The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Two

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Axel carried Lyra out of the water resting her now limp body on the river bank, resting his ear against her chest hearing the faint thump of her heart, he pulled away pinching her nose closed before pressing his lips against hers blowing air into her lungs, performing mouth to mouth, pulling away to gently press both his palms down on her chest, praying that she'd respond.

Her faint heart beat being his only light of hope in the darkness, the air was bitter, the world seemed to have stood in darkness as he desperately tried to revive the love of his life, pulling away with tears in his eyes as her heart slowed further, bringing her limp body into his arms, her head nuzzling in his neck her eyes still closed, he couldn't hold back the flood of tears that poured out of him.

Each and every dream and hope he had has for the two of them slowly slipping away with every beat that slowed, he placed a kiss on her temple,cradling the love of his life.

The only woman he had opened himself up for, the only woman to have ever driven him wild with passion, so wild that he still had never explained why he had done so many horrid things to her, so many unforgettable things.

Axel had always known that he had hurt Lyra, he always knew that she was secretly afraid of him and it killed him though he had hoped to tell her why he had walked out on her that night.

Now as she laid in his arms, her skin paler than it had ever been contrasting the thick dark licks of raven hair that stuck to her face, her lips a dark pinkish red her eyes closed sealing away her silver like orbs of purity.

Axel couldn't stop himself from breaking into tears,

"Please fight for me Ly." He whispered into her ear getting no response as he rocked her body back and forth,gently caressing her icy cheeks.

"You can't leave me like this, you can't, I still have so much to tell you." He whispered again, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Like, that I've always been in love with you Ly,since the day you looked over that fence like a creepy weirdo,I'm sorry I hurt you I know I can never make up for it.I just thought that if I kept you to myself then no one could ever get you away from me, all the people at that schools were fake, they used to use you in primary school, they'd copy your work and take your food, I just wanted to protect you." He whispered against, brushing back some of the tears that had made thier way onto Lyra's cheeks.

"I know you can look after yourself,but I wanted to look after you, I just didn't know how, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. You have no idea how hard it was to leave that night, I didn't want to but Ace insisted that our father would be mad if he found out that we'd...we'd...I'd raped you. I actually ended up telling father the guilt was too much for me to handle, it killed to know that I'd hurt you worse that ever. It killed me and I wanted father to tell me what to do but just laughed, he found it hilarious that I'd done that, he deserved everything that came to him, and if this is some sort of punishment from the moon goddess I beg that she keeps you alive and takes me." He gazed up at the moon, still shielded by the clouds, his eyes filled with rivers of tears as his heart twisted into itself, his wolf desperate to save Lyra.

He gazed down at her, she looked like snow white,her skin had become so pale that it seemed white and paper thin,her hair seeming like a dark mat of raven hair and her lips in complete red she looked like a porcelain doll, delicate and one of a kind.

Her heart beat was still slow it was there, faint...but there.

"I'm in love with you, and I know it problem doesn't do anything but Lyra you're my mate and I will not let you die." He said before lifting her up into his arms standing up with her body against his and then he ran as fast as he could trying to find a route to his pack, it felt like he had run for days and he had gotten tired and wanted to drop dead but her faint heart beat kept him going until he finally caught onto his packs trail, running right past boarder patrol and straight to the pack infirmary where he ordered a doctor to look after Lyra.

He gently placed her on the bed before stepping back and watching as her hand ran down his bicep to his hand and grasped his hand, she was unconscious but wanted him near.

"Alpha, I advise that you hold her hand, when mates are together thier wolves are stronger." The doctor said, while hooking Lyra up to equipment,

"She isn't___" the doctor cut him off,

"Her vitals plummeted when you put her down and it seems that her wolf is quite active when you touch her, it's obvious that you're mates." The doctor explained while he began to clean her wounds, gently lifting up her head to clean the graze at the back.

"And it seems like you two are a good match, standing side by side, you frame her perfectly." The doctor said blankly while he dabbed some alcohol on wound.

The entire process of cleaning Lyra took two hours, with the doctor silently working, before he stood up firm taking off the medical gloves he had been wearing.

"I'm going going to call in a nurse, you may stay here until the nurse comes in, visiting hours are almost over." With those words he stepped out of the room, pausing at the door looking back at Axel.

"Oh and, your father is in his final moments Axel, I suggest you go and visit him one of these days, you know...before he leaves us."

Axel gave him a curt nod, his father hadn't crossed his mind since the day Axel found out that he had allowed Lyra to leave the pack.

Yes it was shallow of him to hold up a grudge but the other reasons included his abusive behaviour towards Axel specifically-for some odd reason he loved to torment Axel yet never dared to touch a hair of Ace's head-,the drinking problem that Ace had inherited and his mistreatment of Lyra's mother though he would never admit to it, the first action he had taken as alpha was letting Lyra's mother leave with a surplus amount to try make up for her years working at minimum wage under his father.

Axel turned to Lyra,she looked better, slight colour fanning her previously pale cheeks.

He took her hand again, placing a kiss on the back of it, resting himself in the chair next to her bed, shifting so he was as close to her as possible.

For some odd reason he felt the urge to rest his head on her lap and just lay there, if she had been awake he might have asked her to run her hands through his hair but he settled for the latter.

Resting his head on her lap, his hand interlocked with hers, exhaustion overtaking his body, the day's work finally taking a toll on him as his eyes fluttered shut, Lyra's sliver eyes gracing his dreams, her steady heartbeat fueling the light smile that broke across his features and the light buzz that came from thier interlaced hands satisfying his wolf enough that they rested.

Ironically enough, Lyra held onto his hand and the Moon decided to grace thier hospital room with its otherworldly glow, finally allowing the rest of the pack to continue on woth the celebration.

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