The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Three

Lyra's head pumped wildly her one of the worst headaches she'd ever experienced in her life though it burnt furiously licking away at her once peaceful mind,she couldn't help but feel all the other pains that ran across her entire form, from the pain in her leg, to the aches in her joints, the itch at the back of her head and the slight numbness of her hand.

She sighed, knowing that Ayla was probably healing her as fast as she could meaning that the pain that had come before must have really been worse.

Though the one thing she should have cared for was the pain that radiated throughout her body that barely crossed her mind, she was only surprised that she could actually have felt this pain. Her most recent memory was not the pain but rather the rushing waters of the river she'd willingly jumped into and the silluette of long dark brown hair that the nameless wolf had given her before she'd fallen unconscious.

How had she managed to survive that waters and how had she made it onto dry land and managed to kick start Ayla's healing?

With that question another debate arose in her mind.

Who was the nameless wolf?

All that Lyra knew st this point was that it was a female because of her silluette and that she must know Lyra after all she must've known who Lyra was in order to construct the entire ambush without

raising suspicion and she must've known when the festival was taking place and where Lyra and the rest of the pack would be to be prepared out in the open in attacking stance with the perfect distraction to keep her team, pack and family busy whilst she mindlessly ran into the jaws of danger.

If they had wanted to have Lyra's head then there still stood a question in bold and italics.


This had all happened because of the golden eyed wolf and the nameless wolf and if Lyra had been the target then why hadn't they killed her once the opportunity stood head on?

The scenerio made no sense even the way they had both fought against her, it was the type of battle what was evenly matched though Lyra had been squashed down to a bag of bruises, gushes and cuts.

The fact that she had fallen into the river while being only a punch away from death only further pushed her curiosity towards her current conscious state.

Thinking made her head throb harder so she opted to fall back into darkness, allowing Ayla to use all her power to heal as fast as possible, waking up would only be a waste of energy and time.

She settled her mind, making the throbbing die down as bit before she fell into comfortable darkness.

The next time she woke up, the throbbing had up and gone,the sharp pains had become faint aches that she barely paid any mind.

Ayla was no resting in her mind, hiding away to rest, she deserved the rest after the hard work she'd gone through to heal them both, the concept of time was still rough but it couldn't have been long.

Voices caught her attention making her unconsciously turn towards them and open her eyes, the room had dim lighting making it much easier for her sensitive eyes to scan around the room, it was definitely a hospital room she couldn't help but crack a small smile thinking about the personal relationship she had with hospital rooms, after all this wasn't the first time Lyra had gotten injured, all Lycans got injured especially when rogues found thier temporary territories and stalked in to slaughter.

Sighing she faced the two figures in the door way of the room, the one wore a white lab coat singling him out as the doctor and the other was hidden behind the door frame, the only indication to whom it might have been being the shadow cast by the hallway lights, it was elongated but it was definitely a woman the distinct hips making it an easy assessment.

Lyra focused on thier hushed voices, her human hearing proving to be completely useless and though she would have loved to wake Ayla up and have them listen in on the conversation, she opted not to and rather watch them.

The exchange was brief the woman seeming frustrated with something before turning away and the doctor shook his head, Lyra snapped her eyes shut just as he turned back to her before she heard the door shut and decided to open her eyes, not expecting the sight that caught her attention, the doctor now stood above her holding a plastic bag out, her eyes widened as he lowered the plastic.

As soon as it came into contact with her face, Lyra grasped the doctors wrists, her human strength proving to be useless as he held her in place.

She couldn't help but fall back into the fact that every force possible way trying to bring an end to her, from the doctor, to the wolves in the woods to the river that raged wildly, the thought could have made her laugh if she were not fighting a deranged criminal doctor for her life, her legs kicking furiously as he tried to hold her head still.

He pulled the plastic back his hand raising to slap her, the moment shocked her, it wasn't the first time someone had resorted to that tactic but there was something about the murderous glint in his eyes that truly shocked Lyra.

She held up her arms shielding her face but the hit never came, she peaked over her arms to see Axel, his eyes snapping between blue and gold so quickly that they almost looked like a mix of both, the doctor was held up by the collar uncomfortably close to Axel's face.

Lyra dropped her arms slowly, waiting for Axel you go wild and beat him to a pulp but instead he put the doctor back onto his feet.

"We will discuss this later." He grunted out before the doctor scurried out of the room with his tail between his legs, his fear leaving behind a thick scent.

Lyra let out a breath that simple action drew Axel's eyes away from the door to Lyra, they settled on blue, still glowing faintly as he made his way to her side.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly taking Lyra's hand and placing a kiss on her forefinger.

"Yeah, I'm fine...thanks for helping." She said with a small smile, Axel scanned her form searching for any new injuries.

"Your welcome, now how do you feel?" He asked and she let out a breath, looking up at the ceiling before meeting his gaze again.

"I've been better, but I've also been worse." She said with a smug grin earning a smile from Axel,

"I'm both glad and horrified to hear that." He said taking a seat back in the chair that he had slept in, Lyra watched him sit down, her hand still in his though she barely minded she pulled her hand away resting it over her stomach,trying to ignore the obvious hurt in his eyes she turned her attention back to the questions that had flooded her mind the first time she had woken up.

"How did I get here?" She asked brushing back her bangs, Axel pressed his lips into a thin line sitting back in his chair,

"I carried you jumped off the ledge."

Lyra's eyes widened, her mind flickering back to the golden eyed wolf that had attacked her and the Axel's scent being on it, she narrowed her eyes, though it wasn't a smart anylisis it made sense.

How else could he have found her so easily in the middle of the night during an attack on his pack.

The fact that the river would have downed out her scent only further prompted the theory.

"Why did you try to kill me?" She asked and Axel's jaw dropped.

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