The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty

As promised I've posted three chapters.
Now bombs are dropped in thevery chapters, events take place in the chapters and most importantly. Codes are to be solved.
Stay violent.

"Fine,but you'll take them straight to their mates." Lyra said sternly, her steel like gaze holding Cameron's woodsy one.

"You're in no position to make demands." Cameron smiled brushing back Lyra's hair, it was as if she was both admiring and frustrated with the long wavy strands.

Lyra stood firm,smirking at Cameron,

"My dear, I don't think you know who you're dealing with, if I wanted to I could have taken out your men by myself and taken my friends home, I just don't feel like dragging you by the extensions to get mauled by Veronica and Demi." She said calmly, looking at her long dirt coated nails before brushing back Cameron's hair like a small child, asserting her dominance in that single action.

"Now, shall we?" She asked and Cameron growled stepping back, her eyes fading to a light buzz of gold before walking away into the crowd of wolves, a pair of bulky wolves coming up from behind Lyra and holding her in place, they tried to be force Lyra forward earning a few cold hard glares from her bed rest they walked more calmly.

The day was scorching hot and the men behind her radiated heat off them like heated blankets cranked up to four hundred degrees, they both stank of rotting meat,overly spiced food and an odd mixture of several different colognes.

The smell had the bridge of Lyra's nose aching in annoyance almost making it impossible for her to withstand the thought of running her claws across both thier necks and ending thier lives and relieving her tired nostrils of the wolves onion like stenches.

The sun scorched harder, making her freckles more prominent as thier walked, her nude form making the men she walked with all drool over the curvaceous teen like she were the final female on the planet.

Cameron didn't dare look back and all four of the Lycans were still unconscious, it made Lyra uneasy focusing on thier safety and getting to mark Axel.

Her plan was simple, she would mark Axel and use that mark to force him to find her, with thier pack's army, Lyra sighed taking another forced breath as her eyes caught a glimpse of the lake, her mind jumping back to the night before,

"I need water." She croaked tugging free of the men's arms easily and walking to the edge, all eyes resting on her as she dipped into the water and took large gulps of it before diving in deeper to allow her head to clear up coming up with a broader, easier and more effective plan before they dragged her out of the water,throwing her into a pair of silver chains tugging her onto her feet and basically dragging her all the way out of the lake behind them, she huffed in frustration, as Cameron looked down at her, her beady eyes happy with Lyra's smaller looking position,

"Being dragged like the dog you are." Cameron snickered as they neared the pack,

"You do realise we're all dogs right? Really large dogs." She said with an evil snicker,

"Oh shut it Lyra." She scowled kicking her in her side just as the pack boarder warriors walked forward, Veronica ran right to Cedric, her eyes narrowing when they met Cameron's.

"You little, ass less,fake bitch."

She would have attacked, but Lyra immediately contacted her through the mind link.

*Don't, she'll kill them.Relax I've got it under control.*

/You need to stop playing superhero Ly, it'll get you killed./

*Just tell Axel to come out here, I know that I'm doing.*

In seconds Axel stood at the boarder with Demi who also charged forward as Veronica had but this time she stopped herself rather nodding to Lyra like she understood the situation.

"I want to talk to Axel in private." Lyra said smoothly, her eyes meeting his pained ones,

"Just to explain what's going on." She finished and Cameron smirked, tugging Lyra's hair back,

"Oh really?, how about you talk infront of us?" She asked and Lyra shrugged,

"Okay but let me go first, you know I won't run." She said her voice was so soothing y hat the wolves didn't wait for Cameron's order before tugging her free of the chains.

Lyra stood up dusting off walking straight to her mate, pushing her hair back before looking up at him.

"Axel, I know you'll read into my second words. My mark and me are and will forever be yours. We need to do this now, so once you may help find yourself," The words made no sense and she begged with her eyes that Axel had gotten the message, he calculated everything before he leaned down, his canines emerging her eyes closing involuntarily before they slowly pierced her skin, her nails digging into his shirt as he gripped onto her waist thousands of different emotions attacked her mind making her want to fall over, rays of pain dominance and pleasure massaging her brain, she let out a groan opening her eyes before pulling away and meeting his gaze, he picked the area making the wound stop bleeding.

"Find me." She whispered, her hands curling around his neck to kiss him, her lips only grazing his before Cameron pulled her away shackeling her once again, the silver burning at her wrists.

"What do you want Cameron? I thought we'd gotten___" She cut Axel off placing her hand on his bicep,

"Don't worry babe, you'll understand soon." With that Cameron whistled out and the two bulky onion greased wolves had her on the ground again.

"But for starters, I'd like to get rid of something, something that has really annoyed me all my life." She pulled out a silver blade, her hand gripping all of Lyra's hair tightly before she shifted the blade under the locks and in a split second a gasp spread throughout the hair and dark strands of wavy hair rained down on Lyra, her head feeling lighter as the now shortened locks rested on her shoulders.

"Now my hair's better than yours and Axel you can keep it." Cameron chuckled smiling wide as she threw Lyra's hair at Axel.

It took Lyra a second to recognise that the only part of herself that she hadn't changed now laid at her feet.

"Boss isn't gonna like that Cameron." One of the bulky men said watching how Lyra stared blankly at her hair covered palms and Cameron shrugged.

"He can't hurt me, now bring her along, let's blow this popsicle stand."

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