The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Axel's blood stopped flowing,his entire body numbing as he scanned Lyra's eyes looking for some sort of indication that she were lying, but all he could see was silver, Lyra's titanium wall had been built back up, the realisation sent his mind into panic, his greatest fear having manifested and cemented itself in reality.

His heart fell as he failed to find any form of falter in her eyes,they were a blank pool of nothingness and though his heart burnt with the fire of a thousand suns,he cupped her face still, watching her eyes automatically flutter closed before catching herself midway through the act, gazing up at him.

"You don't mean that." He countered, panic storming his turmoil filled mind, Lyra swiftly bit her lip releasing it and taking a shallow breath in, preparing herself for another stream of hurtful words.

"I meant every word,I'm not sure I want you Axel and I don't value you enough to call you my alpha." She said blankly.

His mind jumbled up, Kane howling out in pain, begging Axel to make Lyra accept them both, the combination of jumbled up thoughts and Kane's constant demands sending numbness though his body,freezing his every function apart from the quick shallow breaths he took in and the ache in his tortured heart, sinking further into his pit of irrational thought he held her face in place, his lips crashing down on hers, his eyes squeezed shut as he kissed her.

She didn't fight her entire body calling out for her to kiss back, her lips parting when he nibbled on her bottom lip, accepting the kiss for what it was before her mind woke up from the haze he had put on her under.

She pushed away from him stepping away from him.

"You can't say you don't love me after kissing me like that." He bit out fighting his wolf's urge to mark Lyra and set her as thiers.

Lyra scoffed, folding her arms over her chest,

"It's called the mate bond, the moon goddess just screwed us over, by making us sexually attracted to one another." She said blankly once again before storming into the woods back towards the pack, Axel followed behind her, his body aching as he watched her figure back infront of him, only a few metres away.

Lyra knew she had hurt him, the pain in his eyes made her want to tell him that she were just pretending, but Axel's impulsive nature would force him to protect Lyra even while putting himself in danger.

She couldn't allow that to happen because she had done the one thing she had wished she wouldn't do.

She had fallen in love with him.

The mere thought of him drove her over the edge and she could not bare knowing he were in danger because of her, it just couldn't get be done. For once even Ayla agreed with Lyra's decision, understanding that as a Lycan danger basically waited for you to walk right into it.

This was exactly why when a Lycan found thier mate they either chose to get the mate added into the Lycans, leave the Lycans for thier mate or reject thier mate for thier jobs, though the first option was the most requested, it was also the most dangerous.

Felix was the biggest example of this, his mate and him had run away from thier home pack, thier love had been forbidden because he had gotten a woman pregnant and his mate was the Alpha's -chosen-mate, his mate had joined him at the Lycans and was brutally murdered during an attack on the territory.

That story was always told by the older Lycans to the new ones,just to make sure that they were aware of the sacrifice being made as Lycans.

Upon reaching the packhouse Lyra stormed to Wren, Keston and Cedric who were heading to sleep.

Everything happened in a blur, them packing thier bags, Wren and Cedric saying goodbye to thier mates.

Lyra didn't dare try to see Axel only making sure that he hadn't done anything idiotic by asking Veronica to check up on him, if she had gone to see him she might have apologised and told him about all her violent overexagursted and bloody worries she had then somehow managed to stuff him in her bag and take him along with her.

She took one last look at the bedroom that she'd spent the past few nights in, all the frustration that she'd faced, the constant wave of questions that ran through her mind every day and the long talks she'd had woth Axel every night.

It was odd to believe that she'd walked into the pack house loathing the twins with everything in her, she'd walked in fearing that they would somehow manage to break her,but now she stood in the door way, with her bags packed, dressed in the exact same outfit that she'd worn when she'd walked in, with the same hair, eyes and blood only now her hate and fear had transformed into love, curiosity, suspicion and interest.

The thought that she was still suspious of Ace still held up in the forefront of her jumbled up mind, she needed to find out more about him and she would, so the moment she had gotten the situation with Felix under control she would be back to figure out exactly what Ace was up to.

That was a promise.

In the mean time she'd asked Demi to keep a close eye on him. Her years of sneaking around the school would be of good use especially since she knew how to be an air head and pretend to be clueless.

Taking one final glance at the room she turned to the stairs marching down to meet Wren at the bottom,

"Ready?" She asked softly clearly upset that she would have to leave Demi behind,

"Yeah." Lyra breathed, pulling on her headphones, pressing play on a random play list before walking out of the house, her eyes glancing at the balcony for a split second, her heart clenching when she didn't see Axel there.

She fought the urge to cry as she opened the car door slipping in, pulling her hoodie over her head and dropping her head into her hands fighting the tears, before sitting back up.

"Let's go."

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