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Chapter 5

With a great care, Emily brushed her long hair, letting them to gently fall across her back. She put some gold shimmery eyeshadow on her eyes and put on a touch of mascara. She looked herself in a mirror and was happy. Not too much and very appropriate.

"Now ... What to wear ..." Emily sighed and went to the closet.

She picked out a black pencil skirt with a black and white stripped fitted top. She put a navy blue cardigan over and put on her suede shoes. Confident of how she looked, Emily locked her apartment and sat in her car.

As she arrived in the lobby of Evans HR she could see that Monica was already waiting for her. Monica smiled and waved at her to come over.

"Hey, Emily. I was so glad to hear that you were hired. I like your vibe."

"Hi, Monica. Nice to see you too." said Emily.

"Now, you know where Ms. O'Connor and Mr. Evans's office is. They are already waiting for you ..."

Emily felt a knot in her throat and her eyes widened.

Monica noticed that and exclaimed holding her hand, "Not that you are late, honey! But you should still head up. Good luck on your first day."

Emily started to walk up the stairs. Her legs were shaking, palms were sweaty and her heart was beating furiously. Her mind was running wild.

She finally reached the end of the hallway and knocked on the door. Emily entered and there was Ms. O'Connor, sitting behind the computer and typing.

"Good morning, Ms. O'Connor." Emily greeted with a shaking voice.

"Well, good morning, Ms. Anderson." Ms. O'Connor smiled.

"Please, call me Emily."

"Emily, you can call me Debbie, since we will be working together. Now ... Here is your desk." she pointed to Emily.

There was a table next to the door that were leading into the office of Mr. Evans. It was neatly placed next to a big book case and on the table there was a computer and a pile of files.

"Wow, thank you. Now, what can I do?" said Emily and turned towards Debbie.

"Oh, sure. There are some files regarding employing some people. Please, put that data in. You will see a program on the computer's desktop. If you need any help, I can always help you."

Emily sat behind the table, picked the first file on the pile, opened the program on computer and started to work. It was no problem at all since she worked with that program during collage.

Not long after that the door next to her table opened and Emily twitched. She knew it was Mr. Evans coming out. She smelled that cologne. It was a mix of wood and citrus and it made Emily clench her legs together tightly.

"Good morning, ladies!" said with a perky voice.

They both said good morning and continue working.

Emily felt Mr. Evans' eyes on her as she typed and browse through files. Her heart started to go wild and she became nervous. What is he looking at?

With a corner of her eye she saw him going towards the table opposite of her. There was coffee, tea, toast and fresh fruit.

"Emily, if you are hungry or you want coffee of tea, please, take whatever you want. I do not want anyone to collapse." he winked at her and laughed.

Emily tightened the grip on a file she was holding and that wink made her wet all over her panties. With a shaky voice, she thanked Mr. Evans and looked at the computer. Not to work but just to distract herself hoping he would walk back to his office.

He didn't. He went over to Debbie's desk and they started talking about a meeting and over some other files. Emily calmed a bit but as soon as she reminded of his wink her lady parts started to pulsate.

Mr. Evans eventually returned back to his office and the day passed without him leaving.

Emily tidied up her desk, picked an apple form the fruit basked and walked out. Debbie was already gone and Mr. Evans was in his office. She thought he probably stays longer ...

Emily walked towards her car, eating an apple and thinking of how she actually enjoyed her first work day.

"Are you hungry?" Emily heard from behind as a hand touched her back.

Emily cryed and her apple fell on the road and rolled away.

"Oh, shit, did I startled you? Fuck, Emily, I am so sorry." Mr. Evans walked towards her and grabbed her shoulders.

"Mr. Evans! Holy shi- I mean ..." Emily started to stutter with embarrasement and well ... because he really frightened her.

"I'm really sorry. Didn't mean to scare you like that. Oh, god what was I thinking. You are shaking ..."

He didn't realize that Emily is now shaking mostly because he is holding her. Her adrenaline spiked and her cheeks were red as her car parked right next to her.

"N-No. I am o-okay." her voice shaked in distress.

"No. I will make up to you. Please, I wanna buy you dinner. I made a fool of myself the first day. And I am the boss. That is improper. Please, Emily ..." Mr. Evans looked her directly in the eyes and smile.

"I-I don't know, sir."

"No, call me James, please. If we will work together, you must call me by my first name."

"Sir ... I mean ... James. I don't think it is right thing to dine together." Emily exclaimed while leaping from her boss' embrace.

"Please, Emily." James looked her with his eyes and Emily started to smell that woody-lemony scent of his again.

"Okay ... " Emily's mouth stated without her mind even confirming it. What is happening to me, she thought.

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