The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Five

Lyra tied her laces and ran down stairs pouring a cup of tea for her mum before rushing out the door, she'd finally cut her bangs and now she didn't need to constantly push them back.

She wore an oversized white sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees and a silver metallic alice band with blue imitation diamond flowers in her hair that her mother had given her at one Am when she wished her.

She avoided the bus opting to walk to school after all it was a special day, it was a big day and no one not even the twins could stain it for her.

It was her birthday.

She was sixteen and was eligible for the lycan program, she could finally escape and never come back...unless it was to see her mother.

She put on her earphones and smiled a happy tune making her twirl around as she walked the cold wind fanning against her cheeks.

For once the sky was gray and it reflected the way her mind always saw it.

For some odd reason it made her happy to know that the sky wasn't a peaceful blue but rather a violent gray.

She made it to school as the bus rolled up, Veronica saw Lyra through the window and shoved past everyone even the twins to get out first and hug her best friend.

"HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY LY!" She yelled catching the attention of most of the students outside.

Lyra smiled wider hugging her best friend tightly,

"Thank you." She whispered as soon as Veronica pulled away,

"I got you something." Veronica said handing Lyra a black box.

"You didn't have to you kno__"

She was cut off by two distinct voices.

Ace and Axel.

"Happy birthday." They said in unison scanning her form she had gotten taller, now standing at 5'8.

Her legs looked exceptionally long in the jeans and it seemed that the twins weren't the only ones to notice the new scent that now surrounded her boys around the parking lot had their gazes fixed on her, specifically her ass and breasts.

Lyra ignored them not caring about what they had gotten her this year, for the past few years they'd gotten her the same thing.

A coupon for one free day.

No bothering her.

No looking.

No pulling hair.

No sexual assault.

She only looked down at the box Veronica had given her opening it and gasping in awe once she saw the gold chain with a green stone.

Veronica held up hers.

"Besties for life bitch." She smiled and they hugged once again.

"Besties for life." She smiled back putting on the necklace.

"Happy birthday." Axel growled through gritted teeth, annoyed that she hadn't acknowledged him, Lyra looked at him playing with the pendant around her neck.


Veronica took her hand.

"Come on girl, let's get this bullshit school day over with so we can go celebrate for real."

Veronica tugged at her arm and Ace tugged at her other arm stopping her,

"We haven't given her our present yet." He said his ears tinted pink.

"Right the "free day" coupon, I'm sure we all know about that." Veronica said placing her free hand on her hip.

"It isn't a coupon Veronica." Ace said and that caught Lyra's attention, making her snap to him,

" it?" She stuttered and Axel crossed his arms over his chest his tongue swiping across his bottom lip.

"Come with us."

Lyra slowly took her hand from Ace, shaking her head, she wasn't an idiot their gift was probably throwing her off a cliff and then letting her drown or burying her alive in the woods.

"No." She said sharply not waiting for their angered reply before going into the school with Veronica.

The day flew by, Veronica's friends had actually been nice and gotten her a cup cake at lunch so she could make a wish.

She wished for peace.

After school she went to a restaurant with Veronica and had a burger and icecream while they judged different people's noses.

There after she went to the pack house and celebrated with her mom and all the ladies that helped out in the pack house, they baked her a cake and sang songs.

Her mother still had to finish her shift that ended late that specific day she woukd onky come home around one or two in the morning so Lyra walked home with a smile and warmth in her heart.

She put the key through the key hole opened the door and locked it behind her, dropping her bag at the door and switching on the kitchen light opening the fidge and getting a glass of water a smile still plastered across her face.

She went up to her room stripped and took a long shower, washing her hair while singing one of her favorite songs under the warm water.

She got out of the shower wrapping a towel around herself before stepping out and going back to her room.

Her nose caught a scent and she turned towards her desk and surely enough there was a box a blue box, she opened it with caution to reveal two blue foil sealed condoms.

She scrunched up her nose in disgust closing the box again and leaving it there.

"You don't like them."

She stumbled turning back to face Axel and Ace both of them were nude dirt scattered across their chests.

"Get out!" She shrieked jumping back and holding up her towel.

Axel looked around the room paying attention to the dark blue walls with pictures of Lyra as a child with her mom and others with Veronica, there was a theme in her room it was like her room was a safe haven for her so every detail of her room was meant to bring comfort.

Ace's eyes caught a shelf where eight books laid all with different years.


Next to the books there were three medicine containers. He looked between them and Lyra.

"You should start closing your window." Ace said walking forward.

"Why are you here?" She asked stepping back,

"To give you your birthday present." Axel said stepping towards her.

"Tonight is all about you Lyra." He said his eyes glowing gold.

Ayla was weak.

Ace smirked cornering Lyra against the wall.

She pushed him back and ran to her door only for Axel to wrap an arm around her waist and throw her onto the bed.

Her towel unravelling upon contact.

Her legs conveniently open, she slammed them closed but Axel pried them open holding her hips down and wasting no time once he plunged his tongue between her folds, her hips jerked up words and she immediately tried to squirm out of his hold.

Her body reacted to him automatically, her pussy clenched for him as he plunged his tongue down her entrance.

Ace began attacking her neck with kisses and made his way to her beaded nipples playing with one between his fingers whilst sucking and nibbling the other.

"Stop!" She yelled though her hips began to grind against Axel's lips faster and faster to reach ecstasy.

Her pussy tightened aching to be filled and Axel complied slipping two fingers into her pounding furiously causing her breasts to bounce against Ace who reached down and rubbed her clit while his brother his slammed into her pussy.

Her stomach tightened once more,

"!" She gasped unable to handle the burn of having every inch of her skin be assaulted.

She scram out yelling incoherent words as she hit ecstasy, her back arching.

Axel watched her still slamming into her to prolong her orgasm.

He pulled out and watched as her cheeks went red,

"You made me cum, I didn't hold back please stop now." She gasped.

They chuckled and Axel went and got the box handing Ace one of the condoms.

Lyra's eyes widened as they put them on and she closed her legs and moved to the headboard of her bed but Ace pulled her back to the edge.

He pulled her against his chest holding her legs open as wide as they could go.

And laid back against the bed holding her against his back.

Axel came up between her legs rubbing her reddening clit.

She tried to move out of Ace's grip but felt weak, her body felt tired though she had barely worked up a sweat the entire day usually Ayla would've tried to show up and fight, Ayla was a fighter the only time Ayla did not make an appearance was once when Lyra had accidentally swallowed wolf's bane.

Ace pressed his bulging hard cock against her entrance his head making it in, Lyra jolted up words not liking the uncomfortable sensation.

"No." She breathed digging her nails into Ace's hand but he held her still sliding the rest of himself into her groaning at how tight she felt.

Lyra clenched out of pain, her lower half rejecting his entrance the pain was almost unbearable Ace slid out then entered again more swiftly ignoring the whimpers that slipped past Lyra's lips.

Axel held her legs open before pressing his cock against her entrance, she clenched trying to make it impossible for him but he paid no head to the silent warning and rubbed her clit again easing up her walls enough for him to slowly slide into her.

"No, no stop!" She scram immediately trying to push Axel back, her lower half pounded in pain even more vigorously like she were being cut up.

Ace covered her mouth muffling her protests.

Axel filled her and the twins moved in unison making the stabbing pain continue but fade away slowly yet still remain there.

Neither of them looked at Lyra as they began to pound into her at a vigorous pace, Ace tugged at the her beaded nipples.

Lyra couldn't comprehend what was happening, her mind was foggy and all she felt was the pleasurable pain that was attacking her core.

Her stomach tightened and she found release with our knowing she was even meant to.

The twins continued until they too found thier releases and pulled out of her.

Axel gasped immediately when her saw red, blood was seeping out of her.

"Ace, she's bleeding."

Ace lifted Lyra off his form and grew petrified once he saw the red.

It wasn't a little bit of blood.

It was alot.

"Oh crap, I uhh, Axe let's leave." Ace said as panic washed over him.

"We can't__" he cut him off.

"Yes we can, she can barely tell what's going on if we take her to the pack doctor they'll ask questions."

Axel looked back at her but followed his brother covering her in the duvet and leaving out the window.

It was wrong but there was no other choice.

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