The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Twenty Nine

The air was thick with smoke,trees broken into jagged miss matched pieces,blood all her very the grass and dead corpses as far as the eye could see, if she had not been trained to stay calm, her eyebrows furrowed at the sight as she padded through the moist grass,the white stripe of her sneakers turning ruby at contact.

It was far worse than any war scene she had ever been on, dismembered body parts flew from place to place like some sort of zombie apocalypse or over sized meat grind where bodies were the meat being processed.

It was a sight that could get a psychotic, emotionless, murderer to cry out and beg for it all to end.

The pack itself was no longer a pack but rather a base to which innocent lives are lost.

"This is fucked." Cedric breathed, reaching down to ran his hands through the grass,

"Took the words out of my mouth." Wren sighed, her voice not daring to rise a single octave the scene wouldn't call for her sudden bursts of happiness,

"Maybe we were too slow." Keston said to himself and Lyra stopped, turning towards him her eyes burning as Ayla's, her breathing slightly rushed as she faced the bulky man.

"It's never too late Keston and you know that, now take your alpha blood filled ass to the pack house and try to find Felix." She said sternly and Keston nodded making a beeline to the broken down packhouse,

"Wren, I need you to go east, we came from South so it's all clear, I'll go west and Cedric will go north, we'll meet back here at dawn, capture anyone that gets in the way." Cedric placed a hand on her shoulder,

"You need to ca____" She cut him off by throwing off her shirt,

"I'll be calm once we've made sure Erica gets home safe." She gritted out before running into the woods stripping completely before letting Ayla's senses take control, her nose rising into the air to sniff for anything suspious,the air as thick woth the scents if the woods, blood and dirt but nothing aside from that, the scent frustrated her.

She just wanted to find Erica and get back to Axel, it was bad enough that she'd lied, but he was probably confused on her actual thoughts on him, had the situation been different she would have marked him herself.

She searched through the entire western part of the forest, the sun hitting high enough that the birds awoke and all the sounds that were silenced by the night suddenly sprung to life.

She shifted back, climbing up into a tree and sitting there, her eyes trailing over the entire forest boarder.

It was then that she heard it.

Hundreds of paws hitting the ground as they trudged through the grass, growls erupting from throats and voices sounding out through the already moist air.

Lyra jumped down from the tree, shifting back immediately, and racing to the pack boarders, kind linking immediately.




Gather as many healed warriors aerial possible, there's an army coming!

Her voice rang out but was met with complete silence.

Her heart raced, her mind clouding with thousands of insecurities.





She yelled out, howling into the air as she met the pack boarder, and just as she had feared, rogues stood at the boarder all with bared teeth, scrunched up snouts and wicked snarls, they stood in order, rows and rows of them all watching Lyra.

The biggest one was a dusty brown, a families rusty like brown she shifted on sight, her dark eyes meeting Lyra's silver ones, Lyra fought the urge to drop her jaw, before running a hand through her hair, catching herself midway through the action to hold in her shock.

"Cameron." She gritted out standing firm,

"Lyra." She bit back, walking right to the edge of the boarder,

"Long time no see." She chirped, her voice sounding as though she were trying to make Lyra feel small.

"We saw each other yesterday." She said blankly not liking the eery glow Cameron had.


Cameron glanced at her army of rogues, nudging her head to the left causing four bulky men to drag out Wren, Keston , Cedric and Felix, the four of them barely able to stand, Wren, was bleeding out, Cedric hand an ankle that had been twisted in some unbelievably jagged way, Keston had countless scratches across his chest and face and Felix was clenching onto a wound overflowing with blood.

The sight filled Lyra with rage getting her to step forward only for them to tighten thier hold on her team members necks, she clenched her teeth, tightening her fists,

"What do you want Cameron? Let them go."

Cameron smiled brushing her dark hair back over her shoulder, pouting her lips before folding her arms.

"My dear Lyra,you've known me a very long time, do you really think I'm going to just let you take your little paw patrol? NO no no honey, you'll have to trade for them." She slurred her tongue dancing over the words like they meant absolutely nothing, her eyes garden enough to shred a block of wood,it didn't take Lyra a single second to answer.

"What do you want? I'll give you anything you want."

It was simple, Wren was a mate, Cedric was a mate and Keston was her friend,giving up something that would probably be worth nothing compared to them would be a walk in the park.

"Lyra honey, sweety, baby bear, you probably won't even like what I'm about to suggest because it goes against your little ego." She cooed, pinching Lyra's cheeks, for the sake of her friends Lyra let her, only folding her arms and narrowing her already intimidating dark silver eyes, her gaze resting on Cameron as though she were an old piece of chewing gum stuck under a table.

"Just spit it out Cameron, I don't have all day like you do." Lyra spat, her tone shifting to her darker more Alpha like tone, Ayla making an appearance, the two of them both royally pissed off at the tired looking girl infront of them.

Cameron circled Lyra, going over her cheek, her lips, waist and finally gripping a hand full of hair tugging her neck back.

"I want you, you'll come with us in exchange for for your little boy scout crew." With that she let her go.

Her eyebrows furrowed, her eyes widening at the realisation of what Cameron had just said,

"Why me?" She asked tilting her head to the side.

Cameron shrugged, blowing raspberry before checking on her nails,

"My boss seems to have interest in your little ass."

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