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Torn between 2 brothers, how will Elina survive? A betrayal, misery, lust and longing love. Be ready to go through a roller coaster of emotions. ------------------------------------------------ That’s when she realizes Noven’s brother missing. Now she is kissed by both of them at the same time.....one in the eyes of public, and one in hidden...in the same alter, she knows now she has become the wife of 2 hot brothers .... ***************** above 18+only CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND CONTENT

Erotica / Romance
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The whole city was filled with happy bustles and songs since the Argentine’s family’s firstborn was getting married. It was a dream for many girls to step into the shoes of Elina who had come from an average background and decent family. Her parents were more than happy to see her life be welded by the richness and pride of the family.

Argentina’s family was a well know in the state of California for being ruthless businessmen, who never regretted breaking the people down or even worse killing them.

Newspapers always wrote them in the spotlight, but it was a known rumor that they weren’t always white. People feared even when they smiled since it was always calculative and precise. Nobody wanted to be in the hands of them.

Noven Argentine was the eldest son who was getting ready to marry his beautiful future wife in the alter. And Aron Argentine who was 21 years old had just landed in California after closing an important deal with the Koreans.

They were both the sought out bachelors in California, apart from their eye color they both insanely looked similar, that it was difficult to differentiate otherwise. Noven had blue eyes with brown hair, while Aron had black eyes and fluffy black hair.

While the elder was calm and compassionate, the younger one was fearful and bossy. They both complemented each other.

Aron had heard that his brother was getting married through a voice mail…since he was busy a whole year taking up new deals and projects. He never cared who his brother was marrying since he would leave right after the wedding.

All the ladies were screaming as soon as his foot was on the soil of California. Wearing shades and suit, he looked like a perfect man.

The Journalists were going crazy taking pictures of him, his legs, his wrist, the watch that shone in the sunlight, his eyes as he took those shades off, and those neatly messed up hair was something people especially teenagers would go crazy for.

But both of his brothers never dated anyone, as their mother had bought them to love only one person throughout their life.

He took 2 hours to reach the church. He was welcomed by a warm hug from his parents who had cheerful smiles.

‘ where is my brother’ Aron asked his father.

They both giggled a little before telling him that he was meeting his bride. He bid them goodbye and went near the bride’s dressing room. He opened the door only to see them kiss passionately.

He cleared his throat. ‘ you know you have time for that later this night’ he said in a sarcastic voice. ‘AARON!!!!’ his brother turned looking at him with wide eyes.

And has his eyes lingered on the white dress for a moment, he saw her…..the beautiful angel standing with a warm smile, one that could make him happy for a lifetime. He knew it was her, the one he’s been searching for.

Elina was wearing a beautiful white gown, hugging her body with large frills coming down from her waist. Her upper breast line was seen through the dress, and her golden locks which were plated in French style made anyone want to fall head over heels for her.

Her brown orbs were something Aron and Noven could never stare away from. Her lips, her nose, her hands, her skin, they were just perfect…and ARON knew at that moment he was enthralled by her too.

But he had met her before, he was searching for her, why was she here….He stopped his brother from hugging him and ‘ Emily’ he called out….. ‘it’s me Aron’ he said with fail sense of hope.

He knew it was her, how could he not, he had been watching her throughout his school life, watching her every movement, what she likes, what she dislikes, he knew it, it had to be are.

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