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Chapter 4

Before Jane could say something, Emily bursted, "Jane, I am fucked! Like .. Really fucked!"

"Em? Wha- Okay, I need some backup, lady. Explain, please." Jane said confused.

"You know that director ... Mr. Evans?" started Emily "Well, you were right. He is hot. And ... And if I am accepted I would work closely to him. I need reasurrance or something."

Jane laughed, "Oh, honey! Calm down. Firstly, you will be accepted for sure. I feel that in my guts and I am never wrong you know that. And secondly, it won't hurt you if your vagina is on fire. It's natural. And if I am honest ... I am sure every girl around that Evans guy is dripping wet. I know I would be!"

"Woah, Jane ... I am not sure that was in any sort of way calming." laughed Emily. "But thanks, babe!"

"You are welcome, babe! Now I need to go. But call me as soon as you know something about that job of yours! Bye"

"Sure, Jane. Bye!"

Emily hands were shaking, she was swearing and her heart was beating fast. She needed something to relax her. And what better way to do it than filling a bathtub with hot water.

She immediatley felt better sitting in the tub. She muscles relaxed as she dug her body into the bubbles that smelled like a mix of vanilla and rose water scent. She soon started to remember the details from the interview that day.

Mr. Evans was a really handsome man. His dark eyes never left Emily's face, his voice was deep but calm and he was dressed with taste. That day he wore dark blue business suit with a matching tie. His hair and beard was neat and you could tell that he was fit and working out. His masculine figure revealed that.

Without knowing it, Emily started to caress her boobs slowly. She closed her eyes and left a soft moan. Her other hand slipped under water lightly touching the outside of an already pulsating inbetweens. With no trouble at all she slipped two fingers in and by that time her breathing was fast. She easily came all over her fingers in minutes and her heart beat was loud as a drum.

Emily twitched as soon as she realized that it was in fact Mr. Evans that made her feel like she is floating. Blood rushed into her cheeks thinking of him but there was nothing that she could do. If she will be accepted she will face him every day. That would not be a problem ... Right?

The next two days passed by with Emily constantly thinking about Monday and Mr. Evans and the job. Even Joe noticed something was off but she would brush him of by saying that she is just waiting for the e-mail about the job. This not something she would share with anyone besides Jane. They know eachother for 10 years and she is comfortable around her.

Emily came home from an afternoon shift. Her phone rang. It was Jane.
"Hey, bitch! How is that new job of yours? Any news?"
"Hi, Jane! No, I was just about to check." said Emily while turning on her laptop and opening her e-mail account.
"Oh, great. I will wait ..." giggled Jane. "I feel tha-"
"Oh my God, Jane!" Emily started screaming in the middle of Jane's sentence. "I was accepted. I got the mail!
The following three minutes there was screaming of two girls on both sides of the line.
Once they put together Jane said, "You go girl! See I told you, you can do it! Does it say when you start?"
"Yes, it says I can come in on Friday morning to start."
"Wow, that is soon! Oh, that boss of yours must be impatient to see you again!" said Jane.
"Jane ... I said stop! It is not like this and it never will. He is my boss after all." giggled Emily of embarassement.
"Fine. I will stop. I am just happy for you that is all. Now I will leave you to compose your thoughts. Your dreams are coming true, my friend.
Emily agreed and the girls said goodbye to each other.
Emily still could not believe what happened but she did compose her thoughts and she knew that the first thing is to call Lucy and tell her that she will now be quitting.
Lucy was very happy for Emily. Yes, she was sad to loose one of her best employees but she was not envious of her.
Now, all that was left to Emily, was to mentally prepare for the job.

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