The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Two

Freshman Year

Lyra stood in a pair of jeans a white shirt and a hoodie over it, her favourite sneakers on her feet and her long black hair in a braid down her back.

Posing for her mother in front of the camera.

"Smile honey." Her mom said before clicking the camera and smiling at the picture.

"You're so big, my little LyLy going to high school." Lyra hugged her mom,

"I started three weeks ago." She chuckled and her mom ruffled her hair,

"Yes but I'm taking pictures today."

Lyra's mother Audrey was trying her best to be present for every moment though her job barely allowed her to see Lyra, she left the house early and came back late barely seeing her daughter during the day.

The Alpha was tough on her everyday of her life ever since the Luna's disappearance he enjoyed watching Audrey run around cleaning up after him and the rest of the people who lived in the pack house, he would never let Audrey switch packs and so she could never escape.

Lyra kissed her mom on the cheek and sat down to a bowl of cereal before picking up her bag and rushing out of the house once she saw a glimpse of yellow outside the kitchen window.

The bus rolled to a stop and she got in sitting next to Veronica who was already in the front.

"Morning Ly." She smiled wide as she moved her bag off the seat allowing Lyra to sit down,

"Hi." That was all she could ever muster up whenever they were on the bus because the twins were the stop directly after hers.

One would have assumed that seven years would be long enough for them to forget that Lyra existed but they had become even worse than they had been as kids.

Maybe it was the fact that their wolves often took control and made Lyra's life even more miserable.

She dreaded the times when their eyes would beam gold because those were the times when she would get hurt the worst.

"It's the twins isn't it?" Veronica sighed and Lyra kept quiet hanging her head in shame.

Veronica often tried to defend Lyra but being a grade above her made it much harder to be there when the twins would strike.

She rubbed Lyra's back as the bus came to a stop,

"I'm sure they'll give up this year."

Lyra gave her a weak smile.

"Yeah, they might."

She knew full well that they wouldn't.

Axel walked on first followed by Ace, their scents swirled around the bus making Lyra's stomach churn and fear creep up her spine.

They took a seat in the back but thier eyes rested on Lyra as they usually did. It was their silent way of telling her to bring them her lunch or money or anything of value.

She pulled out two chocolate bars, scanning the labels.

No nuts.

And not made in a nut related factory.

She stood up nearly stumbling because of the moving vehicle.

Veronica shook her head,

"You don't have to." She said holding Lyra's hand,

"Yes I do." She sighed pulling away from Veronica and walking down the isle to the back, as always she got on her knees with everyone's eyes on her.

For some odd reason they loved to see her on her knees looking up at them with fear in her eyes.

The boys looked down at her as she placed the bars in her open palm and placed her other hand under her open one, as though she were giving an offering to a god.

"Trying to poison us petite garce?" Ace asked

(Little Bitch)

"No,I...I checked the..labels and...there's abso..solutely no these." She stuttered and the boys both took one bar each,

"Good." They said in unison,

"You may leave now." They said in unison again and she stood up as the bus stopped at the school causing her to fall back down scraping her elbow.

Axel held out his hand and she foolishly reached for it only for him to pull back,stand up and walk over her stepping on her hand in the process.

Everyone else on the bus followed suit walking over Lyra like she were part of the walk way.

No one ever helped her, they were all too scared of the twins and what they might do.

Lyra finally stood up after everyone left, Veronica helped her up and they made thier way off the bus.

"I think you should tell someone."

Lyra shook here head,

"Thier the Alpha's sons, there's no way anyone would do anything."

Veronica nodded understanding her dilemma, Veronica couldn't stand watching her best friend suffer because of them, there were times when they'd really mess with Lyra's head and she'd think she deserved everything that happened, there were times when Lyra would over exercise or starve herself just because they had gotten to her.

All the while Veronica stood alone by her friends side being her shoulder to cry on and her only source of solitude, the year that they had spent in separate schools she worried all day about Lyra and though it may have seemed unnecessary she was always right to worry because without Veronica the twins crossed to physical torture.

Lyra could see Veronica's feature distort to worry as she looked into her eyes.

"I know you're worried Vonnie,anyone would be but I'm sure they'll leave me alone one day."

They walked into school and went their separate ways.

Lyra made her way to her locker taking out a few books and putting some in.

She closed her locker and caught a whiff of their scebt specifically Axel's scent.

She pulled up her hoodie placing her injured hand into her pocket trying to protect it some how.

Her hood was pulled down and she felt someone play with her hair and immediately turned on her heel to face Axel who towered over her.

She gulped,

"Could you it a bother please...kindly...don' hair."

She could barely understand her own words but Axel did he always understood her incoherent speech.

"No, from now on you're not allowed to braid your hair." He said letting his hand trail down her cheek and grip her chin.

"Understand?" He asked his eyes going dark,

"Yes." She breathed and he let go of her chin yanking her braid back before walking away.

Lyra immediate took out her braid and let her long hair hand behind her dropping right over her bum.

She ran a hand through it before walking to class.

The day swept by and soon it was lunch, Lyra sat with Veronica and her friends, non of them actually liked Lyra though they loved to pretend in front of Veronica after all she was the future Gamma no one in the entire school liked Lyra.

Yes she was one of the most beautiful girls in the school and she was kind to every person that crossed her path but the twins were a gigantic wall around her that seemed to warn off every other person that even glanced at Lyra without thier permission.

They weren't kings or big headed ass holes. They just made it clear that Lyra was off limits to all the boys and that besides Veronica she wasn't allowed to have friends.

Lyra ate a small yogurt in silence whilst everyone else at the table talked.

She took out a box of pills that were prescribed to stop her anxiety -after her mother assumed she was ill...which she technically was- and that's when they stood.

Ace and Axel.

They walked towards her and without a word Ace yanked her up out of her seat,

"Let her go." Veronica seethed tugging Lyra back down.

Lyra held onto the pill ready to shove it into her mouth as soon as her arms was free.

"We need to talk to her." Ace said calmly before tugging Lyra away not even paying attention to Veronica's insults towards them.

They took her outside into the parking lot and let her go.

Ace pried her hand open and took the pill from her,

"What's this?" He asked and Lyra looked between them both afraid to tell the truth.

Axel placed his hands on her shoulders and gripped as hard as he could holding sown her small frame.

"He asked you a question."

Lyra gulped instinctively playing with her hands, and looking down to avoid Ace's cold gaze.

"Med-medicine." She breathed her shoulders aching and making her want to fall over.

"What kind of medicine?" Axel asked.

She bit her lip hard,

" said...I. .um..I...need medicine...coz...stress and I'm sick and I need to take pills to stay calm." She breathed again.

Axel looked at Ace letting her go.


She looked up at Ace, his eyes genuinely filled with worry, she couldn't comprehend whether it was fake or real so she lied.

"Because I'm not okay."

They knew she'd lied but her go either way.

"We need to stop now Axe,she can't handle it." Ace said to his brother after she left.

"She can, we just need to be more careful." Axel said folding his arms,


"We need to move faster."

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