The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty Two

She strapped the the mirror shard to the inside of her thigh using a thin fabric from the bedding that she'd had to tear her teeth through to get, she tightened the knot on the fabric to secure the shard to her thigh and as she did so her skin was cut by more jagged sides when grazed at the skin making it glow a faint pink.

The locks of the door began to shift and she quickly pulled down the dress, acting like she had been fixing her hair rather than arming herself with a weapon, calming her breathing so no one would suspect that she were in anyway nervous.

Cameron shoved the squeaking door open,her lips curving into an impish grin as she walked towards Lyra in a simular looking dress though it had a thick black belt around her thin waist.

"Not too bad, now get your make up done." She sneered, her grin disappearing as she handed Lyra a small electric pink bag, Lyra took it slowly before opening the bag and staring blankly at the make up products infront of her, she knew she had to do her make up but the products were the exact ones she used when needed be.

It was odd.

Stalker-ish even but what really set it off was the familiar scent imprinted on a lip balm, she smiled to herself having finally figured out who the boss was before picking up her shade of concealer, layering her face in primer before applying the blemish sealing product to her face, following her normal make up routine before zipping the bag closed and handing it to Cameron, who had just been watching Lyra the entire time with envious eyes.

Her eyes stilled on Lyra's now perfected face, her cheeks coated in a faint line of blush, her naturally long eyelashes elongated by the mascara and her goddess-like features highlighted by the products she'd used, Cameron glanced at the window her own reflection meeting her before her eyes began to water and she let a single tear drop run down her cheek to her chin, Lyra swiftly stepped forward ready to comfort her but the next words to leave Cameron's mouth had her securely frozen in place.

"Why do you have to be so perfect?" She asked, her lips trembling,

"Pardon?" Lyra asked raising a perfectly groomed eyebrow, Cameron wiped her tears,

"Why are you so damn perfect Lyra? You're kind, you're sweet, you think of others before yourself,you're great in bed and an amazing fighter,you're wise and even intimidating and to top it all off you're beautiful... why are you so perfect? Can't you just fail at being so enviable?" She asked more tears running down her cheeks Lyra stepped forward again, her hand coming up to wipe her cheek, but Cameron jerked back,

"Don't try to console me Lyra, just tell me what I have to do to be as perfect as you are? I mean I used to think it was because you were very submissive, but of what I've seen you aren't, I thought you wore make up but you never did, maybe it was the way you acted but it was normal or even your hair that was so supernaturally long that it could give Rapunzel a run for her money, but I've cut it and you still look like a fucking goddess." She ranted now cupping Lyra's face in both her hands,

"Is it your eyes? Or your nose? Or your lips? What the hell is it?" She asked her eyes glazing over before she leaned forward and captures Lyra's lips.

Lyra's eyes were wide open as Cameron kissed her, the action on its own sending her into a state of stock so strong that she floated over her body watching the exchange as though she were a narrator setting up a series of unfortunately events for her own personal entertainment as she sat back on a Wednesday evening during a pure maths lesson.

Lyra stepped back, her jaw dropping as Cameron cuffed her once more and tugged her out the door all the while her brain buzzed with thousands of wild thoughts, the worst of them being that she must've been cursed at birth seeing as almost everyone seemed to have some sort of Obsession with her.

First it had been the twins, then Demi and Cameron, Keston, Wren for a short period of time, the countless men she'd come across on missions and now the newest member to her sea of unwanted obsessed creeps the boss of the rogue army was obsessed with her now and she didn't even know he had existed.

She sighed looking around the walls of the old wooden cabin that oddly enough lived up to its outer appearance by being covered in different types of wood various termites and creaking floorboards,it was on an actual concrete wall that her eyes drifted into a state of pure madness, yes she had known that she would go mad sooner or later but this was the breaking point after all she had just almost died and been kissed by a woman that had expressed her hatred for her only a few seconds prior.

The painting on the wall was well polished and seemed like the only actual piece of artwork on the wall, the painting was of a woman, with dark red hair that fell in tumbling curls past her shoulders, her eyes were a dark silver like Lyra's, she had pouty lips, arched eyebrows and a perfectly carved face, her skin was fair with a faint dust of pink on her cheeks and she wore the exact same white dress that Lyra had worn to the moon goddess festival.

The woman was gorgeous and if it weren't for the reflective window on the wall infront of Lyra she might have brushed her off but the woman looked like a red haired version of older red haired version of Lyra and in the picture she stood next to an older version of the twins and another man with silver eyes and dark hair.

It was then that a door opened and he walked out.

In a polished white suit with a bright red bow tie.

"I'm glad you've seen my mother, she was beautiful woman."

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