The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty Three

If anything there was one emotion Lyra had found herself experiencing quite a lot in the past few days, the thing she hated about this emotion was that it was more of a state of mind and made her go back to her younger days, specifically to four years prior when she was only fourteen and her life revolved around the constant fear of the twins jumping up from behind her.

She felt like she had been transported back into her tween body, the shaky underfed girl that shook at the thought of confrontation, the sight of the painting and the words that had slipped past Ace's lips just made her skin crawl, oddly enough it wasn't out of disgust but rather out of pure, natural, unfiltered fear.

She didn't dare look at Ace as he slowly walked to position himself right infront of her, he tilted her chin up and the sight of his face made her mind itch furiously before her hurt burst into a faint ache.

He looked exactly like Axel there was no lying on that fact, Lyra couldn't bring herself to move out of his grip as he stared down at her,

"You look exactly like mother, but you lack her fire like hair...wish you had it." He said his voice still rubbing a cold hard menacing feeling, the feeling was all too familiar.

To think she had often considered him the kindest of the twins,was actually quite hilarious but as it is said, and as Lyra had learnt, the ones that give off the kindest heart are always the ones with the most villainous intentions, Ace was just great as being a master of deception, he played the role of the incapable brother all too well.

"What do you want?" She asked and he pouted, glancing at Cameron who stood up straighter,

"Of all the questions I'd expected this is the only one I hadn't prepared an answer for." He smirked circling Lyra,

"Honestly Ly,I'm not sure what I want, all I know is that you have to be in pain in order for me to be satisfied." He said blankly running a hand through her shortened locks before turning to Cameron,

"I want her to watch us." He sneered,stalking towards her and wrapping his arms around her thin waist,

"I want her to watch Axel fuck you." He repeated before planting a wet hot kiss on Cameron's lips.

Lyra turned away hating that Ace looked exactly like her mate, hating that she hadn't figured out that he were sick in the head sooner, hating that she'd purposefully pushed his buttons to this point, never in her life had she thought that her attitude would get her into this much trouble, but it officially had.

The whole situation peaked quickly with the both of them stripping and immediately running at eachother like lovestruck monkeys, Lyra was watching but her mind was in a whole other place, her mind seemed to wonder a whole lot when faced with trauma and in that moment all she could think about was how she looked like thier mother.

If doctor Erica were there she might have smacked down her big book of notes and observations and started to piece together the odd make up of the twins minds.

Now knowing that Lyra was an exact carbon copy of thier mother just worsened the situation,because now she knew why they had been so wildly obsessed with her, like Erica had said they were trying to keep thier mother but Ace must have a vendetta against the woman seeing as he enjoyed watching Lyra suffer. She regretted calling Erica insane because this only proved she had been right.

Axel wanted approval and love from his mother, it was the cause of his need to always pleasure Lyra rather than hurt her and Ace wanted for his mother to suffer, it was his reason for using Lyra for his own pleasure.

Looking back the tinted globe she'd placed over the darkest memories slowly started to shatter, revealing that most of what she had experienced had been nothing but a delusion, her mind had painted Axel out to look like the bad guy when in reality he was controlled by Ace, not once did she recall Ace ever caring about her well being or him over touching her, it was always about him, he was always violent, he was the one that whispered wrong doings into Axel's ear.

That didn't put Axel out of the dog house for he still had a lot of explaining to do.

Lyra snapped back to the scene infront of her, just as Ace released himself deep within Cameron, the room filled with thier intertwined moans of pleasure as Cameron rubbed herself bringing herself over the edge.

Ace pulled out of her his eyes falling on Lyra, a mischievous glint in them,

"You're staring." He mocked walking towards her,his cock right in her face, expected her to flinch away but she sat still, her eyes dulled and lifeless.

"You want it too don't you?" He asked running his member all over her face,

"You can suck it." He whispered into her hear tipping her jaw roughly when she clenched it closed before he slid his cock into her mouth.

Underestimating Lyra's titanium wall of a mind he gave one thrust into her mouth groaning before before Lyra glared up at him and her teeth came down on his hardening cock, biting into it like she were trying to find the centre of a tootsie pop.

"Fuck, you bitch!" He growled, his eyes beaming gold as he slapped her, but she held on her teeth now drawing blood, Cameron yanked in her chain but at this point Lyra had been pushed oast her limit.

She spit out his cock, watching him tumble to the ground in pain, clenching onto his cock, there was a sudden uproar outside the shed, Lyra felt her heart lurch forward gripping the mirror attached tp the inside of her thigh.

Yanking her hands back to pull Cameron closer,

"You'll pay for this Lyra,I'll get both of the twins, after all I already have Ace." She spat, her eyes drilling into Lyra's.

Lyra gave her a smirk, the kind that showed that she didn't care,

"Bitch,that's my trash and fortunately your the maid so of course you may have him." With that the mirror shard was lodged into Cameron's shoulder bringing her onto her knees, before Lyra twisted the shard out and drove it back into her thigh, she didn't want either of them to die, after all Ace was just a neglected child and Cameron was a confused lover.

There was still time to change.

She stood up, the door flew open and a rogue walked in, Lyra thrust the chain forward without a second thought, grazing his skin with silver, before she jumped forward lodging the silver chain around his neck, burning into his throat before waking out the chain clinging and burning at her skin, another rogue ran towards her and she swung the chain like a wrecking ball the metallic base getting stuck in the rogue's eye, burning at his beady red eye,before Lyra swiped her claws across his neck, his blood splattering all over her face.

A hound now rammed at her, taking her by surprise, it's claws digging into her shoulder blade, she gritted her teeth, gripping the chain hating how her skin seered further as she tried to manuvour it but before she could burn him with it a dagger speared right through his skull, making his head fall back and his body slump forward with faint weak spasms.

Lyra pushed him off looking up at her saviour.

"I promised I'd find you."Axel gave her an award winning smirk and she couldn't find the smile that spread across her features.

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