The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Seventeen

It was like breathing for the first time, his taste was even better than she recalled.

His arms curled around her waist and hiking her up.

She eagerly clasped her legs around his waist and as thier tongues swirled together he carried her to her room closing the door and locking it swiftly before gently dropping Lyra onto the bed.

"We have to be quiet Ly, Ace and Keston are still up." He whispered running his canines down the column of her neck,resting on her soft spot, fighting his wolf's urge to mark her then and there.

She nodded vigorously and his lips were on hers again, his tongue exploring her mouth, his hips grinding into her lower half as his hands sliding her panties down her legs.

He pulled away his eyes diluted,

"I'm not going to fuck you Lyra, this is for your pleasure." He said and with that his lips found her neck, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin sending shudders throughout her body as he slid off his sweatpants his hardened manhood on display.

She spread her legs eager to feel him inside of her but instead she got a slap directly on her swollen red clit, a roll of pleasure bypassing her clenching walls.

He rubbed her sensitive bud,enjoying how she gripped onto his hair, tugging at the soft locks like they were all she had.

He slid two fingers into her hot core, her walls clenching around them as he pumped in and out of her at an alarming speed that sent her off edge faster than she thought she could ever get there, her toes curling as she rose into her orgasm, he slid his cock across her glistening wet pussy, stimulate her clit with the tip and encircling her entire wetness whilst he pumped his fingers inside of her vigorously.

She came multiple times clasping her hand over her mouth to hold back each scream, until he came his seed spread all over her swollen cunt, dripping with both thier juices.

Lyra took a deep breath coming down from her orgasm high, meeting Axel's gaze, he smiled at her before placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Did you eat anything?" He asked and Lyra shook her head,


He nodded standing up and fixing his sweats over his lower half.

"Stay right here, I'll be right back." He said placing a kiss on her cheek before disappearing through her door.

Lyra couldn't help the smile that broke across her features as she traced her lips.

Maybe she'd made the wrong choice, maybe Axel would hurt her again or maybe this was just the beginning of something she might like maybe he had changed.

Maybe they could move past the bullshit in thier past and be friends, well friends with benefits.

His whole making her fall in love concept wouldn't work out great because Lyra wouldn't let it happen and even if she did the words would never slip past her lips.

She stood up walking into the bathroom to clean herself up and slip on a new set of underwear, when something caught her eye, just outside the large windows that she never closed.

Ayla stood on edge the both of them scanning the dark woods, walking closer to the window, taking a deep breath her mind searching for a new scent and as soon as she found it she gripped onto it, her eyes glowing wild as Ayla hopped forward she didn't think twice before slipping off her clothes and springing out of the window landing on her hands and feet.

A pair of golden eyes taunting her before the wolf in the woods ran away from her, she growled both her and Ayla filled with anger before she pushed off shifting into her wolf and catching up to the rusty brown wolf.

Axel couldn't wipe the smile that had slapped itself across his features off as he walked to the kitchen, his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

He ran a hand through his hair, tugging at the roots and his wolf burst out with joy happy that Axel had finally gotten thier mate to stay with them both. His wolf Kane was an avid believer in the mate system and if anything he held a grudge against Axel for leaving Lyra that night but couldn't help but congratulate them both as Axel walked.

Ayla had been the centre of his desires since the day she refused to submit to them both, the way her gaze tested his,the otherworldly glow that rimmed her eyes,the way she always fought back.

It all just overwhelmed him.

"Someone looks freshly fucked." Ace sneered peaking up from the dinner table with a glass of whisky in his hand, his legs propped up on the table as he leaned back.

Axel ignored him walking into the kitchen and switching on the lights, he openned the fridge taking out three dishes.

He heated them all up silently as his brother continued to make countless remarks about his sex life.

"Come on Axel, let's chat, does she still taste like heaven? Does she still bite her lip in the middle of an orgasm? I need to know these things,for when I spread her." He smirked refilling his glass, Axel clenched his teeth calming himself the best he could, when a thud caught his attention.

He turned to the window peering out to see Lyra, her eyes burning a wild almost electric blue, she looked pissed as she ran off into the woods shifting on her way there.

Axel stormed out of the kitchen, only to be blocked by Ace, who took a long sip of his whisky.

"Now, now, where do you think you're going?" He asked his eyes menacingly dark as he stood expressionless.

Axel tried again to shift past his brother, but Ace moved with him,

"You're not going anywhere tonight Axel." He said his voice genuinely dark and maybe even scary as he spoke.

Axel took notice wanting to stay and interrogate his brother, but the need to find and protect Lyra topping the suspicion that now settled in the back of his mind.

"I need to go Ace, whatever it is that you want me to do or help you with can wait until tomorrow." He said sternly, brushing past Ace who gripped his arm pulling him back,

"No Axel, you're not going to Lyra." Ace said and Axel just pulled away ignoring his brother's protests as he stormed out of the house throwing off his sweatpants before shifting and chasing after Lyra's scent.

There was another familiar scent that Lyra's masked, but Axel ignored it chasing after her, once he saw Ayla's midnight fur and her paws attacking the ground he pushed harder, now tailing directly behind them, trying to reach Lyra through a mind link that she rejected each and every time.

The wolf Lyra had been after jumped off a ledge, landing in the river underneath.

Lyra was ready to jump running to the ledge at top speed to get a good push off, but Axel knocked her onto her side, stopping her before shifting back, he rushed to her as she shifted back and the first thing she did once he stood infront of her was slap him straight across the face, turning his cheek red.

Axel's jaw dropped as she looked up at him, her chest heaving, obvious anger fanning off her in waves.

"What was that for?" He asked and she replied by shoving him backwards then staring out at the cliff, the unknown wolf had disappeared.

Her anger burnt wilder at the thought of having been able to catch the wolf and question them on thier reasons for being within another packs territory.

"Why didn't you let me jump Axel? I was so close to catching him!" She raged her cheeks tinged with pink.

"I was only looking out___" She cut him off,

"I can look after myself Axel, in case you weren't aware I'm a Lycan, it's my job to head straight into danger and come out without a scratch, I had the situation under control."

Axel stood closer to her, now angry that she would think that throwing herself off a ledge into a raging river as a normal everyday occurrence.

"I know you're a Lycan Lyra, I know you can look after your self, I just don't think throwing yourself off a cliff is a smart idea, especially if the river is rushing like this one is." He said sternly, his dominance radiating off his form.

Lyra ran a hand through her hair,

"I've thrown myself off larger, more dangerous cliffs, I can look after myself, you're concern is fact you shouldn't even be concerned in the first place. " She breathed turning on her heel, Axel gripped her hand tugging her back to him.

He gazed into her eyes, calming himself admitting that she was in fact correct.

She wasn't a fragile piece of glass if anything she was a gigantic titanium wall with aluminium plating to guard the fragile glass behind it.

"Lyra,I will always be concerned, I'm sorry if....that I stopped you from doing your job."

She pressed her lips into a thin line, calming herself as well before nodding and slipping her arm out if his grip and trading back into the woods.

Axel followed her silently, trying to get a grip on himself as her hips swayed in all her glorious nudity.

Once they had actually made it back to the pack house Axel was harder than he had ever been.

Lyra opened the door and walked in, Axel following after her when she stopped abruptly, Axel's rick hard member becoming friendly with her perfectly round behind.

"Well, well, well, look who's made it home."

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