The Alphas' Obsession

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True to her worries Lyra couldn't stop thinking about Axel throughout the entire practice.

It was much harder than she had anticipated especially since Axel was with her throughout the morning,he had made minimal progress with his wolf and after Ayla spoke to Kane the issue between the both slowly made more sense. Kane wasn't as supportive and emotion driven as Ayla was it made things much clearer, because Axel was emotion driven meaning they clashed quite frequently.

All in all Axel had been quite cooperative he had even shut down some of the sexist remarks that his warriors had thrown at Lyra when she first stood infront of them in only a sports bra and a pair of shorts.

Ace on the other hand didn't bother showing up to practice, Lyra knew she had to actually try to communicate with him eventually but honestly it had to be his choice to shove away his pride and anger walk into practice.

"You're all dismissed." Lyra said and the men nodded picking up thier belongings before scattering.

The sun was at it's peak and the clear skies meant that it was going to be a good celebration.

Lyra fixed her flannel around her waist before making her way to Cedric who was talking to Cameron about her lack of respect for him.

Cameron huffed then rolled her eyes once she saw Lyra,

"Your boss wants to talk to you Cedric." She said as her gaze fixated on Lyra who sighed.

"I'm not his boss." She said before turning to Cedric.

"Wren needs all our progress reports on Friday, remember to include difficulties the person might have had listening to you." Lyra said saying the last line a little louder so Cameron could catch onto the hint and Cedric nodded his eyes fixing on Veronica and Keston behind Lyra, gritting his teeth as he struggled to keep his cool.

Lyra sensed his anger before she handed him a handkerchief that Veronica had sprayed her perfume on, it was only to be used if he was generally pissed off but at that moment he needed stability after all Keston had been working with Veronica and he was no stranger to seducing mated she wolves.

Lyra knew this because of the way they had met, Lyra had been going for a stroll through the different pack grounds when Keston ran out of nowhere and hid behind Lyra. Lyra in the mist of confusion failed to see the large bulky man that rushed after Keston, when she finally noticed him she talked him out of beating Keston to a pulp because the weak little wolf wouldn't let Lyra go, so hitting him would result in her getting hurt.

Using her calming voice and kind words she talked him into leaving Keston only to learn from Keston that it had been because he had managed to trick his mate into giving him a blow job.

It was a horrid first impression that stuck.

Since then Keston had been with ninety percent of the Lycan population, not because most Lycans were female but because he was proudly polysexual and barely cared about the gender he got it on with.

Lyra was one of the only people he hadn't laid a finger on, and even when he tried she would effectively break that finger.

Keston in general was a player and Lyra had made it clear that she found him disgusting for his sexual exploits but Keston still tried his luck pushing her buttons, hoping that she'd spread her long, toned legs just for him.

Understanding Cedric's situation she gave him a pat on the back,

"She wouldn't even look at him." Lyra wgispinto his ear and he glanced at Veronica as Keston gripped her waist from behind fixing her form whilst managing to whispering some sort of compliment that only made her scowl before thrusting him over her hip and onto the ground.

Cedric couldn't help but chuckle,

"Yeah, you're right, Keston has nothing on me." He handed the handkerchief back to Lyra before focusing his gaze on Veronica as she stood over Keston with a smirk she then met Cedrics gaze and ran to him.

Keston stormed after her as she circled her arms around Cedric resting her head on his shoulder,

"He sticks." She giggled and Cedric laughed in response thier lips meeting passionately, the sexual tension was obviously on the rise between them as Cedric gripped Veronica's hips and Veronica began to pull at Cedric's hair.

Keston watched in anger before huffing and storming away,Lyra pressed her lips into a thin line feeling the awkwardness of the situation rise.

She glanced at her friends then turned on her heel and walked to the pack house, maybe she could find some work to busy herself with.

She pulled her hair into a low ponytail while she made her way back to the busy pack house.

Countless pack members swarmed around the house, making it hard to get past the first floor, Lyra slid past everyone to check the list of people who had volunteered hoping to slip her name on there and get to work but to her surprise every slot was filled and extra people remained for everything.

Lyra nodded to herself deciding to sleep, recalling that both the night before and the first night had involved some sort of nightly escapade that lead to her being a little sluggish.

On her way up the stairs she bumped into a hard warm chest, Axel smiled down at her, holding a freshly baked lasagne in his hands above his head,

"Sorry." He said softly before slipping past her and into the kitchen, Lyra gazed back to see him dawn an apron and proceed to help with everything that was going on.

It was odd seeing a man in the kitchen, maybe because she had been raised with the stereotype that put men out on the battle field and women in the kitchen popping out a dozen children.

She had no doubts on Axel's cooking skills because he had once come over for dinner with his father and Ace and brought a tray of freshly baked mint chocolate muffins.

The delightful treats were nothing compared to the fresh homemade icecream and oreo cake he had prepared for a school bake sale.

Lyra drew her gaze away from him and continued up to her bedroom, flopping face first on the bed and falling directly into blissful slumber.

Axel came up to her room sun set, he was in a white button up and white jeans as per festival rules, only white and sky blue could be worn to the celebration.

He knocked on her door, getting a faint hum in response and then peaking in to meet the sight of Lyra spread out on her bed.

She looked peaceful, her long eyelashes casting a shadow against the skin under her eyes, her lips slightly parted and her cheeks a rosy shade as she mumbled incoherent words.

Axel smiled lightly looking at the gift bag in his hands placing it on her night stand before sitting next to her on the bed and lightly nudging her away, she stirred before her eyes fluttered open and her eyes darted from place to place before fixing on Axel and confusion washed over her features.

"Axel?" She cracked sitting up and rubbing her eyes, Axel smiled lightly.

"Hey, it's almost time for the festival, I came to wake you up..." He said as his hand ran through his hair.

"Thanks." She said before swinging her legs over the other side of the bed and standing up, she stretched before her eyes fixed on the white gift bag on her night stand, she glanced between Axel and the bag.

"I got you a white outfit for tonight, I know I should not have but I just thought you might want something new." He said meeting her silver gaze, she walked to the nightstand, picking up the bag and smiling lightly,

"Thank you Axel, I actually had nothing to wear." She said with a soft smile before picking up the bag.

"I'll put this on now, do you want to wait or should I meet you there?" She asked and he stood, not being able to handle the thought of Lyra changing into the outfit and showing it off in private.

He'd pound her into oblivion with no second thoughts.

He walked out of the room and made his way down to the main room where guests who had already arrived stood with glasses of champagne.

He talked to a few people before returning to the foot of the staircase waiting for Lyra to walk down.

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