The Alphas' Obsession

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"What's changed?" Lyra asked her eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion. Veronica sighed, "When the Twins couldn't find you they went berserk, they searched the whole school until i told them you left." Lyra ran a hand through her hair, "Well...that's interesting." Lyra Arrsen was only seven when it all started, the twin Alphas Axel and Ace decided to make her life a living hell until she left the pack for two years. Upon her arrival back home she decides to do two things. One: Have sex with the twins. Two: Get Revenge

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Chapter One

She was only seven years old when she first got a glimpse of them. It was a cold day and the rain had only began to let up.

Lyra ran into the garden as soon as the hard pelting rains turned to a gentle drizzle and perched herself up in the old oak tree that grew in her family's yard.

She just stared out at the woods beyond the fence that her father had built to stop her from running off into the darkness.

She longed for the day that she would be able to freely explore every last aspect of those woods but never tried to jump the fence.

Lyra only ever stared in longing, memorising every little detail, from the leaves upon each tree to the wet muddy dirt path that disappeared into the forest she even memorised the scent of the woods.

A gentle breeze made it's way past her carrying a new scent with it.

Intrigued by the new discovery she immediately jumped down from the branch she previously inhabited and walked closer to the fence.

There was rustling in the darkness and a few growls before they tumbled out of the darkness.

Ace and Axel.

The first thing that caught Lyra's attention was the fact that they looked exactly the same.

They both had the same dark icy blue eyes and muddy brown hair, the same facial structure and the same build.

Axel proudly pinning his brother to the ground with a grin before Ace fought back pushing his brother off and tugging him into a choke hold.

"I've said it before Axe, I'm stronger." Ace said through clenched teeth.

Axel bit at his brothers arm before his eyes made contact with Lyra. She now stood on her tippy toes holding herself up to see the boys more closely. Her eyes filled with curiosity as she watched the two actually interested in which one of them would win their little fight.

Axel tapped his brother's arm and Ace followed his gaze over to Lyra before he let go of his brother.

"Why did you stop?" She asked her eyebrows farrowing in confusion.

"Why are you watching us...creep?" Axel asked dusting himself off.

Lyra pressed her lips into a thin line now aware that she did in fact look like a creep,


She let go of the fence and fell back onto the moist grass then sat up.

"Why were you watching us?" Ace asked folding his arms.

Lyra brushed her hair back even though there were no loose locks,

" have the same face...or he stole yours..."

She pointed at Axel then moved onto Ace her eyes darted between them again thwn shook her head then pointed at Ace then over to Axel.

"No he stole yours."

The boys looked at eachother before bursting out into a fit of laughter clutching thier stomachs.

Lyra pouted crossing her arms in clear annoyance, Axel noticed this and calmed down.

"No, we're twins." He said but that failed to clear the cloud of confusion forming over Lyra's head.

"It means we were born at the same time and look the same." Ace said and Lyra nodded pretending to understand why two people looked the same.

"Ly! Come inside it's getting cold!" Her mother yelled and Lyra looked back at the glass sliding door she'd stepped out of,

"I have to___" she looked forward towards the woods.

The boys were gone.

Her eyebrows furrowed once more but she let it go getting up and heading into her house.

The next morning at school she told her best friend Veronica about the twins,

"Ohh, those two?" She asked jabbing a finger towards Axel and Ace who stood in the corner of the play area surrounded by a group of boys.

So they were the two boys that always surrounded by groups of kids.

"Yeah, that's them!" She gasped standing up only to be jerked back down by Veronica.

"Don't, those two are the Alpha's sons and I don't think it's a good idea to go talk to them."


"Thier mom is gone and my dad says it's because of your dad so I think it's better if we just sit here and leave them be."

Lyra nodded unaware that Axel and Ace had heard what Veronica had said.

She had never met her father, maybe she'd seen him at some point as a little child but she couldn't remember his face or what he was like all she knew was that she had his metallic silver eyes.

Lyra nodded unaware that Axel and Ace had heard what Veronica had said.

They hadn't known that her dad was the idiot who'd allowed their mother to be kidnapped during war, the Alpha constantly reminded them of the events that had taken place and they had slowly come to hate Lyra's father.

Their fists clenched immediately and they stormed towards Lyra.

"You." They said in unison making Lyra jolt at the sound of their voices.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled up at them thinking that they remembered her from the day before and wanted to be friends.

Lyra always welcomed new people into her life with open arms, she welcomed change and friendship.

"Hi." She smiled wider standing up and holding out her hand to shake.

"My name is Lyra, I didn't tell you yesterday." She chirped ignoring the dark feeling that crept up her back.

They didn't talk they only glared at her, she dropped her hand to her side,

"Did I do something?" She asked her smile faltering slightly.

Once again they said nothing.

"Come on Ly let's go get our waters." Veronica said tugging Lyra away sensing the dark aura that the twins gave off.

The twins glared after her as she walked away with Veronica.

"What did I do?" Lyra asked Veronica who only shrugged,

"I don't know but promise me you won't try talking to them again, they look really scary."

Lyra nodded and walked away.

That was the beginning, from then on they tripped, shoved pushed around and even insulted Lyra every chance they got.

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