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Chapter 10

James' hands slid slowly onto Emily's back as he pulled her closer.

"Have you got any idea what are you doing to me?" he whispered in her ear.

Emily closed her eyes, James started to nibble her ear with his delicate tongue.

"James ... It's not right ..." said Emily again, knowing too damn well that she does not want him to stop. She want to be with him, be his ...

James stopped and looked her in the eyes. He pressed his finger on her lips and kissed her afterwards. She gave in and their kissing deepened. James' hands grabbed Emily tightly, reasurring that she won't run away. Not that she had any intend on doing it so. Emily's fingers grabbed his black tie tightly while James slowly unzipped her skirt. His gentle hands undid her blue shirt, revealing her perky breasts.

"No bra, huh? Ms. Anderson, you are a naughty girl!" he grinned pulling her closer.

Emily smirked trying to say something but she was not able to because her lips were once again sealed by James' kiss. His hands roamed around her body like an explorer desperatley wanting to find treasure. The blue shirt that Emily was wearing fell to the floor and so did James' white shirt.

While Emily tried to unbuckle James' pants, James has already pulled down her skirt.

"Sit on my chair." he said with a lustfull smile while leading her towards his big chair.

Emily followed his lead and sat on the chair - it was actually even more comfortable then she thought. She sat on the chair, her legs crossed while she was leaning a bit on her arms placed next to her thighs. She looked James' straight into the eyes knowing what he was about to to.

James stood above her still dressed in his pants and you could see that he was devouring her with his look. He slowly kneeled beside her while his hands gently grabbed her panties and undress them. He then put her legs up on the arm rests, one on each side.

Emily licked her lips as their eyes met one last time before his lips started to gently kiss her thighs towards her cunt. Emily moaned as his tongue touched the hot exterior of her pussy. Shivers rushed down her spine with James gently licking her clit while his hands held her hips in place.

Emily leand her head back. "Oh, James. Yes ... I'm close!" she muttered.

"Baby, you're so wet ..." chuckled James with enjoyment.

Emily's breathing increased as James started to play with her cunt with his fingers as well. She was so close ... So close that he could feel her tighten.

The sound of her breathing and moaning was cut by a knock on the office door.

"Jamie, babe! Are you here?" a familiar voice sand through the wood.

"Shit! Linda!" James stood up whispering. "Quick, get dressed!" he ordered throwing her clothes at her.

As Emily was dressing he walked towards the locked door. "What is it Linda? I have an online meeting. Come back later!"

"But I wanted to go to lunch! And why is your door locked? And where is that secretary of yours?" Linda rattled off pushing on the door handle.

"I told you. I have a meeting and Emily is here helping me. She is learning and this is the best way. And the door is locked so intruders like you don't bother us." said James with a grin. He was watching Emily dress. She looked at him confused so he winked her with his lustful smile still hanging on his face. "Come back tomorrow, Linda, if you insist."

You could hear Linda grunt, "Fine! But no excuses tomorrow. We will go out. Dinner at 8, darling."

"Oh, god, she is so annoying." said James as he walked towards fully dressed Emily. She was blushed but she couldn't stop giggling. She felt like a teenager again.

"Well, Mr. Evans. Our meeting has ended now." she said trying to stay serious walking towards the door to unlock them.

As she passed James he grabbed her hand, "Oh, no, Ms. Anderson. We are not done, yet!" he said pulling her back to the table.

James turned Emily so that she was facing the window and the office desk. He stepped closer to her, smelled her hair and kiss the back of head. "I wanna fuck you now!" he whispered to her ear. James took a step back and gently pushed Emily so that she leaned on the desk. He slowly rolled up her skirt.

"Are you sure Linda is gone?" Emily nervously said.

"Don't bother, dear." James said and he unzipped his pants. "I just wanted to ask you one thing ... Do we really need ..."

Emily knew exactly what he was asking for, "No, I'm on the pill, James."

"Good. I wanna feel your tight pussy ... " he said slowly and pulled down her soaked panties. He gently caressed her perky ass biting his bottom lip. His hard dick was touching Emily's hotness to lubricate. It was no problem since she was dripping wet.

Emily moaned as James' dick entered her. He was gentle at first and Emily's cunt was already pulsating from his big tool. He noticed that she is on the verge of an orgasm so he increased the rythm. Their moans were simultaneous. James grabbed Emily's ponytail and thrusted her hard. As Emily let out a cry of relieve when she came and not a second after her James grunted as he came into Emily's tight cunt.

Both being out of breath they stayed in the same position for a while.

"I don't want to let you go." James whispered at the end.

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