The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty-Four

She leapt forward as though there weren't a large silver chain attached to her wrists, she jumped into his arms clinging onto him for dear life, her eyes shutting to take in his marvellous scent, her heart burst out into a fit of fast paced beats and Ayla purred in the back of her mind.

"I promised to find you Ly, I will always look after you." He whispered into her hair, placing a gentle kiss on her temple,before pulling back and wiping the blood off her face with his palm, the gentle touch making her unconsciously shiver,his eyes met the chain and he growled before holding her hands up.

"Hold them far apart." He said sternly and she did so watching as she spread her hands apart and he brought out another dagger before bringing the silver blade down onto the chain breaking it right in the middle so how she wrists were separate and the cuffs looked like a pair of bracelets.

With that action he dropped the dagger, his hands cupping her face, her eyes unconsciously closing as the tingles ran across her skin, his lips crashing into hers, the elephants that had disappeared reappearing and stampeding around the area of her stomach as his lips moved against hers, her hands resting flat palmed on his chest, her one hand resting right over his heart that was beating just as furiously as hers.

That realisation made her mind calm down before she pulled away, thier eyes still locked,faces only milometres apart.

"Now, who the fuck dared to take you away from me?" He asked his face shifting from pure relief and joy to anger.

It was the type of anger that a person could feel and she did feel it it felt gloriously hot and fiery like the sun on a hot day at the beach with no umbrella or a steamy fuck right infront of a mirror.

She couldn't stop herself from being turned on by his urge to murder and not even once did it occur to her that the man he was after was his very own brother, her mind was far more engrossed with the thought of him slamming her against the wall and claiming her as his own.

Axel took Lyra's hand gently interlacing his fingers with hers before walking towards the door he had watched Lyra walk out of.

It was then that Lyra snapped out of her sexually induced daze, remembering that Ace laid on the floor in the room with Cameron, she thought of how heartbroken Axel would be to know that his brother were the one behind it all, but still Lyra found herself following at a steady pace behind Axel, she didn't say a word, not even to warn him, not even to tell him that someone he cared about laid behind the door, he turned the handle and it all happened in slow motion, an arrow head flew out of the room immediately, her eyes snapped shut waiting for impact but instead Axel stumbled back Lyra opened her eyes and they locked with Ace's over Axel's shoulder as his eyes widened in shock.

Lyra felt Axel's had fall loose of hers and she gripped onto it allowing his body to lean over hers,she felt his mark burn against her skin,her chest tightening as though the arrow had hit her.

She gripped onto his body laying him on the ground,

"Lyra." He groaned, his face contorting into pain, her hand came up to the wound, painting her fingers in red, tears filled her eyes as he looked around frantically.

"Don't worry, I'll...I'll help...I will-just-don't you dare close your eyes Axel." She told him, her sentence coming out in a break of small fragments, her words barely making sense, but Axel had always had the ability to understand her far past her own ability to understand herself.

"It's okay, I'm alright, just don't leave." He croaked, his hand tightening around hers, his eyes boring into hers,

"Please, stay." He asked softly and she couldn't bring herself to refuse him even while knowing that she needed to go and inform everyone so they could get him out safely she instead looked down at him,nodding vigorously and placing her other hand over his.

"I won't leave, I won't ever leave." She said to him, Ace rushed past her down the hallway making his daring yet cowardly escape.

Cameron laid on the ground watching Lyra place Axel's head on her lap,

"Tell me you love me Lyra." He said softly his cobalt eyes still gazing into her silver ones,

"I love you Axel, I love you more than I love myself, promise you'll hold on for me." She said as more tears streamed down her cheeks, his free hand came up to her face wiping it clean,

"Don't cry, you're too strong for that, I know I've said this a lot already Ly, I probably will for the rest of my life, but Lyra, I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry for everything I've done, maybe this is the moon goddess' punishment for my wrong doings against you." He croaked his thumb running over her bottom lip, she shook her head,

"No, if she does this she'd be punishing us both." Lyra breathed and Axel cracked a light smirk though the pain in his eyes was very evident.

"You said you weren't sure if you want____" She cut him off.

"I lied, I was lying, I just wanted to protect you from this, I tend to run right into danger and I didn't want to drag you into chaos with me, I wanted you safe." She breathed and he smiled up at her tracing over her cheek,

"You're so beautiful." He whispered and she could not help but smile, just for him, just because he wanted her to, she knew he wanted her to.

"You're beautiful too." She said and he chuckled before holding onto the dagger in his chest,

" I think you've hit your head Lyra, I'm handsome." He said and it was then that Cameron's hand came up to Lyra's thigh, she looked tired and ready to let go.

"I'm sorry for everything." She breathed before her eyes fell closed, Axel followed suit, his hand loosening it's grip on Lyra's as he fell into darkness.

It was then that Ace came back from where ever he had gone with a pair of silver cuffs on his wrists and Keston, Wren, Cedric and Veronica behind him.

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