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Chapter 3

It was Monday moning and Emily was sitting on bed and reading book. She needed something to distract her from thinking (or overthinking in her case).

On Saturday she told Lucy about her interview and her possibly shifting jobs. Lucy was very understanding and she even encurage her to really persue the job and Emily's dreams. What a boss! One of a kind!

When Emily told Joe about it, he jumped on hugging her and screamed of joy. He really was happy for her.

Emily's thoughts were interrupted by a message by Jane.

Go Jane! I hope U destroy that interview ... I want details regarding that hot boss of yours later! XOXO

It's true, Mr. Evans was hot indeed, thought Emily. Her lady parts started to feel warm and wet. But she had no time to think about that.

Emily took a shower and dressed for the interview. She put on black highwaisted pants and a red blouse. She paired them with black suede high heels and a black blazer. She looked in the mirror and nodded. Business appropriate.

It was time to leave. Emily hopped into her car and drove towards the center. She checked the adress again to be sure she was on the right way.

She soon noticed the right building. It had a big parking lot next to it where she could park her car. She stepped outside and the adrenaline kicked in. Making her way into the loby seemed like days. The receptionist next to the stairs looked very familiar and as soon as she approached she recognized her. It was that perky lady who brought the poster into the coffee place.

"Hello, I am here for the apprenticeship interview." Emily said nervously.

"Hello, you sh- Hold on! Do I know you? You look familiar ..." the receptionist looked at her.

"Ye-Yes. My name is Emily. I am the waiter from the Lucy's coffee place. You hang the poster there the previous week." Emily stated.

"Oh, that's right!" the lady exclaimed. "Welcome to Evans HR, my name is Monica. Nice to meet you. Yes, regarding the interview - you walk upstairs and turn right. At the end of the hallway you will see some chairs and coffee tables. Sit and wait there. Mr. Evans will call each of the candidates in seperately."

"Excuse me, did you say Mr. Evans. I am meeting the director?" Emily sounded very nervous. Her voice started shaking.

Monica giggled, "Don't worry dear. He is a very nice man and a great boss. He wants to know what kind of people we are hiring. It is his company and he wants quality. Now go, so you won't be late. Good luck, Emily."

"Thanks. Bye!"

Emily went upstairs and found the hallway she is supposed to wait. There were two more candidates there and they were called in before her.

The third time an older lady poked her head out of the door, she said Emily's name. Emily stood up and walked in.

"Hello, I am Ms. O'Connor, Mr. Evans' assistant. Please, come in, he is waiting for you." she said with a pleasant voice. She gently put her hand on Emily's back and lead her to the big door.

Emily took a deep breath, smiled and pressed on the doorhandle opening the door.

She walk into a spacious office with wooden floor and big black bookcase. The room was light due to huge window in the back. And in the middle of the room there was a solid table with a laptop placed in the corner and a few files scattered around. Behind it sat Mr. Evans. Emily skipped a beat when he looked her in the eyes and smiled. His white teeth shined as he greeted her.

"Welcome Ms. Anderson! I am Mr. Evans, the director of the company, as you may have figured out herself." he laughed and showed her to sit.

Emily sat as the interview began. It was not a big deal, Mr. Evans asked her a few questions regarding her educations in HR management. Then he asked about her dreams and how she would like to contribute to the company. At the end Mr. Evans said that if she would be accepted, she would work with Ms. O'Connor, to learn from her and to help her in any way she will need to.

Emily sounded confident and her answers were polite, smart and well composed. Mr. Evans was pleased with what he had heard. At the end he said that the company will inform her about their desicions in next few days. Emily thanked and reached to shook his hand. He returned the gesture. His grip was firm but gentle and Emily felt a twist in her stomach. She thought if she will work with Ms. O'Connor, she will work closely to Mr. Evans too. Her lady parts felt wet again.

Mr. Evans walked her out and thanked her again for coming. Emily said goodbye to Ms. O'Connor and stepped out into the hallway. It was empty and she suddenly felt warmth in her cheeks.

Red as a tomato she started walking towards the exit. Monica asked her how it went and Emily mummbled something about it being fine. She quickly got outside and ran into her car. Her hands gripped the wheel tightly and she was trying to catch her breath. She did not understand what made her feel like that. Was she just nevous, did the adrenalin finally kicked in? Or was it because of Mr. Evans? No, that couldn't have been the case.

Emily drove home and as soon as she reached the apartment, she rang Jane.

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