The Alphas' Obsession

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It's been a while since I've said that hasn't it?

I'd just like to thank everyone that has made it this far, I mean as you could tell we've come from a sad and depressing tale about a young she wolf being bullied by a pair of twins and now we're here, almost at the very end of Lyra's journey.

It's been a wild ride hasn't it?

And I know it's sad to see the story come to a close but we've still got a few chapters left and a spin off called Cupid and Psyche.

I suggest you do read Cupid and Psyche as it details the story behind the disappearance of the Twins' mother and Lyra's father.

It will explain why Lyra looks like her and we'll get to finally meet three mysterious characters.

The Alpha(twins' father)

Lyra's father.

The twins' mother.

Hope you check it out once I put it up.

I love you all, yes silent readers even you.♡

And I hope that you are all safe, well looked after and happy.

Stay violent


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