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Chapter 6

After Emily agreet to go to dinner with James, he asked her for her number so he could pick her up. She did not want to but he was persistant. She gave him the number and drove home. Trembling from what has happened and her panties were soaked up.

She came to her apartment, Emily needed to take shower, because James told her, he would pick her up at 8. She was so nervous that her hands were shaking rapidly. Even though her brain was telling her not to go, her heart was not against it ...

It was already 7:30 and she needed to get dressed.

She put on a pair of jeans and black ruffled blouse. She braided her hair in a braid. Emily’s phone recieved a message.

Can you send me your address? James

“Oh, he is coming here.” Emily whispered at the phone.

Rose Avenue 312.

As soon as the message was sent another one flew in.

10 minutes ;)

A black car stopped on the street exactly 10 minutes after. Emily walked out and sat in the car. There was James. Black jeans and a white shirt. His sleeves were rolled up so you could see his muscles. Emily unintentionaly licked her lips.

“Hey, Emily!”

“Hello, Mr.- I mean ... James.” Emily smiled.

“Are you ready?”

»Yes, were are we going?«

»Oh, there is a nice cozy restaurant near my apartment. They have really good food there. My favourite.« started James as they drove to the restaurant.

Emily and James ate the most delicious dinner as Emily said multiple times during. She relaxed a bit when near James. He was a normal guy. He told her everything about how his father started the company. James took in charge 3 years ago when his father suddenly passed away due to cancer. He is now 30 and he is happy that he could honor his father’s legacy.

Emily listend to James attentively, devouring every single word that came out of his perfectly shaped lips. She looked him in his deep dark eyes and just listen. She smiled at the end.

"Wow, you really are hard-working. I mean ... Being a director at that age, running successful business. Inspiring. I hope to succeed like that on my own." said Emily.

"Well, from what I saw today, you are not so bad either." James grined.

"Oh, and what did you saw exactly?"

James leaned forward, "You work well under pressure. Even though you were practicaly thrown in you handled it well."

Emily flushed, "Thank you."

They talked for half an hour, James payed the bill and drove Emily home.

"You know I could easily drive here by myself, right?" giggled Emily as she was stepping out of James' car infront of her apartment.

"Yeah, but I liked that we drove together." James gave it straight, "See you on Monday, Emily. Bye"

"See you." said Emily and gently waved goodbye as she disappeared though the door.

As she stepped in her home, Emily leaned on the door and covered here face with her palms, trying to hide her rosy blushing cheeks. Her stomach was full of butterflies. All because of James, her boss. She needed to remind herself again and again that she must not fall for him.

Her phone started vibrating - Jane was calling.

"Hey, Em! How was your first day?"

"Jane, hi! Oh, it was great. I rocked it ..." Emily stated with pride.

"I knew you would. How's that sexy boss? Did you saw him?" was nosy Jane.

Emily paused for a moment, "I didn't saw him today at all. He was at a meeting in some other city." She didn't tell the truth because she knew that if Jane would poke into her for any longer she would blurred out everything about how she feels about him. Yes, he did attract her, but she had it undercontrol.

"Oh, that's a shame."

Girls talked some more about how are things back in their home town and how Jane got a new fuck boy. That was nothing new. Jane was relaxed next to people and she like exploring with sex. So a new fuck buddy was not a news to Emily.

Because it was already really late, they hung up and Emily went to bed immediately. Reminiscing about her dinner with James her hands were on her clitoris at no time. Bitting her lip she left a moan and she could just imagine James' dick sliding into her, grabbing her with his strong arms and pulling her closer to her. Emily was wet as ever and she could feel her being close ... Close to erupting like a volcano thinking of her boss pounding her madly. A loud moan came out of Emily's mouth with her fingers deep in her as she came hard.

"Oh, God ... James ..." she whispered and slowly drifted to sleep.

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