The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Four

Grade Ten

She pushed her hair over her shoulder and blew her over grown bangs out of her eyes focusing on the ball in front of her.

Taking a deep breath she ran forward and her foot made contact with the black and white sphere rocketing the ball towards the goal right past the goal keepers fingertips.

Her team mates all ran forward and caught her in a dog pile their greasy bodies all mangled together on the grass.

They all got up and hugged Lyra.

Then walked to the centre line with arched brows folded arms and pride filled hearts.

"How about that, you have both the Alphas on your team and you still lost." Veronica smirked looking up at the boys who towered over most of them,

"Well, maybe if Lyra didn't tackle me we'd have gotten the ball back." Axel growled making direct eye contact with Lyra his dominance making her weak in the knees.

Both the twins had changed Axel had grown his long hair up until his shoulders, his features were more defined and his figure was toned, he stood at 6'3. Ace had grown like his brother but cut his hair and had his ears and tongue pierced.

They looked at one another then at Lyra sending a silent message that meant that she'd have to pay for making that goal later.

They weren't torturing her at school anymore, they tortured her when she was alone and they weren't bullying her anymore.

They now either shoved thier cocks down her throat until they were satisfied or fingered her until her legs shook and wave after wave of pleasure hit her like a pile of bricks.

Veronica rolled her eyes moving behind Lyra and braiding her hair.

"Just because my girl finally kicked your asses." She said her tone smug.

"Okay so you won as promised we'll leave the field for a week." Ace said his gaze still lingering on Lyra who was already leaving the crowd Veronica followed after her.

They got to the locker room and Veronica tugged off her shirt, puberty had treated her with upmost respect gifting her with light curves, B cup breasts and and a good height, Veronica had cut her hair to a pixie cut and her style was more feminine than Lyra's.

Lyra on the other had was who every girl envied, her hair was still long, all the way down to her bum in sleek light curls, a few natural highlights when in the sun.

Her eyes had gotten bigger and now looked more like liquid silver, her facial features were bold and her lips were now a darker pink that seemed red most of the time.

Thanks to Ayla having a temper she spent most of her time fighting rogues with the pack warriors and that earned her an amazing set of curves,a toned figure and C-cup breasts that most of the girls envied.

The girls changed and Veronica went home with her mother for a family event leaving Lyra to walk home alone.

It seemed like a nice day for a walk the sun was out, her bag wasn't as heavy as it had been for the past week and there was a cool breeze fanning past that carried thousands of different scents.

She put on her earphones and started her walk in peace, humming along to the tune that was being fed to her ears.

Their coming.

Ayla's voice rang at the back of her head.

The twins scents swirled in the air, there was only one thing to do, she wasn't going to be used she wasn't going to be humiliated.

She started running home but a hand gripped the back of her bag hurling her towards the ground.

Ace stood above her with a smirk, she felt relief washed over her, Axel was worse than Ace.

Ace could be persuaded into stopping but Axel would justify his actions by pleasuring her while she pleasured him, he preferred to make Lyra cum, he preferred humiliating her.

"I'm stressed out aren't you?" He asked squatting down to her and tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear, she immediately jerked away from his hand.

"I'm not stressed." She gulped placing her hands flat on the floor and pushed herself up off the ground.

"Well, let's put it to a vote, if you want to have your dick down Lyra's throat say I."

"I." Ace said and someone gripped Lyra's hair tugging her onto her feet,

"I." Axel's voice rang in her ear,

"Oh look at that, we win." Ace slurred as Axel pulled Lyra by the hair into the woods tossing her onto the ground.

Lyra looked at her hands ready to give Ayla control but Axel pulled her back up running a hand through her braid so it would come loose.

"I said ur hair stays loose." Ace pulling down his jeans and then his boxers, his large cock standing proud.

Axel pulled Lyra into his chest her back to him, Ace tugged off her jeans dispite her struggling against it.

"Please don't do this, I'm sorry for tackling you." She pleaded tears welling up in her eyes but not daring to fall.

Ace simply ignored her pressing his cock against her lips his precum rubbing against her lips,

"Open." He hissed and when she didn't open Axel tugged her hair back and her mouth fell open enough for Ace to shove himself down her throat.

Her hands went to his thighs trying to push away, but moaning when Axel began to rub her through her underwear.

She hated it she felt her throat burn and close up, her eyes begging her to cry and relieve herself of this.

Axel slid a finger into her pounding into her pussy.

Her pussy clenched, she had no control over it all she knew was that she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of knowing they could make her cum.

Axel pulled his cock out through his zipper and slid it across her pussy, rubbing her with his cock.

The knot in her stomach tightened she couldn't cum for them, she slammed her legs but that only gave Axel better leverage, he held her closer keeping her legs closed and moving faster against her, the tip of his cock circling her clit.

Ace held her head in place thrusting into her mouth faster going deeper and once he hit the back of her throat she felt his cum run down her throat.

Her legs began to tremble as she tried to hold back biting her lip hard.

Axel got frustrated prying her legs open using his fingers to spread her pussy open, her juices slid out spilling onto his cock.

"Look at your pussy." He growled into her ear, Lyra shook her head only for Ace to push her gaze down onto her dripping cunt, Axel's manhood between her folds,

"It wasn't a question." Ace growled holding her in place her eyes wouldn't close as they stared at his cock rubbing against her.

She clenched harder an ache building between her legs.

"Please stop." She gasped her fingers digging into Axel's arm as he pushed three fingers into her satisfying the ache.

"You like that don't you?" He asked and she shook her head still staring down her legs shook and the knot in her stomach tightened one last time when Ace pushed her head up and made her look into his eyes, that shine like a thousand golden suns.

Her legs shook, goosebumps spread across her skin and her lips parted she rode Axel's fingers and rubbing her clit harder against his cock trying to make her orgasm last.

As soon as she came down from her high shame washed over her Axel got up from behind her and zipped up his jeans.

Both of them looked down at her.

"See you tomorrow."

Her cheeks went red when they chuckled tossing her jeans back her way.

She stood up and put her jeans back on, picked up her bag and wobbled home.

Once she got home she took a shower washing every inch of her skin then brushed her teeth until she felt satistfied.

She looked out the window at the woods where they stood waiting for her to come down.

She closed her curtain and went to sleep needing to forget that she'd actually enjoyed having Axel's cock rub against her pussy and having Ace's down her throat.

It was a sick reality.

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