The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Eighteen

The moment Axel saw Ace with a glass of liqor in his hand he stepped infront of Lyra, shielding her nude body away from his brother's hungry eyes.

Lyra just folded her arms as though she weren't dressed in her birthday suit and stepped away from Axel, to get a better look at the drunken Ace that stood infront of her.

Ace took a gulp of whiskey emptying his glass and the bottle he had been sampling from.

"How was sex in the forest?" He slurred, his hooded eyes scanning over Lyra's exceptional form, resting on her perfect teardrop breasts her pierced nipples catching his attention.

"Look at you, matching up to me,I love it when a woman has piercings and tattoos, seems like you were preparing for me my sweet Lyra." He slurred stumbling forward, Axel shifted infront of Lyra slightly.

"Actually I got them pierced because I heard it would hurt to do so." Lyra said calmly, her expressionless face, contorting under Ace's drunken haze,

"Don't lie babe, I've always known you liked me better." He slurred stumbling towards her, Lyra swiftly stepped back, not liking the dark allure that filtered his voice, it was the same feeling she had gotten when he had cornered her the night before.

Ace was officially one of the people that Lyra would warn against, making him untrustworthy in her eyes, it supported Veronica's theory on Ace trying to make Lyra distrust Axel.

It proved that something must've happened between Ace and Axel, because before they had been so close that they could speak at the same time and have the same thoughts,but now they seemed to always be on edge.

"I've actually never liked either of you better, it's always been an even spectrum with me Ace." She said her voice rising an octave to warn him off, yes she was a little scared but the first thing Felix had taught her as a Lycan was to never let someone know how she really felt. He had done this because Lyra would easily show how she felt, she would often sulk or break into anger fits easily it got people to learn how to push her buttons.

If he had never taught her how to hold back her feelings then she might have began to quiver and shake as Ace spoke.

"Interesting...looks like you have a favourite now, isn't that right Axel?" He asked his menacing stance making Axel build up his guard as he watched his brother anticipating his next move.

"Ace you're drunk." He said flatly and Ace let out a deep throaty chuckle, standing up straighter.

"Right, that must've slipped my mind, I'll head to bed." He smirked turning to the stairs, before he paused looking at Lyra over his shoulder.

"I'll taste you later Lyra." He whispered his voice running so cold that Lyra could've shivered, with that he made his way up to his bedroom, Lyra rubbed her temple sighing before ascending up the stairs.

She was way too tired to care about Ace's drunken words, the only thing that could possibly have worried her was the fact that a drunken sailor always spoke the truth and though Ace wasn't a sailor he sure was drunk.

He needed to be watched he illuminated nothing but danger and though any normal person would be forced away, she was definetly going to get overly friendly with the odd man and have a front row seat into his crazy fucked up mind.

She didn't dare get dressed having already cleaned up four times throughout the day, she rested between her temporary bedsheets watching the moon outside.

She asked the moon goddess for guidance onto the right path, she asked for help with the new wolf that she'd ran after and finally she asked the moon goddess to help her heart stay in balance when she was with Axel.

It was a hard call but she hoped with all her might that it would work,if she did end up falling for Axel it would be the equipment of handing him a sledge hammer to drop onto her.

She was a Lycan there was never room for romance, especially with you're ex bully and Alpha of the pack you were sworn to protect.

Protecting a pack would be harder with a specific person on her mind the whole time, she hoped he would finally fall away from her mental scape but that didn't work out.

The next morning when she opened her eyes her nose caught the scent of something delicious, she shuffled upward before her jaw dropped at the sight of a tray with four thick and fluffy slices of french toast drissled in homey woth fresh berries and fresh mug of tea with cinnamon hints in it.

Her jaw dropped at the sight,her eyes darting around the room before resting on the piece of paper folded elegantly next to the tea on the tray with a bright yellow rose.

She picked up the paper opening it up.

~ Good morning beautiful.

Yeah I know it sounds cheesy but bare with me, I'm new to this whole thing.

I made you breakfast,Wren told me that you liked tea over coffee and I remembered that you love French toast with honey.

I hope it tastes good enough to eat.

Axel. ~

Lyra ran a hand through her hair fighting the wild grin that masked her features, she took the rose and inhaled it's sweet scent,her grin shifted to a light smile.

He had actually remembered her eating mountains of french toast...well of course he had she pondered.

She often gave them her French toast when she needed to, but to remember that she liked it with honey rather than syrup was almost unrealistically accurate.

Had he asked her mother? Maybe even Veronica?

She shook her head slipping out of bed and taking a quick shower and brushed her teeth, then dressed in her towel she actually took her time eating the meal, it was moist, succulent and sweet almost as amazing as her mother's French toast only it was missing a dash of peppermint essence.

After eating her breakfast she got dressed into a black spaghetti strap and flannel open over it, with a pair of black shorts.

Instead of braiding her hair or tying it she simply placed the blue flowered alice band in her hair.

Wren was down stairs sitting with Cedric,Veronica, Axel, Ace and Keston.

Lyra smiled at Veronica and Cedric, who were smiling as they talked, Veronica seated on Cedric's lap as she fed him Apple slices.

Wren saw Lyra first engulfing Lyra in a tight embrace.

"Morning Wren." She puffed our as Wren tightened her grip.

Someone cleared thier throat and Wren pulled away glancing over Lyra's shoulder before a sly grin spread across her features,her eyes brighter than they had ever been as she shifted past Lyra to Demi who smiled wide when Wren grasped her in an even tighter.

Lyra took a seat between Cedric and Keston smiling at Veronica who blushed wildly before Cedric placed a kiss on her heated cheek.

Demi and Wren sat down fingers interlaced as they sat.

"Loves in the air isn't it Ly?" Keston asked and Lyra smiled lightly, her eyes darting to Axel to quickly get her daily dose of handsome, he was already openly staring at her with a lazy grin.

"Seems like it's only you and I now Ly and your birthday is coming up pretty soon." He smirked swinging his arm over her shoulder, Lyra shrugged our of his grip.

"Yeah, it comes along every year." She said flatly, Keston blew raspberry.

"Right but, this year you're eighteen meaning you'll finally know we're mates." He said slowly and Lyra rose her eyebrows high shifting further away from him.

Lyra knew herself and if the moon goddess were to think that someone as self centred as Keston could ever be her matct then the moon goddess had to be high on something strong.

If anything Lyra needed someone who cared about her, who provided safety and let her explore her inner demons without ever judging her for her overly annalitical nature, she needed someone who would drive her wild with anger and know exactly how to make up for it, someone who generally didn't ever try to tame me or hold me down, someone just as fucked up and wild as me.

Unfortunately she had yet to meet that person and if already had then she must've been blinded by something to have ignored such perfection.

Though perfection was a bit much to ask if the moon goddess after all she could only work with what she had.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to be somewhere else." Lyra's eyes darted to Axel who stood up and left the house, he looked upset.

That set Lyra's mind back to the moment she'd opened her eyes.

She hadn't thanked him for the delightful and tasty meal.

She stood up without excusing herself and followed after Axel, she found him in the middle of taking off his shirt, her cheeks went red when his toned abdomen came into view.

"Hi Axel." She smiled lightly fixing her eyes on his, he stopped and put his shirt back on turning his full attention to her.

"Morning." He said softly walking towards her, she stiffened then relaxed,

"Thanks for making me breakfast." She smiled and he smiled back.

"You're very welcome." He said before leaning in and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Her cheeks immediately heated up and she smiled lightly.

"We should get to practice." She said and he nodded smirking before he lifted up a single yellow rose, he placed a kiss on one of the petals before resting the flower behind Lyra's ear.

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