The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Six

A smile broke across her Ayla howling wildly in her mind, letting Lyra know one very important piece of information that held her entire consciousness captive.




Yes there were other thoughts that ran across her mind, like how long Axel must've known, what she would really decide to do after the high that circled her mind finally let up, but his delicious scent was almost unrealistically alluring, i think was like an itch burnt across her skin forcing her to touch him, it was both irritating and unbearable.

If she hadn't known any better she might have concluded that she were going utterly crazy and that he was driving her out of her mind. His already supernaturally attractive features somehow enhanced further making him look like he were hand carved by the gods themselves just for her. She now noticed the little things, how his eyes weren't just blue anymore they were a rich dark ocean like blue that made her second guess her own eyecolour, he had a dimple in his left cheek that she had never noticed and light freckles across the planes of his cheeks.

He was perfection and he was hers, she'd think later, thinking about anything other than claiming him would be done later and if she were to regret her actions then she would reap what she sowed much later.

Her hands laced through his hair,pulling him into her, thier lips meeting causing a string of violent pleasure filled tingles to erupt all across her skin, her lips parting as his tongue slipped into her mouth, he tasted of nicotine and apples the taste intruiging her already hazy mind as pulled her onto his lap,his hands gripping onto her waist as his lips descended down her neck nibbling and sucking at the skin, leaving behind a bright burn that set her body on fire, she found herself pulling him more into herself loving how the tingles ran all over her body, going where they were needed.

She refused to hold back relinquishing all her self control allowing her primal instincts to take over, Ayla being more than happy to assist in the department, thier lips meeting once more before she pulled away to tug off his shirt, pushing him all the way onto his back, trailing her lips down his toned abdomen loving how his muscles contracted under her touch her tongue circling every part of him that she wished to taste, tugging down his sweatpants and then his boxers.

Axel found his hands locked in her hair as her tongue slowly circled his hardened manhood, savouring his familiar taste, her lips parting to take in his impressive girth, gripping his base before swallowing all of him, the action had him twitching inside her warm, wet mouth.

Her panties already overflowing with juices as she sucked at his cock rotating between her mouth and hand, feeling him twitch inside her mouth before his warm cum ran down her throat, she moaned out his name as he called out hers, she was aching desperate to be filled, her silky folds covered in her own juices.

She swallowed every drop before climbing back up over him loving how much control she had over the situation. His lips attacking hers immediately as he sat up pulling away to tug off her vest then take off her sports bra, still in awe of the tear drop shaped breasts that faced him, nipples hardened with excitement, his hands ran up and down her back as his mouth went in to suck at her right nipple his tongue swirling around the dark pink bud as he fondled with the other with his free hand.

Lyra gripped his shoulders arching into him as she moaned out, his free hand sliding into her leggings just as he switched breasts, he dipped a finger between her folds, the simple action had her shivering and shaking with excitement, he pulled away from her earning an annoyed whine from her.

"Oh no Ly, you're cumming on my cock today." He growled out his eyes burning gold, she didn't need a second invitation, standing up and sliding out of her leggings going back to straddle him, her juices already coating his hardness.

"Today's your birthday Ly, you ride, it's about what you want." He slurred as he nibbled on her ear his hands gripping her waist as he lowered her onto himself, her pussy clenching around him as soon as he made his way into her tight cavity, her nails digging into his shoulders, her head falling back unable to handle the string of tingles that roamed across her body as well as the tightening between her walls.

"Fuck,I'm not going to last long." She gasped feeling like she were being choked her eyes tearing up once his entire hardness had disappeared between her legs, the feeling of fullness making her pussy ache, desperately asking her to move, she did so lifting up and slamming back down onto his cock, the jolt making them both groan out in pleasure.

Axel's self control fraying as she began to ride him her wetness gushing with excitement, a warm buzz building up between them. He gripped her hips holding her still thier gazes locking before he slammed her down onto him sending her hands around his neck holding him closer, her legs trembling, her pussy pulsing uncontrollably gushing out repeatedly,the knot in her stomach repeatedly tightening and clenching as she came over and over, his continous slamming sending her over the edge.

Axel felt himself come close his cock throbbing as it begged for release he attempted to pull out but Lyra clenched around him tighter,her gaze meeting his, thier eyes locking, two dominant gazes burning into eachother.

"Cum for me Axel." She slurred her eyes burning wild with desire,her lips trailing down his neck, her canines emerging to graze his soft spot as she sped up riding him faster pushing him all the way onto his back, leaning over as she rode him her cries of desire filling his ears, his nails digging into her hips drawing blood as he thrusted up into her dripping cunt his cum coating her walls she rode him all the way through his orgasm.

Her lips met his once more and his hand travelled between her legs, her overly soaked cunt glistening with both thier juices, he gave her greedy pussy a slap right on her bare,red and swollen clit making her cry out as he did it again, rubbing her between hits, his cum flowing out onto his crotch, he pulled his fingers away slamming back into her, her fingers digging into his chest as he thrust into her at an impossibly fast pace thier cried filling the night as they both came, her juices mixing in with his, thier greasy bodies meshed together in a hot steamy clad of pleasure.

"Mine." Axel growled pulling her down so his lips met hers, she returned it her tongue swirling with his, her pussy pulsing once more, his once limp cock hardening once again,

"Fuck."She gasped pulling away and slowly lowering herself back onto him,

"This is going to be a long night." He smirked thrusting up into her,

"A long deliciously painful night." She finished her nails digging into his shoulders as he sat up starting off again, her head falling back, gifting him with her neck, his hands gripping her waist as he drilled into her, allowing her to ride him into ecstasy once again.

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