The Alphas' Obsession

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The Final Q and A

Where I am right now it's 01:15 am.

Fun fact about this particular time period.

It was when I'd first drafted out Lyra's personality and how she'd react to certain things, it was also when I'd written the sexual chapters.

I've always thanked you readers but I'm not sure if it's ever enough.


For following her journey, for crying with her, laughing with her and fighting with her.

I hope that you have all learnt to never see a situation from one perspective from this story because it is how I live.

Now it is my great honor and joy to present the final Q and A for those of you who are thirsty for that extra bit of information.


What happened to the boys who bullied you?

Oddly enough it's almost the same as what happened to Lyra, though I definately didn't look like they're mother, I behaved like her. The one of them had driven me to the point where I finally gave him a piece of my mind and the other had slowly changed and began to consider me his friend.He's one of my closest friends now.

Are Ace and Cameron mates?

Yes they are, I mean come on guys they have kids and are married.

Was this always the way you planned the story?

Nope...originally it was supposed to end with Ace dying and Axel and Lyra co existing but never letting the past go though I really hated that ending so I edited.

Why does Lyra look like thier mom?

Read spin off pls. (Shameless Book promo.)

Do you have any simular books in the works?

Ohhh you have no idea how many dark stories I shoved away in my journals. For now the one closest to the Alpha's obsession will be Sebastian because it's dark erotica as well.

Do you have a wattpad?

I'm working on one.

Do you have any mental issues?

I am a Maladaptive daydreamer and I'm bipolar so it's a very very strained mix.

I also get panic attacks when people touch me without my permission or I stand in large noisy places.

What's next for you?

I'm posting three new books.

Cupid and Psyche.


And a special surprise one.

I'll also be bringing my old cringe worthy work back up.


Thanks for your support.

Stay safe.

Stay happy.

Be an optimist and of course.

As always

Stay violent.


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