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Chapter 7

For the next few weeks, Emily avoided any close contact with her boss. She knew that James atrracts her like a magnet and she also knew that she could not avoid him entirely since his office is right there next to her desk.

James talked to her appropriately while at work, like her superior should, but he also invited her to have dinner a few times. She declined every time making some sort of excuse. She didn't care if he believed her or not, Emily just could not be near him alone - she feared that her vibe is seen from afar.

It was Tuesday morning and Emily came to work 10 minutes early, like she did every day. She always stopped at Monica's reception desk where Monica was already waiting with two cups of coffee. They always talked a bit in the morning and became good work friends.

"You seem to really enjoy working here, Emily." said Monica that morning while sipping on hot coffee she prepared.

"I do. I really do. It's my dream job and Debbie taught me a lot."

"Oh, Debbie is like a mother to all of us. Always there to give you advice. And Mr. Evans?"

"What about him?" hummed Emily looking at her empty cup trying to hide her blushing cheeks.

"It must be cool working that close to him. I know I would love to do that ..." giggled Monica.

"Oh, shit! I will be late!" yelped Emily, "Thanks for the coffee!"

Emily ran upstairs and jumped in her office.

"Good mor- Debbie?"

The office was empty. Debbie was not there. Emily remembered then that she was mentioned a trip to visit her daughter and her family and that she won't be in the office for a week. She ordered Emily exactly what to do in the mean time.

Emily sat behind her desk and on it there was a note.

Come into my office as soon as you see this. James

Emily gulped and stood up. She knocked on James' door and went it.

"Good morning, Emily." said James with his eyes glued to his laptop.

"Good morning. What can I do for you?"

"Yeah, can you, please schedule a meeting with Linda Hunter? Preferably today. Thank you."

"Sure. I will do it right away. Would you like to meet her here?" asked Emily while writing that name in her notebook.

"Yes, please."

"Okay" said Emily and walked out of the office.

She did as James intructed here and went back to his office.

"Miss Hunter will arrive here today at 11 AM. Anything else?"

"No, thank you, Emily. When she arrives, please, sent her in."

It was 10:55 when she heard a know on the door and in walked the most beautiful woman. Tall and skinny, not more that 25 years old, dressed in black skin-tight black dress and knee-high boots with a heel so high that Emily wonder how the heel can someone walk in that. In her hand she was holding a fur coat and a big black purse. You could see that all her clother were designer and expensive.

"Hello, I'm Linda Hunter and I am here to meet James." she almost sang with her high pitched voice. It was annoying.
"Hello, Ms. Hunter. Please, Mr. Evans is already waiting for you.
As Emily tried to knock on James' door, Linda pushed her coat into Emily's arms and opened the door herself without saying anything. Emily grunted as she disappeared into James' office with her small rich ass.
She was in there for almost an hour and it frustrated Emily that she could not her them talking. What was going on?
After 10 more minutes they came out laughing, well Linda was laughing and holding James' upper arm. She giggled at him like a school girl, like a teenager. Emily couldn't help it - she rolled her eyes while lookign away.
James and Linda said goodbye to each other and she left. Emily typed on her computer, trying to avoid any conversation with James. For sure he was fucking that Linda girl and she kind of was disgusted. Her heart sunk a bit in the thought of that.
"Emily ... Can we talk?" said James leaning with both of his arms on her desk.
"Sure. What can I do for you?" smiled Emily.
"Can you stop rolling your eyes at work ... please?" he said calmly.
Emily's eyes widened, sucking air with her mouth without being able to speak.
"Don't get me wrong, I am not mad, Emily, I just don't like it." James grinned at her looking her in her blue eyes.
"I am so sorry, James." Emily said whit a shaky voice.
James moved his face closer to hers. She could feel his breath on her lips. He was making her nervous so she gulped greedily.
He noticed that and he wanted to tease her some more. He bit his lips and grinned.
"Make sure you don't do that again. I don't like that." James said as he moved away from Emily and went into his office.
Emily just sat there, her heart pounding, hands shaking and she could feel her pearl in her panties pulsate.
"What was that? Did he ..." her mind raced with so many questions.

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