The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty One

Real quick.

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The air stood still, Lyra's ears shot up immediately catching onto the steps in the forest coming from all different directions.

She shot up as Wren, Cedric and Keston did the four of them signaling into different directions, Lyra stalked into the darkness her eyes scanning over every little detail of the dark woods her only guidance being the moon's rays and even with her enhanced visual capabilities she still couldn't see too well in the dark, that made finding anything hard, she only had her nose and ears as guidance now, her eyes becoming an essentially useless accessory.

Ayla stood at full attention,listening for anything different and looking for a scent that she didn't recognise surely enough she caught onto a woodsy scent, covered up by large amounts of some sort of alcohol based cologne it was definitely Keston's scent then a sweeter scent followed, like hundreds of roses and chocolates mixed together clearly Wren's scent.

The next was a musky rainy scent it had traces of mint and coffee easily recognised as Cedric's scent.

Axel's was already an imprint in her mind so she automatically told herself to keep track of it and then focused on another sweet scent though this one was more fruity the signs of Wren's overly sweet scent drilled it out as Demi's scent.

Veronica's scent of peaches and cream crept up with traces of Cedric's scent as well and was quickly run over by another scent,it was simular to Axel's scent, but also hit another scent that Lyra had chased after the night before.

She knew the scent all too well, but before she could come to a definite conclusion a putrid scent swam through the air, catching her by surprise a pair of bright crimson eyes glowing in the darkness just beyond the trees, the hound was creeping towards her, it's beady little eyes burning at an inferno like rage as it watched Lyra.

Ayla growled out warning Lyra about the multiple rogues that hid in the trees, hiding in the dark abyss like woods, the one infront of her must have been a distraction, for some odd reason the rogues had less trashy scents, maybe because they were lower rank.

But since when did rogues even pay attention to thier ranks? It was odd and though she'd have loved to look into the matter that very second, a scream from Demi snapped her out of it, getting her to focus on the matter at hand.

She watched the hound infront of her, her focus drifting to the noises shifting through the woods as her hand slid up her thigh tugging up her dress and grabbing hold of the silver blade attached to her panty band, her fingers burning at immediate contact.

The smell of burning flesh caused the rogue to flash her a set of razor sharp blood stained yellowing teeth before it leaped forward it's jaws of death aimed at Lyra's shoulder.

Ayla acted first foreseeing the action and sliding down under the beast allowing it to crash into a tree, it recovered faster than she had hoped but she was ready this time springing up flipping over into the hounds back riding it as it struggled under her to fight for freedom, Lyra tightened her thighs around it as she located it's spine and dug the silver blade down into the spinal cord, twisting it to decapitate the beast further the animal cried out howling out in pain as Lyra kept the dagger on place making sure it died before getting up off the beast, only to see tens of rogues step out of the darkness thier teeth bared at her.

"Son of a bitch!" Wren yelled before a rogue flew past Lyra and into a tree, Wren rubbed her bloodied knuckles before she ran after it right as another lunged at Lyra and she caught it by the throat piercing the dagger onto it's throat and dropping it, jumping forward to catch another from behind choking it to death as Wren held one's jaws open so wide that she broke the bottom half off.

Keston jumped up out of the darkness in his wolf form, dragging another rogue by the hind leg into the dark woods, only the sounds of the dying creature to be heard, Veronica came down from a tree with a pair of daggers digging them into the rogue's neck the animal howling out in pain.

She then threw the dead rogue at another before Cedric stalked out in his wolf form, his dirty brown fur covered in blood before his tore it to pieces, Demi came out as her wolf, darting at the rogue behind Wren.

Lyra caught onto the familiar scent again, snapping a rogue's neck before following after the scent, having to snap some necks on her way, the woods were too dark as the moon his behind clouds and the wolf infront of her was the same one from before.

Lyra gripped onto it's fur in the dark, dragging it towards her only for it to flip onto it's back and in turn throw Lyra against a tree, infuriated by the creature she gave Ayla control letting herself shift and face the nameless wolf head on, thier teeth bared before Ayla launched forward, digging her teeth into the wolf's shoulder, holding on as it fought her, digging it's claws into her underbelly.

She was knocked off by a dark brown wolf that blended into the darkness, the only trait that caught her off guard was the golden eyes that shone with rage.

Ayla shot right at the golden eyed wolf and it slashed at her snout, the only scent she recognised now being blood, the nameless wolf dug it's teeth into her shoulder, making Ayla cry out and dug her claws into the wolf's sides, flipping over so she was on top of it, only to be knocked off onto the ground by the golden eyed one that bit onto her hind leg, just as the other one dug it's claws into her underbelly.

Ayla shifted back, the change in size moving her well enough that she could grip onto the golden eyed ones cock digging her claws into it.

The golden eyed wolf cried out running off into the woods, something about it crying out felt satisfying.

Though Lyra was bleeding out she sprung onto the nameless wolf gripping it's throat before being thrown off, into a pit of mud, she crawled out just as the coward ran away.

Lyra was furious yes but also grateful and confused she was grateful that she wasn't completely dead but also confused about the nameless wolf having left her alive, it could have easily killed her but instead it ran off.


She may have been exhausted but she wasn't about to let the wolf get away, it was the Lycan code to never let a criminal escape, she had sworn to risk her life for other people's safety.

If she let the rogue get away she might as well have lead it to the packhouse and given them the key.

Lyra gathered her strength rushing after the wolf faster than she through she could, her curiosity being more powerful than any pain she was in or any sense of self preservation she might have had.

The wolf once again stood at the cliff before jumping off, this time Lyra got a start off before thrusting herself off the cliff, no one stopping her as she did so time seemed to have frozen as she fell, her elbow slamming into a rocky edge before she fell into the water, the rushing water throwing her under. She fought to resurface, only catching a glimpse of the nameless wolf's head of dark hair in it's human form before the water threw her back under.

Her already damaged limbs making it almost impossible to catch a breath of fresh air, her head slamming against a jagged stone rendering her movements useless as she slowly drifted into darkness a pair of arms locking around her waist pulling her along,she had grown too tired her eyes closing and falling into darkness.

The image of the nameless wolf from behind resting in her mind.

Love you guys.
Stay safe.

Stay active.

And as always.

Stay violent.
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