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Bree and Misha want a baby, but after years of trying they are about to give up. Misha, suggests another option and Bree agrees, in desperation. When Gage comes into there life, everything changes.

Erotica / Romance
Christine B.
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Bree and Misha

It had been five years since Bree and Misha started trying for a baby. Countless, fertility treatments and medications to no avail. All they wanted was a baby of there own. Bree was 25, and begging to get pregnant. She knew Misha was 30 and the clock was running out. She had been diagnosed with PCOS also known as Polycystic ovary syndrome. Her chances of getting pregnant were slim without medical intervention. They had talked about having a family since they first started dating 6 years prior. They were starting to think about IVF.

" I don’t think we will get pregnant.” Bree screamed at Misha. They were having there normal argument. It was all they seemed to do anymore. Everything bothered Bree about Misha. The way he acted, the way he smelled, everything he did or said bothered her. Her anger was taking control and she began to shake. They were tired of trying for a baby and tired of being hopeless.

" I think we should see other people, your smothering me, I cant take it anymore.” Misha yelled back. Bree began to sob uncontrollably. She knew that it was an option, and one to consider. This wasn't the first time he said something like this. She had been miserable for some time, and had thought of leaving but she loved Misha to much. Before Misha, she was in an abusive relationship, and still felt so damaged. When she met Misha, he was suppose to be a one night stand, but instantly she fell in love. She ran upstairs to the bed room they shared, and threw herself on the bed. She sobbed into the pillow, holding it tight. She could still smell Misha’s shaving cream. Darkness flooded her mind as she began to drift off to sleep.

" Bree, wake up, are you all right?” Misha gently rubbing her back in circles. ” Lets go out for diner, you haven’t eaten much today.” She rolled over not wanting to look at him, he made her depression worse and her thoughts were racing. ” Please Bree, lets talk about this. I love you.” She knew he loved her, but was it enough? How many more arguments could they have over the same issues.

" What’s there to talk about Mis, you hate me.”

" Bree I don't hate you. I just need time sweetie” Misha begged her to get up. Bree knew she needed to eat, she had only had a piece of toast 12 hours earlier. She rolled back over, looking at him in his big blue eyes. She had dreamed of those eyes when they first started dating. Those eyes had burned into her soul.

"Fine, but we need to talk. I cant live like this." She got up and started to get dressed. She threw on a pair of old college sweat pants and a long t-shirt which was three sizes to big. She calmly put her curly brown hair in her normal messy bun. She looked in the mirror, her blue eyes were red and dry. Her face was blotchy and she looked a messed. Unlike her normal self she didn't put on make up, why did it matter now.

They drove for what seemed like hours, in silence. Bree didn't want to speak to Misha nor look at him. He tried to reach for her hand twice. Both times she moved it farther way from him. She felt so unloved and unwanted. How could he say those things to her.

It was Saturday night, and most restaurants were busy. They went to the local diner and climbed into the last booth in the back. Misha, had pulled a sweat shirt over his head before they had walked out the door. He looked worried and handsome at the same time. She looked at him with disgust in her eyes. "Bree, I'm sorry, there is just so much pressure to have a baby. Would you consider having an open relationship or a polyamories relationship?" She looked at him like he was a dog with two heads. She had so many mixed emotions and so many thoughts running through her head.

" A what?" She asked. She knew that those terms meant but she was in shocked that he had asked. Her entire childhood, she was taught to only have one partner. One person she loved. She needed to think. She was usually a calm person who never made choice without thinking it through. " Mis, I need to think about this. We need rules if this is what you want to do. I don't want to lose you. I love you." He nodded and sighed. He looked anxious and ready to beg for this chance.

"I agree Bree, I love you to. We need rules, I want to stay with you." He began looking around, and lowered his head to hers across the table. " Bree, you can date and sleep with whomever you want as long as you come home to me and ill do the same.Please use protection, be safe and tell me who your with" She nodded, and was unsure if she truly wanted to do this.

"I'm not sure, I can do this. I love you, but I'm not sure" Her past trauma thinking was starting to seep in. She shook her head in an attempt to purge those thoughts. She started to think that she was going to lose him, lose her chance to have a family that they have been dreaming about

" Bree, lets give it a try. If you say you cant handle it, ill dump the girl I'm with" She struggled to trust him, he had been shady before and had cheated on more than one occasion. She didn't know how far this would go or if she was capable of t.

" Ok, I guess lets give it a try." her life as she knew it changed. It was changing so fast and she didn't know how to put her fears to rest. He smiled at her, and grabbed her hand. She winched as he touched her. His eyes sparkled as he looked at her, and he looked at peace with her decision.

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