The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Five.

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"Your full of questions today aren't you?"He asked and she rolled her eyes, shifting slightly on his lap,

"Well,your full of suspious behaviour."

He couldn't help the smirk that broke across his features, his hands holding onto her waist lifting her off of him a bit so his cock could calm down, though the action probably would never do anything to his growing size, he intended to try and keep his needs at bay.

"Fair enough but the need you feel to mark me, is all on you Ly." She stuck out her tongue at him,

"Yeah,yeah, sure it is." She slid off his lap finding that her ankle had heeled nicely, she stretched out liking how her body had now stopped buzzing in pain,

"I'm healed." She smiled at him and he nodded standing up,making his way towards the door.

"I'll go let the receptionist know that you're going home...try not to let a murderous doctor try to kill you this time." He chuckled though his words had an air of seriousness to them, he didn't know why the doctor had dared to try and kill Lyra, especially in a hospital filled with people,but he intended to find out.

What he'd heard from Lyra fueled his investigation, someone really was trying to kill Lyra, maybe because she was a Lycan though he douted that anyone would attack her just because she was a Lycan.

This had something to do with the rogue attacks, it definitely did because the wolf that attacked her knew where the rogues were, meaning that Axel had a mole in his pack.

He went to the front desk, the receptionist fixing her uniform so her cleavage was clearly visible as he made his way there, many she-wolves did this whenever he or Ace were near them the action used to disgust Axel but now it only showed him that most of the women that threw themselves at him were fake and if there was anything Axel loathed more than everything else on the planet it was fake people.

"Hello, Alpha how can I help you?" She slurred leaning forward to show off her gigantic breasts, Axel had never been a fan of large breasts, he preferred a pair of boobs that he could cup in his hand and fit perfectly.

"Lyra Arresen is signing out and I need to know where doctor Chandlers is."

The woman leaned back as soon as Lyra's name flew past Axel's lips, it was a well known fact around the pack that Lyra and the twins were involved in some way, every woman knew that if Lyra was close by non of the twins would pay them any attention, it was part of why most of the women had a bone to pick with Lyra.

"The doctor is in room 417, someone had broken his leg." She said clearly, the slur in her voice suddenly seeming nonexistent.

"Right, thank you." With that he made his way to the room, his anger boiling up as he walked, his wild and largely overly explosive temper being held back by a thin thread of sanity that he had trained himself to have as an alpha, if it were not for that thin thread he might have killed doctor Chandlers the second he'd gotten his hands around his neck, he had been this way when he was younger, he had been impulsive constantly following his rage rather than rational thought feeding into the stereotype that all Werewolves were wild beasts that had no restraint on themselves.

Axel knew better now, he had learned that it was much better to calm oneself and think towards the future rather than act upon the thoughts that tormented the mind in that moment.

Yes he was angry, any person in his place would've been angry and stepped right into that burning rage, letting the fire within them burn every person that stood ahead, but he had learnt to calm himself and think. This lesson was indirectly given to him by Lyra.

He had observed how she thought and calmed herself before ever storming into a fit of anger, she knew how to tame herself and after making this observation Axel slowly drew himself into the habit of thinking before acting.

He didn't bother knocking on the door stepping into the room, freezing in place upon seeing someone else there along with Chandlers.


She faced Axel brushing back her hair to reveal a plastered up shoulder,

"Axel, I was just___" Axel furrowed his eyebrows effectively cutting her off indirectly, why would she be in a room with the doctor? He did have a broken leg and a broken arm, he was in no condition to help anyone heal.

"What are you doing here Cameron?" He asked his jaw clenched, eyes fixed in her making sure that she felt his gaze on her, she fiddled under his intense glare, his dominance radiating throughout the room, to the point where Chandlers bowed his head trying to get himself to look smaller.

Cameron bowed her head, her head clouding with the urge to spill the truth, but her other ties holding her back, yes Axel's dominance was effecting her but her need to keep the truth and secret was far stronger than his dominant orders.

"Alpha, forgive me but I caused the doctor's broken leg, it was not my intention to insult you by coming in to check on him." She lied smoothly, the lie was so easily caught that Cameron was already praying to herself that Axel would fall for the lie.

Of course his didn't but letting Cameron know that she didn't trust her would only lead her into covering up her footsteps with more cautiously so Axel smiled at her,

"Oh okay then, please give Chandlers and I a minute then will you Cam?" He asked politely and she smiled slowly nodding before walking out into the hall.

Axel took a seat on the chair next to his hospital bed, knowing full well that Cameron was listening to his every word in the other side of that door.

Now that he had his suspect all that was left was for her to slip up and waiting for that would take far too long, so he would have to make her slip up and the first step would be talking to Chandlers.

After his conversation with Chandlers he made his way out of the room and back to Lyra, finding her dressed and ready to leave the hospital.

It took only a few days for things to go back to normal, the only change being Ace joining training in the mornings and Axel keeping an eye on Cameron, which indirectly enraged Lyra as her birthday approached.

Her mind had drifted into a state of limbo, constantly replaying events, making her get angry with Axel whenever she found herself thinking about him, then getting angry with herself for thinking of him, it was a vicious cycle and the fact that she basically rode either his mouth or fingers to ecstasy each night didn't do anything to ease up the situation.

Axel watched as Lyra brushed through her hair tugging it back into a pony tail, her bangs hanging in her eyes, Veronica came up behind her, pulling her thick silky hair into a braid.

"Next time rogues gang up on you, try calling for help, it wouldn't hurt your ego that much." She said as she braided, her eyes meeting Lyra's in the mirror, lecturing her for the fifth time since the attack.

"I protect people Vonnie, I don't invite them to fights." She said blankly, her eyes conveying a different emotion, Veronica tied off the end and much to Axel's distaste Lyra actually looked good with her hair in a pony tail though he preferred seeing every last strand of her hair run down her back in tangled curls.

Veronica placed her hands on Lyra's shoulders,

"Yes, but you're like my little sister, I'm supposed to protect your ass." She said softly hugging Lyra from behind.

"Awww guys, I'm gonna cry." Cedric said whilst dramatically wiping away a fake tear, Veronica pulled away from Lyra going to sit on his lap, her lips locking onto his, she pulled away turning to Axel,

"I'm only allowing her to go out this late because you're the one watching her, I expect her back safe and sound, without a scratch." Veronica said sternly and Axel nodded.

"Yes ma'am." He gave her a mock salute before turning to Lyra who turned away immediately, stepping outside of the packhouse, tieing her shoelaces.

Axel following behind her,his hands going to her waist as she stood back up, she turned to him her eyes scanning his entire face, noticing how he had a little bit of a cocky glimmer in his eyes.

"What are you so excited about?" She asked her hand resting on her hip, cocking her right hip out more.

"You'll see my love, you will see."

Lyra's heart lurched forward at the pet name, her cheeks going pink though she covered it up by rolling her eyes.

"Which love?" She asked and he smirked down at her.

"You'll see Lyra, let's just run for now." He said placing a kiss on her cheek before moving past her and running into the darkened woods, his scent rich and alluring enough for Lyra to follow without an issue, she ran after him well aware that he was faster, though that didn't stop her from rushing forward.

She chased after him loosing track of where his was, her eyes scanning for him but failing though his scent was very present.

"Boo!" Axel popped up from behind her, and she jolted forward lightly rocking on her heels.

"Fuck you." She spat with a laugh,

"You'd love that way too much." He countered, his eyes sparkling before he ran again, swiftly moving past her, running further but never moving past the boarder, still aware that she had to stay safe.

The moon was at it's peak and after chasing after one another for hours they sat at the edge of the same lake he'd seen her bathe in, simply talking to one another, Lyra's head on Axel's lap as he combed through her now loose hair.

"Why don't you ever cut your hair?" He asked raking a hand through the impressively silky locks,

"I don't know, I guess I like how it feels to have hair that runs till my butt." She said blankly her eyes fixed on the moon, her mind drifting back to the countless questions she had to ask deciding to ask a question that had bothered her most of her life.

"Hey Axel?" She asked her gaze shifting to his face,


"Why me? I mean why did you have to torture me all throughput school, I'm not saying I'm holding a grudge, but I think I deserve to know." She said softly her eyes on him the entire time.

Axel sighed running a hand through his hair,

"At first it was because of your dad but it all changed for me when at the school halloween dance you came dressed as a fairy and Goddess you looked like a goddess, i done think my heart had ever moved so fast, I just felt the need to protect you and keep you to myself after that I guess things got even more fucked up after Ace and I asked our father how to let a girl know we like her." He took a deep breath looking down at her intrigued expression,

"He told us we had to bully you into submission in order for you to like us back,it was dumb I know but we believed...and then we started hurting you." He said his voice choking up at the end, for the first time in a long time Axel felt tears gather in his eyes.

He was scared, scared that Lyra would hate him for being an idiot, that she'd realise that he didn't deserve her and walk away without looking back.

"I know you'll probably never forgive me, I can't even forgive myself, but Lyra I'm sorry, you have no idea how much I wish I could go back and just shake your hand and be friends back when you offered." He whispered, a single tear sliding down his cheek.

This hand Lyra jolting up to face him,her heart clenching as he watched more tears follow after that,

"Axel don't." She said softly wiping away his tears, tilting his face up so he could look her in the eye,

"Axel you've made mistakes but you've recognised that and tried your best to fix what you've broken without waiting for me to come and yell at you for being a prick, I want to move on Axel but promise me one thing first." She said softly and he met her gaze.


"Promise that you'll never expect me to fix you,I'm broken myself Axel, I don't have the capacity to fix us both, but if we're both fucked up then I guess we can be fucked up together." She smiled and he nodded, feeling his wolf jump forward, letting him know that it was time.

"I promise...happy birthday Lyra."

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