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A compilation of short stories. Some risqué, some sad and most of them adult oriented. When I get writers block I write little snippets here and there that are best left as short tales, never a long novel. Enjoy!

Erotica / Fantasy
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Story 1: Natural Siren

Sinfully soft hands feverishly ripped fabric from flesh, desperate sounds of desire echoing off old brick walls. Her supple breasts lifted with every gasp for breath, milky white thighs spreading wider with each stroke of my tongue. She was a goddess, and I could do nothing but pray for another meeting such as this. The way her toes curled when she was on the edge of a climax, how swollen her clit felt against my lips. I never knew how wet a cunt could get until I was drenched in her sin and begging for more.

I could remember the first time I set eyes on her, the origins of my lust. She had worked her way up the corporate ladder, taken a place at my father’s side as a partner in his business. She was a wolf, willing to do anything to solidify her hold on power. I would inherit everything with his passing, easily taking what other’s work so hard to obtain.

Not this woman though. She had started from the dirt and flown high into the skies, drawing the attention of many a powerful men. Men she never attended to. Never did I worry about her taking my place, because she made it known that she wanted something else slightly more than she wanted wealth. This creature, her beauty supernatural, commanded my body. My heart.

I was working late the first night we found ourselves alone in one another’s presence. Paperwork, it covered my desk like a mass of uninteresting chaos, but it had to be sorted out. I took the task simply to please my father, but it was my pleasure that I truly found that night.

She wore a black pencil skirt matched with an emerald blouse, those green eyes of hers full of mischief. Her chocolate hair fell in silky strands far past her waist, swaying side to side with an ass that could make everyone’s jaw drop. Those tits, she made sure to keep them within my view at all times. Gods, I would be lying to myself if I tried to remember what shoes she wore, because all I saw as she entered was the flawless skin of her cleavage and the length of her perfect legs. I thought it was a dream, the insane results of not sleeping well and consuming too much caffeine.

That desk was so sturdy, that I can remember. It was nothing to push her skirt up those smooth thighs and reveal a gorgeously nude backside. She let me play with her as if we had done it a million times before, and I explored every curve. The way she moaned when I rubbed my fingers over her clit made my flesh burn with need and my insides tingle with excitement. She was so ready to give herself to me, so willing to be devoured.

One finger slipping past those sweet pussy lips had a shiver running up my back. Two fingers spreading a sopping wet cunt open made my mouth water. Three had her panting my name. She was so hungry for my touch. I made sure she could never forget what I did for her. It was art to behold. Her body leaning over the side of that desk, my fingers fucking her like a dirty whore. Her soft legs shaking with yet another scream worthy climax.

When she thought I was done I turned her around, ripping open that shirt of hers she had always left unbuttoned enough to tease me. Had she known how much I lusted after her? Those perky tits overflowed in my hands and if she ever doubted my skills I reassured her easily by sucking and biting those tantalizingly erect nipples until she was putty within my hands. Time passed without our knowledge as I sank three slender fingers into her depths once more, slowly sliding them in and out as her head fell back in disbelief. It felt so good, those warm sultry juices covering my fingers as she clung to the desk like she might be pulled away from me at any moment.

She visited my office every night after that for weeks. It was a routine I fully supported, and something I would kill to keep. She was everything I wanted in a partner. To hell with company image or crazed bigots. I planned on keeping her glued to me with as much cum as was needed.

Sitting on the desk with her legs wide open she let me look over her pretty pink cunt with so much self confidence it made me hot all over. Kneeling in front of her, running my tongue over soft folds and tasting the ecstasy, it made me whole. A woman made me whole. In moments I was lost within her body, refusing to abandon the sins of my flesh.

She had a ravenous appetite and I wanted all of it. After two months I took her home with me and there the real fun began. An apartment on the outskirts of the city, something cozy yet stylish, housed my darkest desires. She found the bedroom easily, and the rest is history.

I wanted so badly to tie her to the bed and fuck her with the large blue dildo I had bought just the night before. I had been thinking of her when I passed an adult shop. I had to stop and look around. Lingerie hung on every wall. Plastic tits, assholes, dicks, and even mouths that could be toyed with were displayed out int he open.

So many lubes in every flavor imaginable. It was so intriguing, and it reminded me of the ecstasy in her eyes when I shoved my fingers into her tight little pussy. What if I used something bigger? What if I shoved one of those plastic cocks deep inside her. Would she like that?

We were undressed before we knew what was happening, thanks to the ability of sexual insanity. She pushed me onto the bed, one corner of her lips lifting as she straddled my waist. Slender fingers expertly found my clit and within seconds I was dripping for her. She made me want to fuck her that much more, my heart racing as she slid those naughty fingers into my desperate folds. It felt so damn good, my lips carrying her name as she pinched my nipples and made me beg to cum.

Earth shattering, it could only be described as so. All night we fingered, licked, pinched, spanked, and bit each other until we were out of air and covered in sweat. Laying beside one another, her petite form in my arms, it felt so right.

“I love you, Evangeline.”

Her voice, like a siren it called me into the farthest depths of emotion without warning. Quickly I moved to lay over her, locking gazes as if I couldn’t believe her words without looking her in the eye first. Her smile was light, one gentle hand moving to cup my cheek before bringing our lips together. Tongues danced and moans escaped. My heart had never witnessed such passion until this woman. I couldn’t let her go, ever.

“I love you too, Dulcis.”

She looked drunk on sex when I moved down that sexy hourglass figure to lay between her thighs. This was what I wanted. She would be my partner, my queen. My siren.

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