The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Seven

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I know I did.

The stars winked down at them both,it was like a silent job well done right from the heavens themselves, the moon shone bright only at a cresent, like a cheshire's smile lighting up the dull sky.

Lyra paid attention to Axel's calm heartbeat, her free hand laced through his, it was the most peaceful moment of her entire life, just laying on the grass, her ear right over his chest,listening to the slow thud of his heart the same heart she now knew she owned. His skin somehow managed to be both soft and hard at the same time, at least that's how it felt under her fingertips.

It was strange,knowing that Axel loved her and even stranger feeling the elephants in her stomach stomp around whenever his fingers traced down her back, going over each moonflower in detail.

This was the first break they'd taken, it was definitely a hard choice to make seeing as both thier genitals wanted more and more, it was as though they couldn't get enough of one another after each earth shattering orgasm it would take only seconds for both of them to be ready for another, they had barely said anything during thier ravenous episodes, only communicating by groaning, moaning, biting, scratching and kissing. Hundreds of bruises and scratches painted both thier bodies in very visible places thier wolves had unconsciously marked off thier territory with Axel leaving his scent everywhere he could and Lyra leaving as many marks as possible.

Sixteen rounds of non stop sex,with her riding, him on top, against a tree, in the water and even from behind, minus anything purely oral and Lyra still wanted him to pound into her, there was also the cries her wolf made for her to mark him though they were usually drowned out as soon as Axel was ready.

"What weird wish do you want?" Lyra asked and Axel chuckled lightly,

"A limitless supply of pizza." Lyra couldn't help but crack a smile,

"What about you?" He asked his fingers dancing over the middle of her back,

"I don't know, I've always wanted it to rain rose petals, white and Lavender roses."

Axel nodded a thought building up in his mind.

"I'm about to say something weird." Axel blurted shifting slightly so Lyra laid further away from his hardened member,knowing that her tight pussy was only milometres away from his stiff cock would only tempt him to push her legs open and claim what he deemed as his own.

"What is it?" Lyra asked shifting back into place,chuckling lightly when he groaned, she knew exactly what effect she had on him so exploiting that piece of knowledge was something she intended on doing often.

"I don't think I will ever have enough of you Lyra." He groaned gripping an ass cheek, his eyes burning a brilliant amber, Lyra swiftly shifted back into her previous straddling position, her hands flat on his chest,

"I don't think I will either." She slurred leaning over to nibbled at Axel's earlobe, her lips traveling down to his jaw,

"We need to control this Ly." Axel bit out, his breath hitching when her teeth grazed his neck against one of her darkest love bites.

"Yeah and I have total control." She said softly pulling away, her silver gaze meeting his cobalt one,

"You do now?" He asked and smirk gracing his features,the sight might have knocked her out, he looked like sweet lemonade on a hot day, refreshing,delicious and satisfying.

"Yes, I do, in fact I don't really need you." She teased, her hand running through his hair,her gaze never leaving his.

"Okay me."

Those words had Lyra's eyes widening, her lips parting slightly,


He smirked running a hand through her hair tugging her head back with her dark mane,his lips traveling along her jaw running down her neck.

"I want you to touch yourself Lyra." He said blankly, his voice darknening enough to force wetness down between her legs, her pussy clenching,her cheeks went red immediately, not because she was ready to cum but because she was filled with an overwhelming amount of embarrassment.

Not because Axel had asked her to touch herself, but because she didn't know how.

"What's wrong? Are you okay___" He was cut off by Lyra's phone ringing out through the air, she turned her attention to the ring tone, the particular tune belonging to Felix.

She rushed to the phone immediately, answering the call and gluing it onto her ear.

"Lyra, thank goddess you're awake, we have a situation. I need you,Wren, Cedric and Keston on the moon walkers pack Alpha Samuel has been attacked by rogues and they've captured Erica." He said quickly his breathing rushed making Lyra stand up only to immediately fall back into Axel's arms.

"We'll be there, is Erica okay?" She asked as Axel tensed,

"Yes,but you need to get here." With that a growl broke through the phone and Felix hung up.

"I need to get back to the pack house, we're leaving." She said her tone shifting to her more serious intimidating tone,

"You can go in the___" She cut him off,

"Axel, I need to go now." She said sternly standing up on wobbly legs, groaning in frustration as she shoved on her vest,

"Okay I'll take you, but I'm coming with you. " He said and she froze, turning back to him,her eyes scanning over his flawless features, her heart pounding harder as fear slowly crept up her spine.

"No you're not."

She continued on pulling on her shorts,shoving her phone into her back pocket before slipping on her shoes, A fully dressed Axel stood infront of her with his arms crossed when she stood.

"Lyra you're my mate it's my job to keep you safe."

She narrowed her gaze,her hands on her hips,

"It's my job to keep all of wolf kind safe, so unless you can magically make the world perfect then there's nothing you can do to keep me safe." Her voice was thick with dominance, almost sounding like an alpha.

"Okay then I'll come with you, as your mate and alpha I need to make sure you aren't putting yourself in unnecessary danger." He said sternly thier eyes burning into one another.

The determination in his eyes scared Lyra to the core,her mind building up on paranoia as she thought of the possible dangers that would lay ahead if she kept Axel close.

She was sworn to help all of wolf kind, even if it meant hurting herself to do so.

Axel was part of wolf kind.

She had to keep him safe.

"You aren't my alpha Axel and I'm not even sure I want you as my mate." She spat and Axel froze.

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