The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Thirty Seven.

Lyra's heart lurched forward once the mansion like packhouse came into view, decorated in thousands of fairy lights and moonflowers galore,the sight was something right out of a fairy tale. The building itself was already majestic on its own but the subtle changes that had been made to give it a glow up were more than noticeable.

She took a deep breath opening her clutch, pulling out a tube of light pink lipstick, layering her lips in some before closing it back up and walking a few spaces forward, watching as Veronica, Cedric and Sin disappeared into the house along with the many other farmiliar faces of the night,Lyra just stared at the door, her lips sightly a jar as she stared wondering what her next move would be, Ayla was already calling her out for being a coward, she was royally pissed of that she was afraid to walk in.

It wasn't that she wasn't excited because the greater part of her was, she was genuinely ready to walk into the packhouse, she only feared that Axel might have moved on, maybe he had gotten tired of waiting somewhere around year number five and decided to fall in love with someone else, if that were the case then she would never be able to see him with anyone else.

She took another deep breath spotting a concrete bench detailed out like something out of a Disney movie,she walked over taking a seat on the cold bench, that was surrounded by red roses and fairy lights, she crossed her legs looking up at the moon.

She closed her eyes taking another deep breath to calm her giddy heart,

"Goddess, please give me enough bravery to walk into that house, because I don't think I can." She said softly to the moon before her gaze returned to the roses, the bright red flowers that smelt like morning dew, even though it was night, she smiled softly before her eyes went to a stray yellow rose,her hand darted to it, picking it out from the rest and bringing it up to her nose, it's sweet scent making her eyes shut.

Something about simply smelling the rose caused her to stand up and place the rose behind her ear before she began her decent to the door, her hand gripping onto the knob and turning it walking into the elegantly decorated home, her eyes drinking up every detail of the extravagant house.

She began to walk around,her heels clicking against the smooth wooden floor, everyone seemed to pay her attention as she walked, saying thier hello's, maintaining casual small talk even whilst she looked for Axel.

Her heart thumped harder as the minutes went by and soon the maids brought out the moonflowers, Lyra picked one up, sighing in disappointment before a hand rested on her bare shoulder, her entire body fell into ripples and time seemed to have frozen, she brushed back her hair nervously tingles springing up her spine, she gulped knowing it was him but the fear of what he might say holding her body still before Ayla decided to cut the bullshit and force her to face him.

She turned swiftly meeting his cobalt gaze,he hadn't changed one bit,only sporting a shorter hair cut, his eyes were much more intimidating than they had been, he looked calmer, rider and much more understanding she loved that fact, it made him have an air of leadership and intelligence.

Axel couldn't stop his heart from pounding against his ribcage at the sight of her,she looked so much better than she had in all his dreams, her hair rested on her shoulders in gentle curls, she clearly hadn't let her hair growth back,the strip of white now gone, her face hadn't changed only that she wore a little more make up than she had before, her hour glass body was adored perfectly in the short off the shoulder light blue dress that she wore, a dark navy blue belt around her waist, the entire outfit was lazy but she looked like a goddess.

"Did you have to stare at the door for an hour before coming in?" He asked playfully and she smiled up at him, deep down she had known he was watching, maybe that's why she had tried to look less like a coward and more like a tourist admiring an attraction.

"Yes, I love making grand entrances." She said up to him, yearning for him to step forward and take her in his arms, he gazed down at her before taking her hand, interlacing thier fingers, the air of playfulness around them put her nerves at peace, she had no need to worry because he didn't dare change a single thing. He really had waited for her.

"Come on, let's go finish the festival." He said softly and she nodded following after him, he lead her back to the lake, she knelt down to the water and he followed suit, the action having become farmiliar over the years.

Once the ritual was performed Axel stood up and helped her up as well though she didn't need the help,the forest was quiet and the Moon shone bright above them, he leaned down to her his lips right over hers.

"I love you Lyra Thalia Arresen, I've waited eleven years for you and now I'm not going to let you go." He whispered softly before his lips crashed into hers,his arms circling her waist,thier tongues hungrily searching eachothers mouths, remembering the long awaited taste of perfection that they recieved from one another.

He pulled away, his forehead against hers,

"Marry me."

She didn't think twice,capturing his lips once again assuring him with her lips, her hands coming up to his hair roaming through the tangled dark locks, he gripped her waist lifting her up her legs automatically wrapping around his waist, her back hitting a tree, thier lips parting for his to travel down her neck, his lips grazing the mark he'd given her,she moaned her pussy burning with immediate desire, her walls clenching around themselves,

"Fuck." She breathed her hands travelling down to his chest,running over his chiseled muscles that radiated under his white shirt.

His lips came back to hers his hardened manhood pressing right onto her core, making her gush even further as she began to grind against his hardened bulge, thier lips moving to the beat of a rhythm they'd created.

Her pussy ached to be filled, causing her to greedily whine,

"Do you want it Ly?" He asked his canines emerging and grazing her bottom lip,she shivered as he began to rub her sensitive bud with his member, the both of them still fully clothed but the sheer heat of the moment making it almost impossible to pull away.

"Yes, I want it." She gasped, his hand covering her wetness, the heat of his palm being too much for her, it was much more intense than she recalled.

"How bad?" He asked his hand pressing into her further,

"Fuck me." She breathed and he smirked against her neck, pulling back slightly to unzip his jeans, his member springing to life, looking down at the size she began to question whether he could still fit inside her, though that thought was immediately wiped away once he slid her panties to the side and buried himself deep inside her heated core, her walls gripping onto him, his hand still resting over her clit as he began a furious pace, her clit being massaged by his thumb and fore finger.

She could barely form words as her core tightening, her pussy pulsing as she rode her way into ecstasy, his hand left her pussy coming up to cover her mouth, muffling her moans before he pounded into her violently, his wolf taking control as Lyra burst into ecstasy, her juices overflowing as his seed ran up her walls fueling another toe curling orgasm.

His lips came back to hers,before he pulled away thier breathing heavy, faces only milometres apart, there was still something that hadn't been said,one thing that she needed to get off both of thier shoulders.

"I forgive you." She whispered before thier lips met once again this time more softly, his fingers lacing with hers as he slowly slid his cock back into her.

It had all started when she was seven years old and to think back to the years of hate and pain she had endured only pushed her to be stronger, to love harder and believe that everything happened for a specific reason, if she had not gone outside that day she would never had met them, she would never have been broken, she would never have learnt to always look for a rainbow, she would never have become a mate, a Luna and finally a mother.

They went on to have three sons Theodore, Apollo and Mathias and one little girl named Artemis who was so protected by her family that she never knew of any emotional strain.


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