The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Three

Grade Nine.

Lyra closed her locker balancing her back pack on her knee, she brushed back her hair as often as she could trying to keep it out of her face as she placed a book in her bag when the hairs on her neck stood and her wolf growled.

Her wolf Ayla served as a warning siren who told her when to run, when to keep quiet for her own safety and most importantly when to let her take control.

Her wolf was wild and often did what she deemed as correct.

Sometimes she'd fight back against Axel and Ace, scratching and biting or even in some cases running out of school to shift.

Axel and Ace's wolves were bigger and certainly stronger than hers but because her wolf was faster she often ran away faster than they could catch her.

It had been an awful week, she'd gotten her period early and that resulted in unwanted and unexpected cramps as well as forgetfulness.

She forgot to bring the twins thier payment two days in a row and instead of being walked over she was doused in ice cold water, shoved to the ground multiple times and of course thier most recent addition to her torture Axel twisted her arm until he saw her shed tears.

Two pairs of heels clicked against the tiled floor behind Lyra making her stiffen.

Cameron and Demi.

Axel and Ace's girlfriends.

Cameron had long dark hair that was always shiny and set in a sleek high ponytail. She had no shortage of curves even at fifteen and was an excellent warrior wolf.

She was the Beta's daughter and considered herself better than most if not all the other pack members.

Demi on the other hand was a blonde with her hair was a bundle of short curls that rested right above her shoulders, she was an ordinary she wolf though she was one of the most beautiful in the pack.

The girls were worse than the twins. The twins had limits, never hurting her too much but Demi and Cameron often got physical with Lyra.

They shoved Lyra from behind making her drop her bag and allowing her books to spill onto the floor.

Lyra avoided eye contact immediately scrambling for her things before the girls could start destroying the things she didn't pick up quick enough.

Cameron kissed her teeth looking down at Lyra,

"Look at her Demi picking up crap like a racoon." She sneered.

"The scene suits her though." Demi said with a smirk.

"I know right? She's in her element, scrabbling around for trash on all fours." Cameron bent down to pick up a box of tampons.

"Ahh, interesting..."

Lyra looked up at them stuffing a final book in her bag,

"Give that back." She said reaching for it,


Her wolf stepped forward growling and taking control without her permission.

Her eyes shifted colour and the girls rolled thier eyes.

"Oh looky here, it's her little wolf."

Ayla stood and shoved Cameron back pinning her to the ground and taking the box of tampons, Demi stepped back immediately going to get Axel.

"Don't touch my stuff bitch." She growled and a hand wrapped around her hair and yanked her back,

"What do you think you're doing Ayla? Forgetting who's above you?" Ace's voice rang against her ear, her neck aching.

They knew her wolf personally, they had both been there when Lyra ran off into the woods and came back as Ayla for the first time.

"Let go of me you microscopic baboon." She spat as the bell rang Axel walked in front of her, gripping her jaw,

"Come on petite garce come back out." He asked dominance shifting off him on waves, her eyes faltered slightly shifting between her wolf and herself before resting on her wolf.

"Axel just let her go, she won't shift back, can't you smell the change in scent?" Ace said letting go of her hair and thrusting her head forward.

Axel narrowed his eyes at her trying to see if an alpha command would get her to listen,

"I said I want to see Lyra." He growled dominance dripping off his every word.

Ayla looked him in the eye trying to keep direct contact, it was working, her gaze stilled on his.

"No." She spat and he growled letting her go.

"Let's get out of here." He said tugging on his brother's arm and walking away.

Ayla watched them back away then let Lyra take control satisfied with thier departure.

The day past by quickly. Niether the twins or thier girlfriends came to yell or make fun of her after the morning confrontation.

It made her smile while she told Veronica what happened as they walked home.

"So you really called him a microscopic baboon?" She asked and Lyra couldn't help but giggle,

"I didn't. Ayla did."

Veronica shrugged,

"True but your wolf is an extention of your inner self, whatever she does,you wish you could do."

Lyra sighed with a dream like smile twirling lightly as they walked,

"Okay so...yes, I've always wanted to stick it to those arse holes it's part of why I let Ayla have so much freedom, she isn't scared of them." Lyra smiled now walking backwards infront of Veronica.

"Maybe one day she'll punch one of them." Veronica rubbed her hands together as wickedly as she could.


Veronica hugged Lyra and went home.

The rest of the walk was quiet consisting of Lyra brushing back her hair continuously before pulling it back into a braid and smiling.

Once she got home she made dinner finished off her homework and sat in the old oak tree staring out into the woods.

She could feel someone watching her though she barely minded.

She knew it was the twins, they never dared to come out into the light but stayed in the dark and watched her sit on the branch.

It was strange because she'd been the one to watch them at first and now they were watching her.

Her heart rammed against her ribcage as she came to a stop wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

She pulled her hair back into a pony tail hating the way it stuck to her face.

"Arrsen drop and give me twenty." The coach yelled and Lyra rolled her eyes getting down and starting the push ups, her form was perfect and it barely took anything for her to finish.

"Everyone sit ups."

She into position with the rest of her class and worked on her core, her body could take it and her midnight snacks needed to be worked off somehow.

The coach was paying special attention to her, he wasn't the usual gym teacher, he was a lycan sent to look for potential candidates.

The Lycans are the sworn protectors of all the other wolves, they take down threats before packs even realise that the threat existed in the first place.

They took the name from the now extinct Lycan wolves.

They almost never recruit younger teens but made exceptions for those who showed massive potential.

Lyra showed potential, her ability to know when something was going to happen before it even happened was valuable, not to mention her flexibility and how quick she was on her feet though the most important aspect of her was her beauty, she looked innocent and that's exactly what he was sent to look for.

A she wolf who could easily fool and attract men whilst still being able to hold her own in a fight.

"Arresen, Everett one on one."

Lyra froze, standing up and dusting herself off even though her gym clothes were free of dirt.

Cameron came forward with a smirk.

"No wolves."

They both nodded Lyra closed her eyes taking a deep breath, Cameron launched herself towards her and Lyra simply moved aside causing Cameron to slip and land face down.

She quickly recovered getting back up and this time catching Lyra before tossing her over her hip.

Lyra landed on her back and got up watching how Cameron's left leg moved before she did.

Once Cameron stepped with her left leg Lyra gripped her arm tugging her forward before using her own body weight to flip her onto her stomach and pin he down.

The coach nodded with a small smile looking down at his clip board, crossing off Cameron who the Alpha had suggested and writing down Lyra instead.

Everything was discussed and though the Alpha fought to keep Lyra where she was he lost when she turned sixteen she would leave.

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