The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty Six


Her hair flew back, causing her to spit out the loose locks that had gotten into her mouth, she couldn't help help but giggle as she brushed them back,shutting her car door and picking up the gift bags that she had brought, before stepping forward onto the porch of the farmiliar dark blue house and knocking on the door, she didn't hold back when closing her eyes to take a deep breath enjoying the familiar scents that rolled into her nostrils, tickling at her senses.

She'd missed home and after nine years of travelling, doing missions as a Lycan and breaking herself down, she'd finally built herself back up, placing all the pieces that could no longer fit in a box at the very back of her mind, deciding that she had to finally let go of the past because the future was all that mattered.

During those years many things had changed, for one Cedric and Wren had settled for normal Lycan free lives with thier mates and Keston had met Jessie a Vampire Werewolf hybrid that nearly killed him when they'd slept together for the first time, his ego had definitely died down after that, especially when their son Maximillian was born.

Wren and Demi adopted Mila, a nine yearold human girl and moved out into central London completely leaving the wolf world behind, though they did send letters and call quite often.

Oddly enough Lyra had found Cameron and Ace on one of her missions and they had smiled and waved like old friends from across the street, Cameron was pregnant and had two little girls, Ace was carrying one and the other was jumping around excitedly, it was a beautiful image, especially when the girl that was running around pulled on Ace's arm bringing his attention to Lyra.

Lyra still remembered the exact scene that had played out.

"Dad isn't that what my fairy god mommy looks like?" She asked and Ace and Cameron faced Lyra, Cameron smiled lightly,lifting her hand before giving Lyra a light wave and Ace smiled down at his daughter before looking at Lyra, his face free of any piercings,his eyes much calmer and his aura shining with a clear ray of purity,he was happy an emotion that she had never thought she'd see wave off of him.

"Yes sweet cheeks, she's your fairy god mommy and she'll always look after you...she'll always look after everyone." He said and the little girl waved with a bright smile, Lyra waved back digging into her pocket and pulling out four candies, walking across the street before walking across and handing them to the little girl, the girl jumped into her arms before thanking her and they walked away.

It was the moment she realised that Ace had also let go, and if he so wished he could have come back to the pack, but he didn't because he was happy how he was.

Veronica and Cedric stayed at the VIXEN pack under Axel's rule.

There was fumbling behind it before Veronica came into view, her eyes widening with excitement and awe when she saw Lyra.

Veronica had changed, her hair had definitely grown longer, now laying straight to the small of her back, her eyes had gotten darker and her figure was more curved her hips wider and her breasts bigger, she had an apron around her waist and her hair was a mess, but the smile on her face only proved that she was happy. Lyra would be surprised if Veronica weren't happy, after all she was happily mated in the wolf world and happily married to everyone else with an adorable seven year old son named Sin, who loved running around and hugging people.

"The one day that I decide to wait a little longer to put make up on, you decide to come early." She breathed her hand coming up to her mouth amusement drawn over her features, Lyra clicked her tongue before blowing her hair back playfully,

" I gonna stand here all day or are you going to let____" it was then that Cedric decided to move past Veronica and pulled Lyra into a bone crushing hug, swinging her around like a rag doll,

"I've missed you so much! Why the hell have you stayed away so long?" He asked pulling back away from her, to take a good look at her,

"I've been on lots of missions, Felix wouldn't let me have a break." She smiled up at him and he gripped her arm ushering her into the house,

"Ceddie, be careful Sin's toys are everywhere!" Veronica shouted after him as she locked the door, Cedric tugged Lyra into the living room, planting her firm on the couch,

"Now, that you're here we can have girl talk." He smirked and Lyra burst out into a fit of giggles, amazed that his overly feminine and dramatic nature hadn't dialed down even after becoming a father,

"Really? What are we gonna talk____" once again she was interrupted by a light brown haired seven year old, his almost golden brown hair sticking up in different directions, a bright smile set on his features and his honey coloured eyes twinkling with excitement.

"AUNTIE LYLY!" He yelled jumping into Lyra's arms, his chubby arms wrapping around her neck, he buried his head there, taking in her scent so he could memorise it before pulling away his eyes focusing on the gift bags on the couch surrounding her,

"You got us festival gifts!" He yelled gidly and Lyra nodded with a smile picking up the bag with a train on and handing it to him.

"This one is for you." She smiled and he took a peek inside the bag, the contents making him smile harder, he kissed her cheek hopping off her lap and sprinting away to his room.

Lyra stared after him, not even noticing that Cedric was digging through the bags,

"Where's mine?" He pouted, poking her in her side,

"What do you mean by yours? Clearly Lyra is going to give me mine first." Veronica explained in a matter of a factly tone as she walking into the room, her apron gone, Lyra smiled up at them both,

"It's for you'll both enjoy it." She smirked, the look on her face scaring them both as she handed Veronica the bag, once she took a look at the contents her cheeks went red,

"Holy crap,I wanna warranty it now, just to torture him." She groaned looking over at Cedric, who was smirking at the outfit in the bag.

"I want you to wear it, under your dress to the festival."

Lyra took one last look at herself,running her hands through her short locks careful not to ruin any of the curls that Veronica had kindly done for her,she picked up her friendship necklace, admiring the sparkling stone before putting it back into the jewellery box that she kept it in opting to put on a black choker instead.

She took a deep breath, looking out the window to the bright moon, not a cloud in the sky it was a perfect night for the moon goddess festival, almost as perfect as the festival nine years prior.

She smiled remembering how Axel had picked out her outfit, how happy he had looked and how he had jumped off a cliff just to save her.

With a final glance at herself in the mirror she stepped out of the room, finding an excited Sin outside her door,in a white button up and matching shorts.

"Your date has arrived my lady." He smirked, holding out his hand for her to take, she couldn't help but giggle before holding onto his small hand letting him lead her down the stairs where Cedric and Veronica stood, Veronica in a gorgeous white backless halter neck dress that ended just above the knee, it was embroidered in light blue flowers that matched the light blue wedges she had on.

Veronica smiled down at her son,

"Look who's looking smart." She teased placing a kiss on his forehead,

"Are you trying to say he never looks good?" Cedric asked woth a chuckle and Veronica immediately shoved him to the side,

"You know what I mean dip...stick." She said awkwardly.

"Well mother shall we get going?"

Veronica nodded linking her arm with Cedric's leaning into his lean frame as they walked out.

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