The Alphas' Obsession

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Twenty Four

He looked at her as though she had somehow managed to sprout two separate heads,he narrowed his eyes after that boring into her eyes for some sort of hint at the question being a tease.

Finding that she had been dead serious had him rubbing the bridge of his nose while shaking his head.

Lyra watched him phase through hundreds of different emotions from shock to sadness and even briefly heartbreak, though she did not dwell on any of the feelings he'd radiated rather focusing on the gears turning in her head and though she wanted to believe that he was innocent, her time as a Lycan had thought her that most of the time the people you are close to are the ones to screw you over.

The statement barely applied to Axel because Lyra definitely did not trust him, after all he had screwed her over one two many times in the past and though she had tried her best to keep the past out of her suspension, it was still substantial proof that Axel was capable of hurting Lyra.

Maybe he'd gotten one of his pack members to be the unknown wolf to distract her from that fact,maybe he'd wanted her to get injured so he could swoop in and play hero for a bit to further cement himself into Lyra's good book.

"Do you really think I'd try to kill you?" Axel asked, his head lowered enough that his hair hung as a curtain shielding his face, before she could answer he stood up, his eyes still not meeting hers.

"Is that really how you picture me in your head Lyra? A heartless murderer?" He asked and she furrowed her eyebrows, refusing to fall for his act, though he wasn't acting, it genuinely hurt him to know that Lyra thought he could ever try to kill her.

"What do you expect Axel? I was in the woods alone, your scent was there on that wolf that attacked me and then you save me? It's just too shady." She said sternly sitting up against the pillow behind her,folding her hands in her lap.

"Answer me this Axel Steel, how did you catch onto my scent if I was in a fucking river?" She asked her eyes focused on him.

Axel looked up at her,her silver eyes burrowing into his cobalt ones putting him under a haze he couldn't handle how cold her gaze was,the thought of her thinking he would try to kill her made him want to go on his knees and beg her to never see him in that light.

His throat went dry as he thought of an excuse, would it be best to come clean and tell her that he'd found her because her scent was strongly alluring to only him or to lie and take the blame.

Taking the blame would mean having to restart all the heard effort he'd put into getting her to open up to him and telling her that they were mates would have her confused and probably make her want to reject him immediately.

He couldn't risk either of those outcomes, but the fiery glint in her eyes made it clear that if he dared to lie she would know, now that thought got him thinking harder, if Lyra were to think that he were lying after he admitted to trying to kill her then the entire premise would pop out of her mind.

She was always great at catching out a lie and he prayed that this would be one of those moments.

"Yes Lyra I was the wolf that tried to kill you." He said just above a whisper,his eyes straying away from hers as he told the fib.

She furrowed her eyebrows, her eyes darting around the room before resting on her fingers,

"You're lying." She sighed, running a hand through her hair before letting out a breath she hadn't realised she had been holding.

For some odd reason hearing him lie about wanting to murder her was a relief, not because she did not want to find the wolf that had tried but because she had actually placed some trust in Axel, enough trust that it pained her to think about him betraying her.

"I would never hurt you again Lyra." He said softly his hand coming up to her cheek, gently caressing her skin,

"Now lean in so I can tell you a secret." He said with a cheeky grin, Lyra rolled her eyes moving closer before she felt his lips on hers, the feeling was overwhelming, her entire body trembled at the touch, his hands cupping her cheeks as she kissed him back, her hands coming up and cupping his face as well, feeling his faint stubble between her fingers.

One of his hands travelled lower,until to got to her breast, gently rolling a nipple between his thumb and pointer finger,making her bring her legs closer together, a moan leaving her lips once his lips travelled down her jaw, tipping her head back to give him better access his teeth grazing the soft spot on her neck, sucking at the skin, leaving a mark where he wished his canines would pierce.

"Someone might walk in." She gasped as his had pried her legs open, slipping under her hospitak gown and running her sensitive bud,her hand coming to stop his but instead she only gripped his hand while he pleasured her.

"I don't care."

Her desperate pussy gushing at the simple touch, her juices running down ad he rubbed her faster,slipping two fingers into her dripping hot pussy as his thumb ran over her clit, her core clenching about to tip over the edge when he slowed his movements capturing her lips just as she protested and her pussy ached, begging to be filled, begging for him to get her off as only he could.

He pulled away, starting up his movements again, building up once more, her core burning with unkempt pleasure, just waiting for him to turn the faucet but once again he slowed, her legs trembling as he pumped in and out of her at a torturous pace, her mouth permanently a jar.

He kissed her cheek, sliding a third finger into her core before starting up again, both her hands gripping his desperately as he moved furiously, the hospital bed sliding forward and back as he finally let her fall into a pit of ecstasy, the thoughts of anyone walking in disappearing as euphoria enveloped her mind.

Her legs trembling, her juices coating his fingers, running down into his palm as he moved furiously after her pleasure, she rode out her orgasm on his fingers, coming down from the natural high and pulling his face to hers, thier lips crashing together.

If there was one thing she'd learnt it was that her skin always broke into tingles when the kissed after an orgasm, it seemed like everytime she kissed him a new effect would overtake her features, making her sink back into euphoria.

Axel pulled out of her his hands resting on her hips as they kissed, thier tongues dancing together, it wasn't as fiery as all thier previous kisses had been, it was gentle and brought upon a new emotion, something Lyra had never experienced.

Her heart hammering hard against her chest, begging for release, elephants storming around in her stomach and a haze clouding her mind, it was odd but felt right, it felt right to have him all to herself and be with him, it birthed a new need, the need to have his cock buried deep inside of her.

She found herself pulling him so close that he now sat on the bed, without thinking she moved onto his lap, feeling his hardness press against his jeans.

She ran her lips away from his tipping his head back by gripping his hair, her lips running down the column of of his neck, her canines unconsciously emerging, gently piercing at the place where he would be marked.

Axel gripped her hips, not understanding the situation, his primal instincts telling him to let her mark him, but his mind reminding him that she didn't know they were mates.

He snapped out of the daze clouding his mind, pulling away from her,her canines had lightly pierced his skin, her eyes bored through his trying to understand why he had stopped her.

"Lyra, you can't." He said softly, cupping her face, she blinked multiple times clearing her mind, one question replaying in her head.

"Why do I want to mark you Axel? Non of this makes any sense."

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