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Chapter 8

"Emily! Hey, wait for me!" shouted Monica running after Emily.

"Hey, Monica. What's up?"

"I thought I already missed you ..." Monica was breathless. "I have a note for you - from Mr. Evans."

"Thanks!" Emily took the note and sat in her car as Monica waved goodbye.

Nervously, Emily opened the note and read it.

I will pick you up at 7. This time you can't say no. James

He was persistant, no doubt. Emily's mouth formed a light grin on her face. After what happened in the office before she couldn't stop thinking about her boss. How he leaned forward with his strong chest, his dark eyes staring at her with his stupidly sexy smile. But ... Can she be with her boss?

Unlocking her apartment's door Emily already had her shoes off. High heels were killing her, she is not used to them since she was wearing sneakers while working at Lucy's. Her clothes flew off of her as she stepped into the shower. She washed her hair while enjoying hot water running across her heated body. Just thinking about James she would feel shivers down her spine.

After today it was hard to keep her hands from touching herself but Emily was late so she needed to hold back.

After she dryed her hair she curled them. She put on some make up and walked towards her closet.

"What to wear?" she muttered scattering through her clothes.

She put on a yellow bodycon dress that was hanging in her closet for a long time. Emily almost forgot about that dress, but it was perfect; the way it wrapped around her body, making her boobs look so beautiful and emphasizing her round ass. To avoid more leg pain she wore white strap sandals.

It was already 7 PM and James was waiting outside.

"Love the dress" said James as they werw driving.

"Thanks. And where are we going?"

"You know Fragola?"

"The Michellin star restaurant?" was suprised Emily "We are going to Fragola?"

"Yes. Do you like Italian food?"

"Like? I LOVE IT!" exclaimed Emily clapping her hands joyfully.

James took Emily to the corner of the restaurant where there was a waiter standing next to a table. He greeted them and Emily noticed that James was a regular. He explained that he is a good friend with the chef.

Fragola was an old Italian place that served the best food in the city. Emily found it hard to decide picking just one éntree and one main dish so James helped her a bit with his suggestions. She eventually picked a stuffed bell pepper and veil scallopini.
While they waited for the food Emily said, "James. I am so sorry for today. I didn't mean to roll my eyes. It's just ..."
"I know, Emily." James interrupted her, "I know Linda can be a bit ... annoying to say the least." he laughed and countinued, "Linda is my father's best friend's daughter. I have known her since we were little. She sometimes invites me to dinner or she comes to my office to talk. Mostly because I sometimes ignore her calls."
"But why do you ignore her?" asked Emily.
"She wants us to be something more that we are. She tries to hide it but I noticed that a long time ago. But I could not be with someone as shallow as her."
"James, it's not polite to talk about a friend like that!" Emily scolded him.
"She is not a friend. Just someone who I have to put up because of her father." grinned James.
"Oh ..."
As Emily and James' food came to the table they talked about how the food is delicous and how James met Aldo - the chef at Fragola at some gala last year where he praised the food to Aldo, not knowing he cooked it. Emily was not really listening as she stuffed good food in her mouth because it was so delicious.
When the waited picked the last empty plate, James said to him, "Send my compliments to chef. And can we order 'Aldo's special dessert', please?"
"Yes, sir Evans." waited nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.
"Do you think that I have space for a dessert in my belly?" giggled Emily like a teenager.
"Wait until you try it!"
After a while the waiter came with a plate. On a plate there was a tiny clay pot. Inside there was something that resembled dirt and in that there was a mint leaf.
"Wow, it looks like a small flower pot!" exclaimed Emily.
"This is actually panna cotta. It is inside and on top of it there is raspberry coolis and chocholate cookie crumble." James said as he scooped some out with a tiny wooden spoon and offered it to her, "Here. Take a bite!"
"Oh, my god, this is heavenly!" mumbled Emily with her mouth full.
"Glad you like it, Em!" grinned James as he watched her enjoy every moment.
As James was paying Emily walked out to grab some cold night air. The butterflies in her were restless. She is enjoying every moment with James.
When he drove her home, Emily said "Thank you for tonight, James. It was great."
"You are welcome. Why did you make so many excusses before?"
"I-I didn't."
"Yeah, you did. I noticed you avoiding me." said James as he pulled over.
"Well, sorry, James. But you are my boss." Emily's voice trembled as she grabed for the handle to open the door , "Thank you, James."
As she opened the door, James reached for her hand and pulled her closer to him. Emily inhaled loudly as his lips touched hers. She let go of the door and gave in for a slobbery kiss.
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