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Chapter 2

I was Friday and Emily got a day of. She wanted to go shopping in the late morning - she liked to sleep in. It was 9 AM, when her phone dinged.

Emily jumped out of bed wondering who that could be. She unlocked the phone and an e-mail opened.

Dear Ms. Emily Anderson.

We recieved your application yesterday and our team for apprenticeship reviewed it carefully.

We are glad to inform you, we want to interview for the apprenticeship, as you are in our narrow selection.

Please, come at 1 PM on Monday. The adress is Canton Street 243, Whitby City.


James Evans, director of Evans HR

Emily sat on the bed, not moving, her heart started racing. Is that true? Did she read it correcly? Here eyes stared at the screen, reading the e-mail again and again. "Oh ... My ... God ..." her lips blurred out slowly.

After a minute her heart was still beating fast and she stood up and went to the bathroom. Emily looked at herself in the mirror and her lips parted into a big smile. That somehow calmed her and she decides to run a quick shower.

Her PJ's fell to the cold tiles and she turned on the hot water. It ran through her beautiful long hair, over her soft face and further across her perky boobs. She closed her eyes to feel every part of her body. Emily's soapy palms caressed gently and the water warmed her soft skin the colour of sand.

After Emily dried herself she dressed her favourite white dress with big blue flower print all over. It was a gift from her mom for her 21st birthday. It was perfect for the warm summer day. She headed out, locked the door and started walking towards the mall. It was a 20 minute walk and she loved to walk through the streets.

Emily came hom late in the afternoon tired as ever but she was happy. She bought herself some new clothes and she also bought some more business-appopriate clothes. She will need them in the Monday and hopefully later.

The phone ranged and Emily answered with a sigh.

"Emily, baby!" a scream pitched from it. It was Jane, Emily's friend from her home town.

"Hey Jane" What's up!"

"Oh, I just wanted to hear you. Are you alright? Still a waiter at Lucy's, huh? You sound tired ..." she blurred out. Jane loved to talk and if someone didn't cut her off, she could talk for 20 minutes straight.

Emily laughted at the thought of that and started answering her questions. "I am fine Jane. In fact I have an interview on Monday for what could be my dream job."

"Whaaaat!? For real?!" Jane screamed again.

"Yeah, no kidding. It's at an HR company in the city. I really do hope I will be accepted."

"Emily, you are smart and hardworking. I am sure you will be ... What is the name of the company? I will do a research ... You know I like to do that!"

Girls laughed and Emily gave her the name and the web page adress. She knew that Jane will dig deep into the research - Emily joked that she is a stalker.

After some time they said goodbye to eachother and hung up.

Emily prepeared dinner for her and ate it. It was already 10 PM at this point and she decided to go to bed. It was work day tomorrow and she knew that she will have to tell Lucy about her interview on Monday. She did not want to be rude by not telling the truth.

Right before she would drift to sleep, the phone dinged again. It was Jane ...

Guuurl!!! Do U realize how hot the director is??? OMG he is a god!!!

Emily just shook her head and tipped back.

Really? I haven't seen his picture ... I'm sure U are overreacting!

Being curious about him, she searched for pictures od James Evans.

Scrolling through them she saw a man, not older than 30, black short hair, a short-shaved beard and deep dark brown eyes. In every one of them he was dressed in a business suit paired with a tie.

She admitted to herself that he is indeed hot. But it's not like she will see him often as his company is fairly big and it's not like he has time to engage with every single one of his employees. He probably would not even held the interview with the candidates.

Thinking of that she slowly fell asleep ...

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