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Chapter 9

As Emily tried to unlock the apartment, James hugged her from behind, kissing her neck, nibbling on her ear. His hands slowly reached for her hips. Her plump ass was rubbed against his jeans; Emily could feel his dick harden.

Stepping into bed room, Emily unbuttoned James’ shirt and he threw it on the floor and grabbed Emily to lift her up. As he gave her kisses to her lips, than her neck again and towards her boobs. The dress was on the way so he threw Emily on the bed and artfully undressed her. James’ eyes rested on her beautiful body as he unintentionally bit his lips.

“Damn, Emily. You are so hot!” he groaned.

He stepped closer to him and lightly push Emily to lay on the bed. She closed her eyes whilst he gently slid down her panties, revealing her pulsating cunt. Emily leaned her head back as he spread her legs to taste it.

“Oh, shit ... James ...” Emily whimpered as James’ lips gently touched her pussy.

He then began to lick it, first slowly, then quicker. Each touch Emily arched her back a bit more; the pleasure was intense. Her breathing increased as James’ fingers started to explore her lady parts too. On the verge of Emily’s orgasm James stopped. She still had her eyes shut but she could hear his belt buckle rattle. He put on a condom.

“I need you Emily. So bad ...” he whispered to her ear as he leaned on to her.

“Take me! I need you too ...” Emily whispered back to him.

James’ dick started to slowly touch her insides to explore and to adjust. He entered gently, then put it back out and he could feel her cunt quiver. James started to throb faster. You could see that this was all he has been waiting for all night.

“Oh, James .. I’m gonna ...” said Emily breathless as she came on James’ hard erection.

“Oh, baby! Yes ... ”

James increased speed and Emily could feel his body tensing up as he finnished. At the end he left out a soft moan and both Emily and James dropped on the bed.

James broke the long silence as he layed on his side with his head resting on his arms, “You know Emily. I know you have been avoiding me ever since our first dinner. I saw the tension in your eyes - sex tension.”

“You have no idea!” smirked Emily.

“I think I just witnessed that, don’t you think.” he said as he stood up.

“You going all ready?” laughed Emily as she sit on the bed.

“Yeah, we have work tomorrow. Remember?”

Emily watched James put on his clothes. He was showing her back and with the lights dimmed she could notice just a few shadows of his toned body.

“Thanks, babe!” said James kissing Emily on the forehead, “See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah ... Good night!” she said as he closed the door.

While stepping in to the shower Emily’s head was empty. She was just fucked by her boss. Her sexy boss! All that she could think was of his dick sliding into her. She dried of with a towel and went straight to bed. It was late and she has work tomorrow ... Well, not tomorrow ... Today since it was already 1 AM.

Emily was woken up from her sweet dreams with the sound of her alarm clock. Athough last night with James was thrilling, her head was now full of questions without answers. Was last night only a coincidence? Is James interested in her? Was there something more? What is his agenda?

While showering Emily's mind kept playing the same scene over and over again. James leaning on top of her, his eyes focused on her eyes, while he entered her and fucked her like a goddess. She left a loud sigh when she realized that it was time to get ready and go to work. Not that she was not exited to see James, but it was the anticipation of his actions. She decided that they would have an honest talk about what happened last night.
While driving Emily went through that conversation a dozen times. How she would put an ultimate that last night happened only once and they should not do this anymore. To protect both her and his feelings and any inconveniences at work since he is her boss.
Monica already waited with coffee.
"Hey, Em!" she smiled like usual.
"Good morning, Monica!" giggled Emily. "Today you will have to excusse me. I must take my coffee to go!"
"Why? Oh, shit, I forgot ... You must be slammed with work since Debbie isn't here!" exclaimed Monica.
"Yes. I will talk to you in the afternoon, okay?" Emily waved goodbye while already walking up the stairs.
Emily walked up to her office and opened the door. It was strangely quiet. She sat behind her desk and turned on the computer. Meanwhile she sipped her coffee and checked for any messages on the phone.
Suddenly the door to James' office opened.
"Hey, Emily. Can you come into the office for a second, please?" said James with a serious voice.
"Hey. Yeah, sure. I wanted to talk to you anyway."
As Emily walked into the office, James closed the door behind her.
"What's up?" she said.
"Oh, nothing baby. I just missed you." said James with a grin on his face as he stepped close to her.
Emily could not end her question. James put his lips on hers and lifted her up. She didn't resist. Her hands started to loosen his black tie while his hands unzipped her dress at the back. His lips and tongue travelled from Emily's lips towards her earlobe and down to her neck. She moaned already feeling his tight erection almost ripping thought his pants.
"James ..." she bearly spoke. "We shouldn't ..."
"No, Emily ... We really shouldn't ... But I can't keep my hands off of you. I want you so bad!"
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