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Trying something new

The sub crawled slowly towards her dom to sit by his feet while he was sitting on the couch, watching TV. She laid her head on his knee and he started caressing her short hair subconsciously. After a few minutes the sub turned her head and looked up at her dom and said

"Can I ask you something?"

He shifted his attention to her, and looked at her eyes

"Yes, you can"

The sub cleared her throat and looked away from him

"Can we try something new?"

The dom smiled, he knew she had something mind

"Yes. What is it you're thinking about?"

She changed her position nervously

"A few days ago I read about something called mummification and I think it's exciting"

"Sensory deprivation, huh? Isn't it a bit extreme for you?"

The sub looked at the ground and started drawing circles on his feet

"I know it is. But I wanna try it"

He hummed softly and shifted his attention back to the TV, and she knew it means he won't discuss it further.

A few days have passed, and the sub was getting impatient since her dom wasn't even hinting on the subject

"I'm going out, and I'll come back in a few hour. Prepare yourself, 'cause tonight is gonna be long"

He left immediately leaving her smiling like crazy to herself.

She took a long shower cleaning her body for her master. And after that she prepared the room for them.

A loud noise came from the door opening made the sub smile, she stood up and waited for her dom to give her instructions. He found pretty quickly and with a stern voice said

"Go to the room, take all your clothes off, and kneel"

She nodded, too excited to answer with her voice.

She did as he told her, and a few minutes later he entered the room. A shiver went down her spine when he caressed her shoulders.

"Stand up"

He turned around and reached for the saran wrap

"I'm gonna wrap you with saran wrap, okay?"

She stood still, and waited for him to begin.

He began by taking her hand and wraping it slowly, to secure the rest.

He finished wraping her torso and carried her to the bench and laid her on it

"When was the last time you drank water?"

"I think it was around 3"

The dom quickly checked the clock to see it was almost 7. He went to the small fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and held it to her mouth.

"Have some water. It's gonna get hot in a bit"

She drank what he gave her, before he took the bottle away, and continued his work on her lower half. He wrapped her from her calves up to her upper thighs and stopped there.

He stepped back to admire his work

"You look so good like this"

A blush spread on his sub's face, and he couldn't help but caress her plastic wrapped torso.

He reached for her nipples to cut a bit, so they are exposed to the cool air. He turned around to get his Wartenberg wheel, he focused his attention on her as to not cause any damage to the wrap. He moved the wheel all over her torso and around her nipples. Then, moved to her thighs and started teasing her with one hand holding the wheel moving it up and down her thighs making her feel a bit of what's happening and his other hand is slowly moving close to her pussy.

He teased her a bit more with the Wartenberg wheel over her skin, both wrapped and unwrapped, then he made a cut in the wrap near her knees, so they could bend.

He took the water bottle and made her drink what's left in it, and then moved his sub to floor. He made her bend with her face on the floor and her knees bended

"You've been so good"

He caressed her ass and gave her a small slap. He then pulled his hard cock and teased her ass with it. Her breath hitched when he entered her but she relaxed herself in a few seconds, before he began thrusting in and out. He reached for her nipples to squeeze them a bit too hard.

She started to move her hips against his, he stopped and slapped her ass

"Don't move these hips"

And as if she didn't hear him, she increased her speed. He moved his hand to force her head more into the ground

"You didn't hear me?"

She stopped abruptly and apologized at the same time, he huffed and started his pace slowly again. His pace became slightly irritated untill he came inside her, he stood up steadying his breath

"Don't move"

He grabbed a pair of scissors and a buttplug, and sat beside his sub. He inserted the buttplug inside her, and cut the wrap starting from her calves, massaging the skin.

He took his time revealing her skin to the air again, when he finished he carried her, an arm under her knees and the other under her shoulders. He took her to the bedroom and laid her under the blanket, turned off the light and closed the door as he got out of the room.

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