The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty One

Lyra couldn't stop herself from picking up the fallen strands of hair, they still felt silky, thick and moisturised,her lips parted as she closed her palms in on the hair.

Her eyes burnt,filling with everyone's gave clear salty liquid,the tears fell one by one as she held onto her hair.

It wasn't that she cried over small things,it was that for years her hair had been a shield, it had helped her hide her face like a curtain,it had become like a living breathing organism that she could care for,she choked on her own tears.

Ayla in turn howled out in pain feeling for Lyra, knowing the amounts of love she had for the long dark locks that once hinges so far down her back that it filled other women with envy every time she walked past.

The chains around her wrists were yanked at and she was forced forward, her gaze travelling from her fallen hair to Cameron who toyed with the dagger that had cut her hair with a wild grin across her features. Lyra's sadness quickly morphed into anger, her teeth gritting together.

It was then that Lyra made a promise that she had never thought she'd make, she swore to kill Cameron, it was like every drop of humanity in Lyra's body quickly drained as she held herself back reminding herself that she still needed to meet the person in charge of both the rogue attacks and Cameron's sudden fit of pure madness.

Lyra stood up,her eyes scanning over her family,assuring herself that they were truly safe. Veronica held Cedric up using her hip at leverage , Demi carried Wren in her arms, Axel held Keston up it looked the way it should have thought she couldn't help but wonder where Ace was, if Axel and Ace were both Alpha then sure enough they would've come together.

Lyra shook her head remembering all of Ace's miss deeds, she kept that thought in the closer narrow regions of her clustered mind.

She fixed her gaze on Veronica and Axel, nodding to them with a small smile before the chain was yanked on again and she was forced backwards, her legs carrying her away from the pack and towards the deeper part of the woods, the trail was easily recognised, it was the same trail that she had chased Cameron through and surely enough they made it to the infamous cliff's edge, the river below it raging as usual, the sight reminded her of her cross with death, oddly enough it seemed almost humorous that she had actually managed to survive a jump into that water.

Her chains were yanked forward and her eyes widened immediately, watching as they began to jump off the jagged cliffs edge, the rocks underneath not serving as enough of a safety warning.

She definitely wasn't about to be forced into suicide, for goddess sake she was hand cuffed, there was no way to swim properly if she fell in, Cameron smirked tying the chain around her waist smirking at Lyra,

"It'll be fine, don't worry, worst case is we die...or you die." She sneered, Lyra shook her head yanking the chain back, letting the cuffs burn at her skin.

"If you think for one second that I'm going to jump off a fucking cliff on a suicide attempt you're delusional."

Cameron rolled her eyes shrugging before she jumped off forcing Lyra forward, her hands gripping onto the edge, she gazed down at a dangling Cameron, who kept thrusting her body downward,making Lyra loose grip with every thrust.

"You're being stubborn Lyra!"

"And you're fucking insane!" Lyra shot back, gritting her teeth to hold on before one of the rogues tugged Cameron down harder and Lyra lost her grip, her body tumbling to her death, it might have ended there seeing as it wasn't in slow motion and the sound of her hitting the water came much faster than expected.

The waves thrashed against her as she was dragged down further, her eyes opening under the water her eyes focusing on Cameron who was dragging Lyra down further all the way to an open cave, disappearing inside while Lyra started to kick her lungs draining of air at an alarming pace.

It was life or death, and if Cameron had gone into the cave then it must have been safe, bubbles began to break put her lips as she made it into the cave, gasping for air as the water grew shallow and she could breathe, she brushed her bangs back, looking around to see a community set up in the cave, the rogues all spread out to different areas, the cave was filed with several tents end a wooden cabin in the centre of the area like an actual pack.

She pulled herself out of the water, meeting Cameron's cold hard gaze,

"Get up, we have to get you dressed." She spat yanking on the chain as if Lyra weren't able to stand on her own, Cameron tried to drag Lyra to the cabin but failed in doing so, only managing to tug her forward ever now and then.

Lyra smirked throughout the walk to the cabin, holding her head high to present how fear less she was, the tactic seemed to work because Cameron was angry throughout the entire walk, even though it only lasted four minutes.

Upon reaching the make shift packhouse,Lyra was taken to a small room woth a single bed and a dress and heels laying on the bed after freeing her of the hand cuffs Cameron simply told her go get dressed before locking the door behind her.

Seeing that there was no other option aside from listening to the "orders" given, Lyra slipped on the dark red sweetheart necklined dress and matching red stilettos then put on the jewellery, her eyes landed on a small mirror, her mind immediately coming up with a plan.

If she were going to meet up with the so called boss that wanted her then she would do it with an Ace up her sleeve, after all she was Lyra's Arrsen and she specialised in working with Aces.

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