra, he didn't make any move to walk towards her.

Lyra willed herself to look into his eyes, finding a mirror on her own emotions, nothing but confusion and insecurity laid in his ocean eyes.

"You know,if you want to talk you don't really need an excuse, you could just tap me on the shoulder and say 'Axel, we need to talk.' Things don't have to be awkward." He said and Lyra nodded slowly her head tipping to the ground.

He could still read her like an open book,even after two years.

"Don't do that." He said sternly and Lyra furrowed her eyebrows looking up at him.

"Do what?"

"Don't look at the ground when we talk, I like having direct eye contact with you, I always have." He said softly, his eyes on hers, his gaze was so intense that her eyes couldn't stay focused on one place, she kept having to dart way from him then back to keep focus.


He cracked a smirk, stepping forward but still not coming too close to her.

"Lyra Arresen, you have the most mesmerising eyes I've ever seen."

That sentence alone made her heart lurch forward, her knees going weak,

"Thank you." She whispered and he gave her a genuine smile.

"What did you want to talk about?" He asked and she clasped her hands together not fighting her insecurities but rather letting them spew out in one roll.

"Axel, are you using me like you did before? I mean are you just going to fuck me then leave and hurt me again?" She asked her eyes focusing on his, watching how his eyes flashed past several emotions before he shook his head.

"No, Lyra, I'm not playing you. I swear it."

Lyra crossed her arms,

"Why do you keep doing things to me then?" She asked fighting the blush that threatened to stain her cheeks and he smiled lightly.

His entire face beaming,

"Because, I love seeing your face in the mist of pleasure, when you're in the middle of an orgasm, when you smile while I pump my fingers in and out of you at a torturous pace, when I give you what you're silently begging for." He said slowly, every word travelling down to her pussy, Ayla howled in the back of her mind.

His eyes showed no signs of lying everything looked genuine and honest and very sexy.

"Don't you like when I pleasure you Lyra? Because if you don't then I can stop and we can do this the vanilla way and go on dates until I eventually win your heart Lyra Thalia Arresen."

Lyra's heart picked up again slamming so hard against her chest that she felt light headed, her head scrambled around his words the amount of determination that filtered his every vowel.

"Why me?" She asked softly, unconsciously chewing on her lip, Axel stepped forward towering over her, tilting her chin up so she was under his cobalt haze once again.

"Because I have suffered through two years of nothing but brutal torture, waiting for you to come back to me, I don't know what you do to me Lyra but I would kill just to kiss you once, just to touch you once, just to be able to look at you and watch you smile." He said softly, his eyes scanning hers.

She closed hers ready for him to kiss her, but he didn't.

"Lyra open your eyes." She did so and he smirked.

"You still haven't said whether this is going to be Chocolate hot fudge brownie pleasurable falling in love or vanilla." He said his lips just milometres away from hers.

She couldn't think properly his scent had her high, so high that she could barely register how she'd come back down, being that close to him wasn't healthy for the mind but Ayla jumped around telling Lyra to say yes.

That it would all be worth it in a week, that nothing would go wrong.

Lyra took a deep breath squeasing her eyes shut finding the logical part of her mind that was already writing a pros and cons list, before scrapping the entire list and shoving one statement back at Lyra.

She still needed her revenge.

She still needed to screw him over.

Looking up at Axel she couldn't even imagine hurting him, yes he had hurt her but she was a better person,than he had been and she wasn't going to let go of her humanity just to satisfy the Lyra that cried in the shower that night, but she also wouldn't hurt that Lyra by falling for Axel.

If she went vanilla she would fall for Axel and she'd fall hard.

"Chocolate hot fudge brownie." She said and he smirked down at her,

"Are you sure about that?" He asked his eyes twinkling with delight.

"Yeah." She breathed thier eyes still fixed on one another, he cupped her face and just like the night before he placed a soft kiss on her cheek, making her eyes flutter closed and her heart beat pick up pace

before his lips met hers, Lyra couldn't help but tug him closer to her form.

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Remember to be kind.

And most importantly.



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