The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty

Axel waited anxiously at the bottom of the stairs, the pack house was full now and guests mingled all over the place, discussing the year that had passed and more.

Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned back his eyes falling on Demi, who stood in a short white,skin tight strapless dress and a pair of matching white wedges, hair was in a bun a few loose curls in her eyes with a single golden butterfly pin in the bun.

He smiled lightly at her expecting her to start flirting with him like she often did, but instead she smiled lightly,

"I just wanted to see if you were okay." She said and Axel furrowed his eyebrows in confusion,

"Yeah, why would you assume something was wrong?" He asked and Demi shrugged opening her clutch and taking out a tube of lip balm, oddly enough she barely had any make up on only sporting some fake lashes and eyebrow filler.

"I mean, you've been staring at the stairs case like a mad man, it's like you're slowly descending into madness." She said while gently patting on some lip balm, Axel chuckled lightly,

"That's not it, I'm just waiting for someone." He said smoothly but Demi had known Axel long enough to know that he almost never got impatient, she had only ever seen him harbor any sort of impatience around one woman.

Lyra Arresen.

Demi smiled wide catching onto Axel's fit of nervousness and hysteria, she was a little jealous that he had never been that interested in her but she was also happy that he had found someone who could fight back against him.

Demi now knew through Wren that Lyra had changed and was no longer a little child, she was stronger, smarter and most importantly she wasn't a push over.

"You're waiting for Lyra, like you always did." She said and to his surprise rather than spitting at Lyra's name she said it sweetly as though no ill will had ever matched up between them both.

Axel's eyebrows rose as he gawked at Demi who simply shrugged.

"Don't look so surprised Axel, we all grow up at some point and honestly,I've been waiting to catch a moment alone with her as well." Demi sighed.

"Why?" He asked and she pressed her lips into a thin line,looking over her shoulder and Axel instinctively followed her gaze, setting his eyes on Wren who stood in a white halter topped dress that ended mid high with a cross cross design to create the halter part,her hair was straight to her shoulders she wore a bright smile as she talked to Keston, Cedric and Veronica.

Demi smiled at her before she spoke, her eyes trailed on Wren the entire time.

"Well, after meeting mate, I kind of realised that I need to change, Wren is just so kind and caring and after hearing her speak about Lyra I realised that Lyra has never ever done anything to hurt me, but I have literally tortured her, I need to make amends for that." She said softly before glancing over Axel's shoulder and jerking her head towards the staircase.

Axel turned to see Lyra.

Her hair completely straight running down her back, her bangs in her eyes as usual,her cheeks stained by faint pink, no make up aside from ruby red lipstick and mascara.

She wore a white dress dress with a straight neckline, that hugged her top half, encrusted in small sky-blue blossoms with a pure white tulle beneath her, light sparkles detailed in it to make create the illusion of Lyra sparkling, the dress was meant to touch the floor but because of Lyra's 5'8 and the silver single strap heels she had paired with the dress it hovered above the floor.

She looked amazing, the only accessory she wore was Veronica's friendship necklace.

Axel watched in awe as she reached him, he held out his hand for her and she took it smiling, she felt like a princess, like Cinderella a though she lacked the evil step mother, step sisters and the status of a house keeper, she still felt like a princess.

"Hey, Axel you should pick your jaw up off the floor, it isn't as clean as it looks." Demi smirked before she walked away and Axel snapped back into reality.

Axel took her hand in his enjoying the light buzz that it brought him.

"Do you like it?" He asked and she lightly swayed from side to side with a grin,

"I love it, thank you." She smiled and he nodded as Veronica rushed over, in a light blue off the shoulder shirt with a matching skater skirt that ended mid thigh with a pair of white stilettos and a thin white belt to piece it all together

"You look like fucking Belle bitch, I'm sorta jealous." She said with a grin,

"Thanks, Axel got me the dress." Lyra said and Veronica turned to him and rose a perfectly groomed brow,

"I'm actually impressed." She said and Axel gave her a smirk,

"It looks amazing I know." He said and Lyra blushed,

"The dress is definitely the star of the show." Lyra said and Cedric snuck up behind Veronica in a white polo shirt and white khaki pants, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Yeah it is but you're always the star of the show Ly." He said before whispering an alternative preposition to his mate.

"It's because Lyra naturally attracts guys to her." Wren said popping up with Demi beside her, arms wrapped around eachothers waists.

Lyra scowled at her,

"I do not, they just stare because I'm usually the quiet one."

Demi shrugged,

"Back in high school guys were interested in her because she wouldn't even notice that they existed." She said and Lyra met Demi's eyes, seeing the soft smile on her face.

Lyra took note smiling back,

"I was busy with important things." She said defensively crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, like your Obsession with collecting crisps wrappers." Veronica snickered and Cedric and Wren's jaws dropped while Lyra pressed her lips into a thin line.

"You collected crisps packets?" Wren asked and Veronica smirked,

"Oh yes she did."

Lyra gave them a strained smile,

"Yes, only lays though." She pointed out and they all laughed.

Keston walked over with Ace the two of them in deep conversation, Ace already having a glass of ginand tonic in his hand.

Keston stopped looking at Lyra, a sly grin spread across his chiseled features,

"You clean up nice." He said taking her hand and placing a kiss on her forefinger.

Lyra smiled at him politely not wanting to reprimand him for touching her at the festival.

"So do you." She said before Ace strolled towards them,

"The moon's out." He said his eyes flickering over Lyra before he averted his gaze, walking back outside.

Everyone made thier way out into the gardens, that were decorated in fairy lights, the roses being the star of the show.

Lyra immediately spotted her mother and ran over to her giving her a tight hug,

"LyLy my baby,you scared me." Her mother giggled hugging her back,

"Sorry." Lyra smiled pulling away and kissing her cheek.

"Where's uncle Walter?" She asked and her mom shrugged,

"He disappeared a little while ago after we saw Veronica."

It was then that the Maids walked around handing people moonflowers as offerings, after the flowers were given everyone dispersed into the forest looking for bodies of water to rest the flowers in and bless someone.

Veronica, Demi, Cedric, Wren, Lyra and Keston all made thier way to a lake close to the centre of the woods.

Veronica laid her flower in the water, holding up her hands in a circle placing the moon in that circle before she blessed Cedric.

Cedric followed suit blessing Veronica, Wren blessed Demi and Demi blessed Wren.

It's how blessing worked, the moon goddess would place someone's face in your mind the moment you gazed upon the moon and you'd have to bless that person.

Keston placed his flower in the water, making the circle and picturing himself before blessing himself.

Lyra knelt at the edge of the lake,but before she placed the flower in the water a tingle ran down her spine, her body tingled as though she were receiving energy,her eyes glowed Ayla's colour before the feeling buzzed over.

She placed the flower in the Lake, closing her eyes expecting to see her mother or Veronica as she circled the moon, but instead she saw Axel his eyes bright, a smirk spread over her features and just like that she'd blessed Axel.

When her eyes opened she gasped, not believing what she'd just done.

The moon goddess had just blessed Axel through Lyra.

Before Lyra could even process the entire action a growl split through the air making everyone freeze and gaze out into the woods.

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