The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty Five

All he saw was black, his body felt heavy and he seeped to feel like he were floating above all the irritation his body faced,he had expected tartarous to be more torturous, with hot licks of fire at every turn, after all tartarous would be his punishment for he didn't deserve an award for all the wrong doings he had committed to Lyra, even if he had tried his best to rectify his mistakes.

The thought of Lyra got his heart to lurch forward,he still remembered the first time he had seen her, and though it might have seemed like it was when they were seven, it had been before that, when they had been four, she had large lovable gray eyes back then and they had been framed by dark thick lashes, her bouncy black curls were in pig tails and she had her fist in her mouth this memory had remained in his mind because he had a picture from then, in the picture all his childhood friends stood, but Lyra sat cross legged sucking on her thumb as she stared up at Veronica.

It had been his birthday and Lyra had been the quietest there, sitting in a corner on her own, shoving her hand into her mouth repeatedly as though it were a chew toy,she had this look of wonder on her face everytime someone approached her and it seemed that even though it had been his and his brother's birthday, Lyra's adorable face caught alot of attention.

He remembered being jealous of the little cutie and even got so frustrated that he had cried, but that was when he saw her stand and walk towards him, she took out an éclair from her pocket and gave it to him, smiling softly before walking back to her corner and picking out another sweet before shoving her hand into her mouth with the sweet in her palm.

Turns out she had been putting her hand in her mouth because that is how she ate sweets, after that he ate the éclair but kept the wrapper. It was still pasted in his journal next to a picture of her that he had swiped out of the year book.

He wondered what her children would look like, would they have the same odd tendencies she did? Would they look like her? Would they be as smart, kind and emotional as she was?

How she would act? She would probably be the type of mother that constantly hugged her child and played with them. If they were to have a child together he hoped for a little girl, with bright silver gray eyes, plump pink lips and dark hair, he hoped that she would behave exactly like her mother.

Axel's mind slowly started to clear, the thick fog that had fixated over his mind clearing up so he could focus on the gentle burn in his chest, judging by his wolf's silence, he was at work healing Axel.

He took a deep breath and though it hurt his diaphragm to do so he was pleased once Lyra's lavender and vanilla scent hit his nostrils, he found himself smiling like a mad man once he opened his eyes,fighting the bright light at first before seeing her, Lyra stood in the door way of the white room he rested in, her head leaning against the frame, her now shortened hair was spread out into different directions but she looked clean, in a black long sleeved oversized jersey and a pair of black jeans.

"Hey." He croaked,his throat burning with thirst once he spoke, she jolted up and turned to him, her face bare and free of any make up and an alice band holding back her bangs, she rushed to the bathroom attached to the room bringing back a glass of water before taking a seat by his side and gently helping him drink the water.

"Doctor said you'd be up any time today, I hadn't expected you to try give me a heart attack when u decided to grace me with your consciousness." She said softly, placing the glass on his night stand, sitting back in the chair more comfortably, her change in position got his eyes to wander over to her wrists that were bandaged.

"Are you okay?" He asked more smoothly than before and she nodded,

"Yeah, but I should be asking you...that arrow was meant for me." She said softly taking his hand in hers, her eyes looked like she had cried and the thought of her crying broke his heart.

"We don't know that." She sighed,

"Ace told me that he wanted to hit me." She said softly her eyes darting to the ground before coming back up to him.

"He also apologised...for everything...he left with Cameron."

Axel's features softened when he heard the sincerity in her voice, if anyone knew about liars it was Lyra so if she believed that someone were telling the truth, it must've been the case.

"Why did he leave?" He asked and she blew raspberry,

"Well... he wanted to start a fresh...he still hates his...your mother and could not stand looking at me." She sighed and Axel's eyebrows rose, shock hitting his system once he realised that Lyra knew.

" know about..." She nodded,

"He had a portrait of her, she is an exact copy of me, it's unrealistically realistic." She sighed again slumping further in her seat.

"I swear I wanted to tell you, it just...I just stopped caring, I started loving you not because you reminded me of her but because you are an amazing person." He said and she nodded a small smile gracing her lips.

"Yeah, I kind of figured, I'm awesome."

He ran his thumb over her knuckles,noticing that her eyes drifted into a daze, meaning she was hiding something.

"You aren't telling me everything." He whispered and she let out a heavy breath,

"That's because I'm not." She said softly, before sitting up and placing her free hand over his.

"When I was with Ace, I felt if I travelled back to being a kid and I was vulnerable again. I didn't like it Axel and I think it's because I still haven't healed, I'm still holding onto the past..."

He nodded watching as she took off her alice band and ran a hand through her tangled hair.

"That's why I need to leave...again, to find myself and heal, I still haven't, sometimes I wonder if you'll hurt me again and I'm tired of that, I just want to let it go, and I can only do that if I'm away from you." She said calmly and though she had expected Axel to beg for her to stay, he simply closed his eyes,

"I understand, just promise me that when you're ready, you'll came back to me." He whispered just below his normal volume, she smiled leaning over to place a lingering kiss on his lips, pulling away to place another on his forehead.

"I promise."

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