The devils trap

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He was descriped as the devil, the devil you adore and never want to get rid of. He was like poison. The way his hands touched her bare skin made her legs tremble, as she begged to be touched. The devil was teasing, he was romantic and he was powerful. Lucifer was known as the devil, he was powerful, he was strong but most importantly - he knew how to make women tremble. Saphire was due to be interviewed by Lucifer herself after just moving to the city and unaware of who the man was. The Interview took a dark turn but it was an offer she couldn't resist. The devil became her master, and she was willing to let him ruin her.

Erotica / Romance
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Sapphire smiled at herself as she glanced at the mirror, smoothing out her skirt which hugged her curved thighs tightly, she brushed down the skin tight blazer to assure there was no creases.

She needed to look good, well presented even as this was a high position.

Today was a big day, she was being interviewed by the head of a multi million dollar company, the position was no ordinary position either which Intrigued her.

She applied the red lipstick to her plump lips, smacking them together, a sigh of release slipped past her lips, content with the way she looked.

Sapphire made her way downstairs, she currently lived alone. The boxes where still scattered around as she still needed to unpack. She moved to the city of New York only three days ago with the idea of going to university and completing her degree.

The taxi honked it's horn, there was only half an hour till her interview which made her slightly nervous, there was some big money to get at this job and potentially a life long deal.

"Coming , I'm coming" she mumbled to herself and she fiddled with the keys to lock her door.

Sapphire gulped as nerves began to get the best of her as she stood outside the excessively large building. "This is it" she whispered, using her small, nimble hands to push open the large door.

The bottom floor seemed fairly quiet, not many people around besides those behind the reception desk.

"How may I help you, miss?" the blonde clerk asked with a smile as she saw Sapphire approaching the matte black desk which was accompanied by a polished marble floor.

"I'm here for an interview with Mr Azrael" sapphire smiled anxiously, rocking slightly on the heels of her feet.

The clerk looked at her and raised her eyebrow slightly yet her lips supported a glorious, comforting smile. "if you take a seat over there, I will inform him of you're appearance and someone will be down to collect you" she told her, pointing to the big, plush seats which sat near the lift.

Sapphire whispered a thank you before making her way over to the seats.

Her mind was flooded with thoughts, until the bell of the elevator rang and the doors opened. "Mr Azrael will see you now" a woman with dark hair, pale skin and red lipstick spoke, gesturing towards sapphire.

The air was tense as they made their way to the top floor.

The interview was going smoothly, at least that's what she thought.

His dark brown eyes pierced Sapphires, scanner her entire body as his tongue swiped over his lips. He leant forward, his muscles showing through the tight white shirt which occupied his top half. "I have a proposal for you, baby girl" he spoke with a stern voice, the words making sapphire shudder, her body becoming tense.

"Yes sir?" she replied with little confidence in her voice. "I don't want to offer you the position, I want to use you, touch you and ruin you" his voice was dark and deep as he leant forward, whispering in her ear.

Sapphire was in shock, the words he spoke making her entire body tingle. "S-sir" she tried to stammer out.

"You can call me lucifer, baby girl"

I can't wait to write this it's gunna be so smutty, if you have any ideas for sex scenes let me know (:

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